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1. Prologue 1…. Am I OK to begin? –(Permission-based Presenting) Anyone a sports fan? –(Opt-in community connections)

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1 1

2 Prologue 1…. Am I OK to begin? –(Permission-based Presenting) Anyone a sports fan? –(Opt-in community connections)

3 Sports, Research, Opt-in Community This makes me happy…..

4 Prologue 2…. Ad 1: Cadbury UK (Gorilla) PLAY Gorilla marketing works!

5 UK ‘Best Ad’ 2007 Raised Brand Appreciation 20% after one viewing Generated numerous fan groups/societies Communities of commonality

6 “Although first released as a TV commercial, Cadbury’s £6.2 million campaign, centred around the advert, has become a huge internet hit. It has had seven+ million viewings on YouTube.”

7 On GORILLA….. “In initial testing, the TV ad was ranked in the top fifth of all adverts ever tested by Millward Brown for enjoyment.” In an ‘AdLiterate’ discussion about the role of planner, titled “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” the ensuing discussion rapidly morphed into a conversation about how Gorilla worked. One participant in the discussion, Arnold, put it this way: “Gorilla’s performance = joy = chocolate” So how does Gorilla work? The consensus on AdLiterate appears to be that the ad works through “emotional persuasion.” That is, the ad makes people – lots of people - feel good. Many of those people talk about it and share it with others; the result is an increase in brand saliency that drives sales. Brits know what Dairy Milk stands for. Many of them just needed to be reminded that they love it. And Gorilla delivers that reminder in a new and compelling manner. Nigel Hollis is Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Millward Brown. This entry was posted on Friday, March 7th, 2008 at 3:45 pm

8 Permission-Based Research is the Future Engagement & connection are Keys Darren-Mark Noyce, SKOPOS, London, UK AIM, Moncton, May 08 8

9 THE START….. 9 An Opt-In Community with a Common Goal... Darren

10 Key words & terms for today Research Permission Engagement Opt-in, opt-out Panel v Community Marketers & new Insighters Stop intrusion & interruption User Generated Communities Communities of commonality & connection Oh, and Market Research Rocks …..!


12 12

13 "I want to take soccer in the US to another level. I think it can go higher in America than anyone can believe. Soccer is huge all around the world except in America and that's where I want to make a difference with the kids." OPT IN OR OPT OUT? “You miss 100% of the shots you never take" David Beckham Wayne Gretzky



16 16

17 IS OPT-OUT RIGHT? IS IT ALWAYS POSSIBLE/PRACTICAL? US Consumer Groups Want An Opt-Out 'Do Not Track' List… “This list would, its proponents claim, let people opt-out of allowing advertisers to track them. Again, though, this idea would be nearly impossible to manage in real life. In most cases, advertisers have no real idea of who they're tracking anyway -- so it's difficult to see how one would "opt-out" of such data collection in the first place. It would seem that a much more efficient (and effective) solution is to just let the technology evolve to the point that users can block such tracking activities on their own (DARREN: or after selling the benefits, opt-in if they want this?). On top of that, as companies like Phorm are discovering, the public outcry against even the possibility of doing something bad concerning (non opt-in) clickstream tracking will hopefully keep these firms in check.” TechDirt Wed, Apr 16th 2008 9:09pm

18 18 Fifty-eight percent of respondents said getting a telemarketer's call at home angers them, while 54 percent said they get angry at having to pay extra fees for withdrawing cash from ATMs. Receiving poor restaurant service angered 48 percent of respondents, while loud neighbours irked 42 percent of those surveyed. Despite most of Canada coming out of a harsh winter, only 18 percent of respondents admitted to getting angry about the weather. The same percentage said junk mail annoyed them, while 28 percent said e-mail spam was very annoying. By gender, more men said they were angered by telemarketers and if their favourite sports team lost, while women were more likely to complain about loud neighbours, the report said. VANCOUVER Apr 08 DO WE REALLY WANT TO INTRUDE/INTERRUPT WITHOUT PERMISSION? Nothing angers Canadians more than telemarketing calls, a recent poll indicates.

19 OPT-IN IS KEY...... PERMISSION MARKETING – SETH GODIN 19 “ Marketing by interrupting people isn't cost- effective anymore. You can't afford to seek out people and send them unwanted marketing messages, in large groups, and hope that some will send you money. Instead, the future belongs to the marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other. Ignite consumer networks and then get out of the way and let them talk.”

