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Making each child feel unique Early College Magnet at Barren County High School.

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1 Making each child feel unique Early College Magnet at Barren County High School

2 Barren County High School has seen tremendous success… National ranking ACT/Plan scores One of the largest dual credit programs in state Nationally known AP Program Advance Kentucky inaugural member All AYP goals met Million dollar scholarship classes The next level - “Making each child feel unique”

3 What is a Magnet School? “Making each child feel unique” A magnet school is meant to attract students who are serious about their learning and desire to take their overall academic experience to a higher level.

4 Mission Statement The Early College Magnet at Barren County High School commits to offering an accelerated curriculum that develops future leaders and supports their passion for learning. “Making each child feel unique”

5 Magnet Information School within-a-school Three-year program Early college preparation and acceleration Magnet classes integrated into BCHS instructional space Actively involved in athletics, fine arts, other extracurricular clubs & organizations “Making each child feel unique”

6 Magnet Schools are typically selective, will this one be? Yes Course work GPA Leadership Activities Teacher Evaluations Potential for Growth Desire to excel “Making each child feel unique”

7 Admissions Blind Application process –Print or online Eligibility (eligible to attend BCHS, current BCHS 9 th grader or transfer from outside of Barren District) Academic Criteria –Explore, ACT scores –Courses taken –GPA Course Planning “Making each child feel unique”

8 Can students be dismissed from the program? YES Contract of expectations signed by parents/students Those dismissed will return to the regular program of studies at BCHS “Making each child feel unique”

9 Student Contract Students must take a minimum of 4 Advanced Placement courses (dual credit is also highly encouraged) Students must make 3.0 to maintain “good standing” Two or more D’s or one F = dismissal Academic Probation –Conference with parents and student to develop remedial plan –If successful, “good standing” returned –If not, student dismissed from program “Making each child feel unique”

10 Will this program be difficult? YES BC Magnet is meant for serious students Supports are in place for those who are active in extracurricular and/or have demanding home/work responsibilities Program is designed to be demanding but rewarding “Making each child feel unique”

11 What will a student gain from this? True college experience Depth of knowledge Rigor of course work Time Management Use of resources College going culture Expectations of 2 nd /3 rd level college course “Making each child feel unique”

12 Benefits Building a new tradition Reputation of “magnet” excellence Individual guidance Increased scholarship potential Increased recognition Increased post-secondary opportunities “Making each child feel unique”

13 AP & Dual Credit Classes AP Calculus Statistics Literature Language Biology Chemistry World History U S History French Spanish Studio Art Dual Credit EDU 250 Math 116 Math 110 Math 109 Speech 145 Physics 171 Psychology Sociology Chemistry 105-106 Chemistry 107-108 CFS 111 Note: “We expect to add new offerings each year” “Making each child feel unique”

14 BC Magnet Students... Passionate about Learning Motivated Curious Determined Independent Self-disciplined “Making each child feel unique”

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