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Welcome to Boyer Valley Community School District! Site Visit December 5, 6, and 7, 2006.

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1 Welcome to Boyer Valley Community School District! Site Visit December 5, 6, and 7, 2006

2 Boyer Valley’s Mission The mission of the Boyer Valley Community School District is to promote and deliver a comprehensive, futuristic educational program, challenging all students to develop their full potential, by providing an exceptional learning environment using all available resources.

3 District Student Learning Goals We strive to be a district that… The students will be aware of and responsible for the environment, community betterment, and becoming productive, self-disciplined citizens, in the communities and globally, who demonstrate the ability to get along with others as well as to provide for him or herself. Demonstrate proficiency in math, reading and science. The students will be able to demonstrate basic technological skills, which will enable them to adapt to future advances. The students will develop problem solving strategies, which will enable them to utilize independent and cooperative thinking skills, common sense, evaluation/study skills, creativity, and an appreciation of the arts. The students will develop an understanding of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

4 District Demographics Harrison County (BV South) and Crawford County (BV North) Boyer Valley Community School District: 2,988 –District also includes: Dunlap, Dow City, Arion, Soldier, Moorhead Persons 65 years old and older High school graduates Harrison Co.Iowa Nation College graduates- Bachelor’s Degree Families below poverty level 17.0%14.7% 12.4% 85.0%86.1% 80.4% 12.7% 21.2% 24.4% 8.6%9.1% 12.5%

5 School Demographics Percentage of students… –Who qualify for free or reduced lunch –Who have an IEP 2002-032005-06 35% 33% Both subgroups continue to be identified as having the largest achievement gaps 13%

6 School Demographics - Staff Administration2 Elementary Staff13 Secondary Staff19 Supplemental Staff17 Secretaries3 Cooks7 Custodians4 Bus Drivers5* Total68 3 1 19 7 17 19 9 14 5 Full-Time Teachers: 43 All Employees: 94

7 Indicators of Success: Percent of Core Completers

8 Indicators of Success: ACT

9 Class of 2006: Graduation Plans


11 Additional Data Collection Data/Assessment Iowa Youth Survey Accelerated Reader, CCC Discipline/Attendance Data Problem Solving Team Data Graduate and Follow-Up Surveys NAEP 8 th Grade Technology Assessment (Spring, 2007) D/F List Test Item Analysis District Developed Phonemic Awareness Test

12 School Improvement Efforts School Board SIAC Administration and Teachers Professional Development District Leadership Team CSIPAPR Community Stakeholders Data Analysis Action Plan Curriculum Mapping Standards and Benchmarks Vocabulary Program Evaluation Career Development Plans Pre/Post Test Development Understanding Poverty

13 School Improvement Components Boyer Valley’s School Improvement philosophy fits with the Iowa Professional Development Model Alignment is the Key Curriculum District Standards, Benchmarks and Indicators Benchmarks and Indicators Instruction Strategies Assessment Teacher/Formative and Summative Assessments Summative Assessments

14 Path to School Improvement Standards and benchmarks have been developed with grade level expectations in all curricular areas. Curriculum Mapping is an on-going focus of district staff. Pre/Post Assessment Development Curriculum process includes C2P Updating of Standards/Benchmarks on a 7-year cycle, AEA 13 Curriculum

15 Path to School Improvement Instruction  Vocabulary: PreK-12  Understanding Poverty  Pre/Post Assessment Collaborative sharing and reflection are utilized by the staff as an extension of their classroom implementation of strategies and new learning.

16 Path to School Improvement Professional Evaluation: Instruction Portfolios – ongoing process as part of teacher evaluation  Must provide documentation of accomplishments within the eight areas of the Iowa Teaching Standards and Model Criteria  Part of the 3-year evaluation cycle Individual Career Plans  Developed annually  Tied to district goals

17 Path to School Improvement Assessment Boyer Valley completed an alignment review of our curriculum and district-wide assessments using the Iowa Technical Adequacy Project (ITAP) process. We hope to achieve even tighter alignment through continuous updating of our standards and benchmarks using the C2P process, K-12.

18 Data Driven Path to School Improvement Assessment Boyer Valley began using Assessment Solutions data system in 2005-2006 Goal is to extract trend data and other meaningful information to share with District Stakeholders Students Grade Level Sub Group Collapsed Grade School-Wide

19 Path to School Improvement- Reading Assessment

20 Path to School Improvement- Math Assessment

21 Path to School Improvement- Science Assessment

22 Path to School Improvement: Closing the Gap: Reading Assessment

23 Path to School Improvement: Closing the Gap: Math Assessment

24 Path to School Improvement: Closing the Gap: Science Assessment

25 Opportunities for the Diverse Learner Early Childhood Special Needs Program Title I Reading/Math Teachers Family/School Coordinator Resource Rooms Gifted and Talented Talent Search thru Western Iowa Tech Alternative High School (Unity) On-site college Dual Credit Career Visions IWCC college credit classes (Academy) Access to AP on-line courses BLAST Program Vocational Rehabilitation Best Practice

26 Information Management JMC –Student information –Parent access through website Assessment Solutions –District assessment data SOCS District Website –Interactive access to district information – Supports

27 Welcome to Our District!

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