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South Staffordshire District Council Monday 28 th January 2013.

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1 South Staffordshire District Council Monday 28 th January 2013

2 What is Public Health & Wellbeing? It is part art It is part science It is part industry The UK Faculty of Public Health defines public health as: “The science and art of promoting and protecting health and wellbeing, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organised efforts of society.” Wellbeing can be a complex and nebulous concept that combines how we feel about ourselves, how well we live our lives, our sense of belonging as part of a community, and whether we prosper economically and physically. Both are core to the County Council’s mission: “Through pride and passion in our county we will maximise opportunities for improved wealth, health and wellbeing. Staffordshire County Council is here for Staffordshire people.”

3 Public Health in the Local Authority From 1 st April 2013 Public Health Commissioning responsibilities transfer from NHS to upper tier local authorities The responsibilities are defined and consist of mandated duties and flexible responsibilities which allow local discretion & prioritisation For us the transfer is about leading a step-change in public health for Staffordshire - not just in the county council but working in active partnership with Districts and other commissioners Resource allocations have just been announced and a commitment made by govt that no area will be worse off than they are at present Total national public health spending in 2013-14 will be set at £2.66bn and in 2014-15 will be £2.79bn Staffordshire’s allocation is £32,322,000 in 2013/14

4 What Does Public Health consist of: There are three main ‘domains’ of public health: 1. Health improvement - including contributing to increased life expectancy and healthier lifestyles as well as reducing inequalities in health and addressing the wider social determinants of health 2. Health protection - including protection from infectious diseases, environmental hazards and emergency preparedness 3. Health intelligence services - including assisting those who plan health care to understand the health profile and health needs of the local population, and plan services to meet those needs, as well as evaluating how successful services are in meeting needs.

5 The Structure

6 Key responsibilities Mandatory duties for Public Health include: appropriate access to sexual health services ensuring there are plans in place to protect the health of the population, including immunisation and screening plans ensuring NHS commissioners receive the public health advice they need the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) NHS Health Check assessment Other Public Health Programmes to improve Health and Wellbeing include: Drug and Alcohol programmes Smoking Cessation Weight Management and Nutrition Physical activity, Falls prevention Mental health and wellbeing

7 My role – Commissioner for Public Health Improvement and Wellbeing Is a new role – currently a joint NHS/LA funded post Is part of the Public Health Leadership team Is also part of the People Leadership Team Is essentially about strategic commissioning Is focused on leading the “prevention” agenda Is about achieving integrated approaches that achieve our shared vision for Wellbeing Is all about working in partnership and collaboration Is about challenging us to do things differently

8 Staffordshire County Council Commissioning Teams

9 Why is it so important that we work together to get wellbeing right? Because it is about all people – it operates at population, locality and person-centred level Because it is about all resources – it overarches service silos and sectors as a measure of our collective impact Because it is about all of our futures – it seeks to shape, influence, determine the future our behaviour now is creating, giving the citizen and the community the ability to choose and prioritise Because it is about all strategies – it is unifying and embracing – only through prevention can we combat and divert away from dire consequences of current trajectories of demand v supply

10 There are many ways to define Wellbeing – my working definition is: Wellbeing is the ability to thrive and to achieve a good and rewarding life, both now and in the future, as part of a happy, healthy and inclusive community

11 The challenges: We have a good analysis that details where we are and what we need to improve – this is captured in the Joint Strategic Needs Analysis (JSNA). There are six key objectives set out in the Marmot report – this provides a useful framework for us: Give every child the best start in life Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives Create fair employment and good work for all Ensure healthy standards of living for all Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities Strengthen the role and impact of ill-health prevention

12 How do we achieve this? Through new leadership that: Mobilises a vibrant purposeful partnership to act on delivering shared public health and wellbeing outcomes Enables active citizens and communities to control and own transformation of the health and wellbeing agenda Targets concerted action on the key determinants of health (social, economic, environmental, biological) Understands and articulates the imperatives and the risk factors so it is everyone’s priority Secures high quality delivery of prevention and early help, getting the best value from commissioned or purchased services

13 That changes behaviour: By supporting a shared focus on universal services in meeting the needs of most people By promoting self-help, stronger families, and community support and networks By generating a shift in resources to prevention and early help By delivering integrated pathways that avoid escalation to specialist services unless needed and attract back into universal quickly and efficiently By tackling the high risk themes that cause or escalate problems

14 To deliver different outcomes: Success will look like: Reducing inequalities, in educational attainment and employment opportunities Improving health outcomes for all people Fewer people at risk creating stronger, healthier localities Greater ability to cope without recourse to services, managing the need and demand for specialist services and interventions Increasingly strong and self-sufficient families and communities that use the resources at their command: embedded, intrinsic, personal and natural

15 Working together Health Improvement and Wellbeing demands a partnership approach and shared investment with: Other County commissioners Other Health sector commissioners (eg. CCGs) District and Locality commissioners All providers of universal and targeted services This needs to inform and align with the Health and Wellbeing Board strategy and plan

16 Contacts: Anna Halliday Commissioner for Public Health Improvement and Wellbeing Tel: 01785 278774

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