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Charlotte Breen, Children's Trust Unit, May 2009 LCCS Equality Impact Assessments

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1 Charlotte Breen, Children's Trust Unit, May 2009 LCCS Equality Impact Assessments

2 Single Equality Scheme Overview Context Examples of Best Practice Partners Equality Impact Assessments (EIA’s) –Standard EIAs & Enhanced EIAs Community Engagement – consultation - Data Support and Training

3 Equalities – Fair Outcomes Legislation Inspection – Collation Aspiration Services Staff Communities 6 Strands Gender, Race, Disability Sexuality, Faith, Age Vulnerability

4 Best Practice – Library (on Yorok website) Documents work targeted at equality and diversity Offers opportunity to celebrate outstanding examples of best practice and perhaps be used for publicity. All examples of ‘best practice’ to Bernie Flanagan

5 Partners LCCS provides appropriate support to: Schools Commissioning –Equalities central to commissioning brief –Equalities duties ‘passed on’ to providers

6 Equality Impact Assessment Identify discrimination or adverse impact; Strategy, policy, delivery method; Identifies challenges; Actions – ongoing or new; Reasonable Adjustment.

7 Summary of EIAs DIRECTORATE EQUALITY SCHEME Directorate EIAs Standard EIAs to be completed All NEW initiatives 2 x Annually on all activities within the MUST have an directorate ENHANCED EIA ENHANCED EIA following a Standard EIA – Nominated by Service to DMT

8 Equality Impact Assessments Directorate EIA’s Access to recreational activities for disabled children & young people and adults – Jess Haslam Communication with children, young people and adults – Alistair Gourlay Enhanced EIA’s - Heather Johnson sp?intnavid=3456 sp?intnavid=3456

9 Standard EIA’s Annually for ALL activities within a service Now and in future Service Planning Common format – team meeting Cascaded down service arms Degree of cascade – Service Arm decision Size, Focus, Impact, Risk.

10 Standard EIA’s Results collated (Carolyn Ford) –Reviewed by DMT –Common themes; Key Issues – Directorate EIA –Public Documents

11 Standard Equality Impact Assessments SummarySummarise the key issues and actions (this bit will be made public). Actions should include continuing actions and new actions. Issue identified Summary / Reason for Issue RAG Status RED AMBER GREEN Action Short / Medium or Long Term Summary / Description of Action Equality Strand/s

12 Enhanced EIA’s Enhanced Equality Impact Assessments when: – introducing new or making significant changes to services or strategies –or there is significant impact or risk (Standard EIA act as screening tool)

13 Consultation - Data Integral to all EIAs Key action from the EIA Use previous (but recent) consultation – own or others – local, national. Data – know who working with to know impact Safeguards Share the data which has been collated

14 Support Equalities Network Group Representative from each service arm Staff Reference Groups Equality Strand Coordinators Corporate Equalities Team Evie Chandler – Heather Johnson Corporate Training

15 Disability Equality Training Jess Haslam Web based level 1 training first, which gives a basic introduction to this subject. This takes 15 minutes only and can be found on: Level 2 training will come to your team/service to deliver the training with parent from CANDI or Disabled Young People’s Champion and will cover the: –the social model of disability –language to use/not use –reasonable adjustments you may need to make –scenarios –how to draw up a disability equality scheme or plan to contribute to a single equality scheme.

16 YorOK Website Equality and Diversity (Front Page) Six Strands Equality Impact Assessments  Standard EIAs  Enhanced EIAs  Consultation  Example EIAs  Risks / Priorities / Evidence  Commissioned or partner Services  Multi-Agency Settings Library of ‘best practice’ Training

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