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Using Parametric in TI Interactive

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1 Using Parametric in TI Interactive
The Lion and the Ranger

2 Parametric Equations Parametric Equations in the plane are a pair of functions of x = f(t) and y = g(t) which describe the x and y coordinates of the graph of some curve in the plane as a function of time

3 Defining a Parametric Equation
For example, the simplest equation for a parabola, y = x2 can be parameterized by using a free parameter t, and setting x = t and y = t2 To enter a parametric equation into TI-Interactive click on the dropdown graph menu and select the parametric mode

4 Formatting Notice that your graph is restricted to the first quadrant. To see the rest of your graph you need to change your T-min. Click on the Format button above your graph Change your T-min and click Apply

5 The Lion and the Ranger In the Lion and Ranger you will need to setup two Parametric equations. One describing the motion of the Lion and another for Mr. Ranger. In the setup for the two equations x defines the movement East or West and y will define their movement North

6 The Lion and the Ranger Setup
When setting up the parametric equations for x and y think about the directional speed you are moving (the slope) and the intercepts Where are you starting from and what direction are you going?

7 The Ranger and the Lion A jungle and wildlife preserve extends 80 miles north and 120 miles east of the ranger station. The ranger leaves from a point 100 miles east of the station along the southern boundary to survey the area. He travels 0.6 miles north and 0.5 miles west every minute. A lion leaves the west edge of the preserve 51 miles north of the station at the same time the ranger leaves the station. Every minute the lion moves 0.1 miles north and 0.3 miles east. Do the lion and the ranger collide? Click on Simba to start


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