20 SETH GODIN : THE MARRIAGE ANALOGY 20 “Traditional or "interruption" marketing (DARREN: Research) has you conducting a bunch of demographic analysis to find the perfect singles bar.... Then you buy a really flashy suit and shoes, and spend an evening marching up to every single person in the bar asking them to marry you.....” "If the Interruption Marketer comes up empty-handed after spending the entire evening proposing, it is obvious that the blame should be placed on the suit and the shoes. The tailor is fired. The strategy expert who picked the bar is fired. And the Interruption Marketer tries again at a different singles bar. "... the other way to get (ENGAGED OR) married is a lot more fun, a lot more rational, and a lot more successful. It's called dating.” “ Permission Marketing is just like dating (AND GETTING ENGAGED). It turns strangers into friends and friends into lifetime customers. Many of the rules of dating apply, and so do many of the benefits.”

21 So, what does it mean to be engaged? 21

22 An amazing experience … 22

23 An amazing experience…. … that leads to commitment? 23

24 Now, some facts & figures… Or evidence for extrapolation… (SORRY) (I am a researcher after all)

25 OUR MARKETS ARE SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT…. PPM switched off in UK, on in Canada UK radio body abandons PPM trials Canadian broadcasters sign up for PPM ratings UK/CANADA-- Canada’s broadcasting ratings body has hired TNS and Arbitron to provide electronic measurement to the industry – while trials of the same system by the UK’s radio ratings organisation have been ditched. In the UK, Rajar (Radio Joint Audience Research) has ended a test being conducted by TNS and Arbitron to measure radio using PPM, saying that “the pace of change and innovation within the industry needed swifter action than electronic measurement is able to offer at this juncture”. Rajar managing director Sally de la Bedoyere told Research there were also “pragmatic reasons” behind the move – not least the decision by Barb (The Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) to pull out of the pilot, leaving Rajar to bear the full costs. She said the PPM pilot highlighted “serious concerns” with respondent compliance, as well as problems with sample sizes, panel composition and the practicalities of operating a panel for the entire UK market. Rajar claims to have spent £3.5m on research using four different audiometers since 2001. “We’re not closing the door on any methodology,” said de la Bedoyere. “But this is a long way off and we’re not going to spend any more money looking at it. When they come back with solutions that might make it an affordable pragmatic option then we’ll look at it again.” THERE ARE GENERAL/GLOBAL TRENDS BUT LOCAL MARKET EXCEPTIONS….

26 RISE OF ONLINE RESEARCH & PANELS 26 Online 3.5 times cheaper?


28 RISE OF ONLINE RESEARCH & PANELS 28 Many areas of Quantitative (Numbers) Market Research moving or moved Online. However, Qualitative Market Research less affected currently; less than 1% of the Qualitative projects are handled online.... BUT THIS IS RISING.

29 Forrester says Web 2.0 will transform MR Online communities ‘will shock the qualitative market research world’ US-- A new study by Forrester Research predicts that market research online communities (MROCs) “will shock the qualitative research world” by providing cheaper, faster and newer types of insight. The report, which was complied after the company interviewed 31 vendor and user companies, says that MROCs “are fundamentally changing the cost structure of qualitative research from a variable-cost per-project basis to a fixed cost ‘all you can eat’ basis”. The Forrester report, says that leading research agencies, such as TNS and Synovate, are trying to “get into this game as they fight off losing qualitative market share”. Published on the 29th April 2008

30 Focus Group numbers on the up, says FocusVision But survey finds moderate shift to online qual in US, and growing price competition US-- The number of focus groups held each year continues to grow with global sessions up 3.5% to 537,000 in 2007, according to a survey by FocusVision. But the global figures mask a slowdown in growth in the US, where there has been a “moderate shift” in spend to other qual methodologies such as online bulletin boards and ethnographic studies. FocusVision said focus group facilities in the US were also reporting declining average billable amounts due to aggressive price competition and direct involvement from end-client procurement departments. But still no sign yet of the “shock” predicted by Forrester Research yesterday in its report on how online communities would shake up the qual industry. Outside of the US, focus group activity was up 4.1%, which FocusVision says is in line with estimates of growth in research spend. Published on the 30th April 2008

31 31

32 My 2020 Vision…..

33 Year 2020 (tomorrow) Most research permission-based –Opt-in only for research –Except perhaps Government research (Online-managed) Opt-in Panels primary research tool Research channels still vary by research requirement –But online research considerable force Engagement of respondents (customers) key 33

34 PEST Analysis/Reasoning Why should it be like this in 2020? Politics: government legislation/policy (anti-cold calling, anti-spam, etc.) Economics: commercial pressures.. cost, speed, repetition –And Quality: No fraud, reliable/good quality data: data density, open ended questions Society: desire for control/personalisation, wary of commercial approaches, individual privacy, reward/feedback for contributions, internet access/use for majority Technology: computerisation, internet…online-managed panels 34

