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Increasing Physical Activity for School Faculty: Strategies for Success Retta Evans, PhD, UAB Gina Mabrey, MS, JSU

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1 Increasing Physical Activity for School Faculty: Strategies for Success Retta Evans, PhD, UAB Gina Mabrey, MS, JSU

2 What is Physical Activity?

3 Moderate Intensity Brisk walking, bicycling, vacuuming, gardening, or anything else that causes small increases in breathing and heart rate.

4 Vigorous Intensity Running, aerobics, heavy yard work, or anything else that causes large increases in breathing and heart rate

5 How much is enough??

6 Recommended Moderately intense activities > 30 mins/day > 5 days/week (150 mins) OR Vigorously intense activities > 20 mins/day > 3 days/week (75 mins) OR Combination of intensity activities (Each activity session should last at least 10 minutes)

7 Complete 3 activities for 10 consecutive mins Complete 2 activities for 15 consecutive mins Complete 1 activity for 30 consecutive mins Think of it as a 3-2-1 plan

8 Who’s getting enough??

9 Physical Activity Statistics (2007, CDC)

10 Health Disparities Physical activity declines with age Women are less likely than men to meet PAGA (61% vs 69.9%) 55% of African-Americans and 48.4% of Mexican-Americans meet PAGA compared with Caucasian- Americans @ 68.8% Tucker, Welk, & Beyler (2011)

11 Physical inactivity costs: $251.11 billion Excess weight costs: $256.57 billion

12 Why Employee Wellness in Schools? Important and valuable to school-wide success Improve staff health, increase physical activity Schools should plan and implement policies, and incentive programs for faculty and staff When school leaders are personally committed to good health practices, they are positive role models to students they serve

13 Coordinated School Health Model

14 Benefits to Employers Individuals with good exercise habits cost 10% less than sedentary counterparts Workplace exercise programs may: Reduce annual medical costs by $76 million (Annual HC costs > $900 billion) Decrease absenteeism by 32% Increase productivity up to 55% (Safeer & Rothenstein, 2011)

15 PLAN Get “buy-in” from administration Use current wellness committee to plan health interventions Establish clear goals/objectives for wellness program

16 Wellness Committee Wellness Committee could complete the following: Evaluate the current programs, services and policies that are available at your workplace Assess employee needs and preferences Develop a health promotion operating plan, goals, and objectives Assist in implementing, monitoring, and evaluating WHP activities

17 ASSESS NEEDS Health Risk Assessments – Information on demographics (e.g., sex, age), lifestyle (e.g., smoking, exercise, alcohol, diet), personal medical history, family medical history, physiological data (e.g., height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels) Cost/benefits analysis Needs assessment

18 Design Healthy Environments at Work Helps your worksite determine ways to create a healthier worksite environment - one that supports employees in moving more, eating better and leading a tobacco-free lifestyle.

19 Conduct an Environmental Audit Audits provide opportunities for employees to practice healthy behaviors, (physical activity) or can discourage unhealthy behaviors, (using tobacco products). Features that may be audited include the following: Availability of nutritious foods in vending and cafeterias Availability of tobacco- or smoke-free areas "Walkability" of the work place, sidewalks between buildings and stairs within buildings Availability of fitness centers, shower facilities, multi- purpose paths, bicycle racks that support physical activity

20 IMPLEMENT Programs – StairWELL to Better Health – Walkability Audit Tool – Discount Fitness Club Network

21 IMPLEMENT Policies Formal, written laws/policies, such as federal authorizing and appropriations law or a specific smoking ban Informal, such as "casual Fridays," where such a rule doesn't exist formally, but is collectively assumed that employees may wear jeans to work

22 EVALUATE Involve analyzing the results achieved in the WHP program Determining if they meet goals and objectives Identifying what was successful and what needs to be improved. Evaluation should be an ongoing activity in health promotion programs.

23 Strategies to Increase Physical Activity 1)Action planning 2)Providing instruction/opportunities 3)Reinforcing effort or progress Williams & French, 2011

24 Action Planning Gain Administrative & Employee Support Create “Fitness Forums” Establish “Monthly Themes” Incorporate “Daily Activity”

25 Monthly Themes  January: Jumpstart Fitness  February: American Heart Month  March: National Nutrition Month  April: Spring into Fitness  May: National Employee Health & Fitness Month  June & July: Summer, Sunshine, & SPF  August: Advocate Activity  September: Healthy Aging Month  October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month  November & December: Holiday Survival (6-week plan)

26 Provide Instruction/Opportunities January- ScaleBack Alabama August- Begin a “couch to 5K” group that meets before/after school October- Enroll a team in a Breast Cancer Walk

27 Provide Instruction/Opportunities Move It Mondays Toning Tuesdays Walking Wednesdays Tighten Up Thursdays Fit Fridays

28 Reinforcing effort/progress Identify “Team Captains” Provide Prizes/Incentives Consider “other” Environmental Changes (e.g., healthy vending & brown-bag lunches)

29 Examples Wellness Wednesday- Once per month Healthy Living Newsletter Learn & Burn 10,000 Steps Daily Wellness Moments

30 SUMMARY Gain administrative support Create a Wellness Committee Plan strategies Assess activity needs Implement policies Provide activity opportunities Evaluate efforts

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