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How a Bill Becomes a Law. Idea from the People of Arkansas.

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1 How a Bill Becomes a Law

2 Idea from the People of Arkansas

3 Bill Drafting Legislator contacts staff for options and background information Staff researches topic Staff drafts bill Approved by legislator Bill prepared for introduction

4 Introduction Must be introduced by legislator More than one legislator can sponsor Bill given to Chief Clerk of the House or Secretary of the Senate

5 Bill Readings Bill read aloud for the first and second time in chamber Bill assigned to committee

6 Bills in Committee Bills presented and debated Committee recommends action

7 Committee Actions Recommendations –Do Pass –Do Pass as Amended –Do Not Pass

8 Do Pass Do pass recommendation –Committee recommends passage of bill with no changes DO PASS

9 Do Pass as Amended Amendments –Change wording of bill –Add or take away parts of bill –Change amount or funding source Approval –Engrossed into bill Not Approved –Returned to committee

10 Do Not Pass Do Not Pass Recommendation –Committee recommends that the full membership do not pass the bill DO NOT PASS

11 Bill Passage Bill read for third time Debated on chamber floor Vote

12 Votes for Passage Majority Vote –House 51 votes –Senate 18 votes ¾ Vote of House and Senate –Appropriation Bills –Tax Increases –Constitutional Amendments

13 Bill Sent to Other Chamber Same Process begins in other Chamber –Readings –Committee –Committee Recommendation –Vote

14 Bill Returns to Original Chamber Bill passed in other chamber returned to originating chamber Any amendments from other chamber are considered by originating chamber Prepared for transmittal to Governor’s Office

15 Governor’s Actions Sign the Bill No Action Veto

16 Sign Bill Governor signs bill Bill sent to Secretary of State for Act Number Message sent to originating chamber that bill became a law

17 No Action Governor does not sign or veto the bill Bill becomes law without Governor’s signature

18 Veto Bill returned to originating chamber with explanation for veto Reconsideration Possible vote to override veto VETO

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