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Nike Advertisement “Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” By: Shannon Stevens.

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1 Nike Advertisement “Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” By: Shannon Stevens

2 This advertisement was first released in New York City in 2008 by Nike. It is used to create motivation for anyone especially procrastinators.

3 Who is the audience?

4 The audience in this advertisement could be anyone, but particularly is associated with procrastinators or people that use “tomorrow” as an excuse to put things off today. This could be athletes who put off practice, students who put off homework, or every day people putting off exercise. Nike is telling the audience to not procrastinate and to get out and “Just Do It.”

5 What is the purpose?

6 The purpose is to persuade the audience to take action. How many times have you said, “I’ll do that tomorrow?” Now think of how many times you actually did that thing the next day. Nike is demonstrating that nothing gets done when it is constantly being put off. Since this is a Nike advertisement, the persuasion mainly focuses on getting out and getting fit today, rather than tomorrow. If you go about every day with the mindset of “Tomorrow” then it’s harder to achieve your goals or success.

7 What are the techniques?

8 One technique used in this advertisement is emotional appeal. The ad makes the audience feel guilty of being lazy and not getting things done. It gives them motivation to actually want to get active and get fit, instead of putting their problems aside. Another technique used in this ad is diction, because it singles out the particular person reading it by using the word “YOU”.

9 What are the composition factors?

10 Nike uses a dark background in this ad and white lettering to make your eyes go directly to the phrase. There is no motion going on anywhere in the picture. It is plain, concise, and to the point. By making the picture plain and not busy, Nike gets its point across better to the audience. This ad also uses bold lettering and words in all caps to make it sound more forceful.

11 What are the appeals?

12 ETHOS This advertisement uses ethos because Nike is a trustworthy brand whose company is based on being active. PATHOS This advertisement uses pathos by creating an emotional appeal of motivation. The phrase gets the audiences attention and makes them feel like they need to get out and do things instead of putting them off until tomorrow.

13 MLA CITATION Brennen Hodge. “Yesterday you said tomorrow. Guess what today is?” www. Brennen Hodge, Web. 30 June 2008.

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