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7th grade parent orientation

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1 7th grade parent orientation
Broadview Middle School Planning for future success!

2 School Counseling Department
Michael Lynch 6-1 to 7-1 Shantay Primus 6-2 to 7-2 Tany Douangta 6-3 to 7-3 Linda Polo - Secretary Encourage parents to communicate with guidance staff and teachers…..effective communication is integral to the success of students and families.

3 7-1 Cluster Teachers….. English – A. Prybylski
Math – N. Bach Science –J. Brewster Social Studies – L. Lopez Reading – A. Fuller Special Education – S. Varga Counselor – M. Lynch Administrator – J. Battaglia

4 7-2 Cluster Teachers…. English – B. Cullagh
Math – R. Scalzo Science – S. Solimene Social Studies – R. Singleton Reading –S. Joy Special Education – T. Clarkson Counselor - S. Primus Administrator - N. Rhodes

5 7-3 Cluster Teachers…. English – L. Kennedy
Math - D. Kolwicz Science – N. Lalier Social Studies – D. Mottola Reading – V. Maldonado Special Education – R. Vaughn Counselor – T. Douangta Administrator – N. Rhodes

6 Additional Support Staff
School Psychologist - Dr. Paula Grayson School Social Worker - Mrs. Lori Sollose Social Skills Counselor - Mrs. Christine Miller Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Mrs. Christine Bulmash Special Ed. Facilitator - Mrs. Christine Holmes Bilingual Support - Mrs. Maria Garcia and ESL/ELL Mrs. Val Anderson

7 7th Grade English Students read and respond to classical & contemporary texts. Concentration on the persuasive essay. Students apply the conventions of standard English.

8 7th Grade Reading Personal choice selections.
Use of book clubs, literature circles, visual literacy. Projects include book reviews, multi-media presentations. Students will also develop reading for information skills and reading to perform tasks. Weekly reading logs are due as assigned by teacher.

9 7th Grade Math Program Pre-Algebra - limited enrollment - determined by Math Dept. Head based on… Student’s performance throughout the year. End of year assessment in grade 6. Math 7

10 7th Grade Life Science Study of an amazing topic – LIFE
The year begins by learning about cells and heredity and moves on to study all the different systems in the human body.

11 Summit Program The Summit Program is now an after school program held here at Broadview Middle School. Students are selected based on elementary school testing Advisor - Mr. Jeff Brewster

12 7th Grade American History
History of our country – From European Colonization to Civil War and Reconstruction. Study skills emphasized include historical thinking, analysis of primary source documents, research skills, timelines, persuasive writing.

13 Global Endeavors Philadelphia Trip
Informational Meeting on Tuesday June 5th from 6 to 7 PM Tied to Social Studies Curriculum /3 of 7th graders attended Some of the sites include Independence Hall Liberty Bell Franklin Institute Valley Forge

14 World Languages French 1 Spanish 1
Criteria for taking a World Language Student’s academic achievement and student interest College-bound students will need an additional 2-3 years of a world language on the high school level. REQUIRES FULL YEAR COMMITMENT W/ NO OPTION OF DROPPING COURSE

15 7th Grade P.E. Program Cross Cluster classes.
Activities include football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, dance, jump rope, fitness, floor hockey, handball and track and field. Performance tests. Appropriate dress in uniform colors and sneakers. Behavior and participation are part of grade.

16 Performing Arts Classes
General Chorus Concert Choir (by audition) Band Orchestra Jazz Band - meets after school, one day a week.

17 Exploratory Arts…….. For students not taking a Language Art Music

18 7th Grade Sample Schedule
8 period day 5 periods for core academic classes English Reading Math Social Studies Science 1 period for P.E. 2 days per week AND OPTIONS FOR OTHER 3 DAYS: Chorus Band Orchestra Concert Choir (by audition) 1 period for FOREIGN LANGUAGE OR EXPLORATORY ARTS 1 period for Lunch

19 CMT’s in March…….. Reading, Writing, and Math.
Importance of doing well on the test CMT Preparatory Classes after school

20 Planning for Success Attitude Achievement Attendance Volunteerism
Parental Involvement

21 Planning for Success (cont.)
Use of Broadview Agenda Pertinent information regarding school and district policies Homework completion is key to academic success.

22 Student Success Plan What is a Student Success Plan?
Focused goal setting Use of Naviance computer program New initiative beginning in the fall of 2012 Grade 6-12

23 Extended Learning After School Program
Available for all students Monday through Thursday - 2:30 to 4:30 Many activities for students to participate in along with Homework Help Transportation is provided Contact number (203)

24 Congratulations…… You’ve survived another year………
Our best wishes to your sons and daughters for continued success!

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