35 Side Effects Significantly less ‘in-person’ approaches –Fewer personal interviewers required (if any) –Telephone will prosper in combination with panels and TAWI surveys More respondent control –Do what they want, when they want, how they want –Trust –From command/marketing –Customer-centric / generated marketing and research (Online) Panels prevalent –But often used as respondent ‘pools’ rather than ‘representative panels’ –Research approaches much more dynamic... engaging 35

36 Year 2020 (tomorrow) Most research permission-based –Opt-in only for research –Except perhaps Government research (Online-managed) Opt-in Panels primary research tool Research channels still vary by research requirement –But online research considerable force Engagement of respondents (customers) key 36

37 37

38 THE HOME STRETCH…. Engagement: Communities of Commonality 38 An Opt-In Community with a Common Goal...

39 Engagement: Customer Communities (for insight) “A package of privilege” 39

40 Engagement: Feedback & Involvement “Exclusive membership” 40

41 Engagement: User-generated scales & surveys 41 “Giving back control!”

42 Engagement: Visual Appeal & Multi-media Graphical/sliding scales 42

43 Engagement: Interactive Surveys 43

44 Client Engagement: Real-time Insight “ I am genuinely amazed (and delighted) with the thoroughness of the feedback from customers. ” Marketing Manager, Ladbrokes 44

45 Case Study: Yahoo! Yahoo kicks off re-wiring project, Apr 08 45 Transforming the site into a vast social network where Yahoo! users can quickly find and communicate with each other Tearing down walls between Yahoo! websites and services so each user only has to visit one place to view and manage everything they do at Yahoo! “We are not building another social network. We are building social into everything we do” Ari Balogh, Chief Technology Officer, Yahoo! Providing information so developers can call on the search engine and users can tune their sites to appear high up in keyword results More control for users over how much information they share

46 Case Study: Yahoo! Europe vs USA vs Canada 46 USA = Vertical, eg: Mail Researcher, Search Researcher, etc – In-house Europe = Viewing the market as a whole - Outsourced USA = Panel recruitment Europe = Ad Hoc Invites

47 SKOPOS conducts regular UK and European research to help Yahoo! profile and understand their unique website audience. Follow up studies have looked at individual market sectors (e.g. Finance) to enhance this knowledge. All respondents sourced via our high quality OpinionPeople™ panel. SKOPOS Success Story.... Yahoo! Europe i-generation 47

48 Case Study: Panel with 30K young people (UK) Online Community for co-creation Plus Offline “Gatherings” e.g. Majorca, 2007 InsightCo-creationAdvocacy Online Focus Groups/Surveys New Products, Campaigns, etc Co-Creators1% Actively Engaged10% The masses90% PlaceCommunity Passionate Advocates 48

49 Advert 2 Muller Yogurt : Lid Lickers PLAY Key messages: Marketers embracing communities So should “Insighters”


51 User Generated Communities

52 Advert 3 Dove Real Beauty Campaign PLAY 1 (Canada)PLAY PLAY 2 (UK)PLAY A sympathetic/empathetic human message can generate connection (communities) & advantage


54 54

55 55 Engagement: Past, Present, Future Web 1.0 vs. 2.0 vs. 3.0 Semantic web & AI (artificial intelligence) Monologues to Dialogues Reaction to interactivity and proactivity Personalisation & customisation (see Retail vs. Etail vs. I-tail (customers selling to each other, e.g. ebay) 55

56 56 Final Thoughts... 1 of 2

57 Final Thoughts... 2 of 2 HOPES & DREAMS: P&G 50% External Innovation (From Consumers) Hawthorne Effect (Western Electric)... Consultation = Satisfaction Opt-in research over opt-out, as it respects people CHALLENGES: Traditional lack of respect for customers Research Science (sampling etc.)

58 REMINDER: What does it mean to be engaged? 58

59 An amazing (1 to 1 mutual) experience … 59

60 … that leads to commitment. 60

61 Key words & terms for today Research Permission Engagement Opt-in, opt-out Panel v Community Marketers & new Insighters Stop intrusion & interruption User Generated Communities Communities of commonality & connection Oh, and finish strongly……

62 THE FINISH… Always finish strongly… Or the dogs will beat you ! 62

63 Epilogue…. Ad 4: Gorilla Remix Key messages: Customers/respondents like to take control ! And they should….. Brand (still) benefits. THINK: UG Research AND Advertising….. PLAY

64 Permission-Based Research is the Future Engagement & connection are Key Darren-Mark Noyce, SKOPOS, London, UK 64

65 65

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