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Public Health in Southwark July 2013 Dr. Ruth Wallis.

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1 Public Health in Southwark July 2013 Dr. Ruth Wallis

2 Overview 1.The point of Public Health 2.Health & Wellbeing in Southwark 3.Challenges and opportunities in Southwark

3 Acheson definition “Public health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organised efforts of society” Sir Donald Acheson, 1988 CMO 1983- 91

4 1.Health Protection 2.Health Intelligence 3.Health Improvement - partnership - commissioned services (health and other services)

5 Local arrangements for Public Health National Commissionin g Board CCG Public Health London Public Health England LB Southwark LB Lambeth DPH Public Health CSU CCG Health & Wellbeing Board Primary care Prison health

6 Local authority is now the lead local agency for public health Shared PH specialist and PH team and DPH shared specialist commissioning for HIV prevention and sexual health services Borough based commissioning for health improvement, e.g. - stop smoking - health checks programme - and will be school nursing, health writing Immunisation, screening will be nationally commissioned Transition + + +

7 Inequalities in Southwark Male and Female - Life expectancy gap Source: Southwark Annual Public health report 2012

8 Southwark – Health inequalities SouthwarkEngland Census 2011288,300 GP Population329,000 Deprivation12 th in London 41 st in England LE – Males78.2 78.5 LE - Females83.4 82.5 Births each year5131 Infant Mortality5.3 4.4 Circulatory disease (Rate in (<75 mortality) 73 67 Cancer mortality <75 (Rate) 122 110 TP53.3 Avoidable hosp admission 456 476 Alcohol related hosp admissions 1808 1895 Wards Brunswick Park Camberwell Green Cathedrals Chaucer College East Dulwich East Walworth Faraday Grange Livesey Newington Nunhead Peckham Peckham Rye Riverside Rotherhithe South Bermondsey South Camberwell Surrey Docks The Lane Village

9 Red Box for Southwark (Health) - 2012 Life Expectancy – Males Early deaths: Heart disease & Cancer Smoking related deaths Excess winter deaths COPD mortality rate Breast feeding initiation Child poverty Substance misuse Smoking prevalence Infant mortality Child obesity prevalence Teenage pregnancy HIV and STI rates Alcohol related hospital admissions Hospital admissions from ambulatory care sensitive conditions Deaths from liver disease Life Expectancy – Females Healthy eating in adults Obesity in adults Childhood immunisations Breast and cervical cancer screening coverage Low birth weight babies Hospital admission of <18 year olds due to injuries. High Burden Low Burden Improving Worsening The Red box presents a summary of health issues in an area. The interpretation is based on the burden of disease in the population and not merely trends.

10 New HIV & AIDS diagnoses & deaths among HIV infected persons by year of diagnosis or death in South East London

11 Context income & work benefits mobility and migration Service reduction (s) - local authority - NUS?? - Voluntary sector - others, police, fire service, probation organisational complexity and rapid change - NHS reconfiguration (South London Trusts) - schools

12 Simple, improve access and fairer provision (inequalities) Invest in prevention Evidence for prioritisation and need Evidence for advocacy Collaboration and effective partnership Focus on outcomes

13 Healthy High Streets Wellbeing programme Knee high programme Joint strategic needs assessment

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