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Pi Facts and History of Pi

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1 Pi Facts and History of Pi
Luis Gonzalez

2 Timeline of Pi 240 B.C. – Archimedes found pi to be 22/7
150 A.D. to 1650 – Pi was computed to 35 decimal places 1706 – Symbol for pi introduced 1949 – The first modern computer computed pi to 2,037 decimal places in 70 hours 1999 – A Japanese professor calculates the most decimal places ever computed using a super computer As computers grow faster and more powerful, pi should also get much larger and massive.

3 Importance of Pi The Pi number enters into all branches of mathematics: Theoretical Physics Chemistry Astronomy The universe could not operate properly without the number pi ut

4 Important Facts About Pi
Pi is perhaps the most mathematical constant Pi day is celebrated on the same day of Albert Einstein’s birthday The symbol π comes from a Greek letter for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter The symbol π appears in many different formulas that have nothing to do with circles The Egyptians and Babylonians were the one who discovered pi

5 Different Formulas of Pi
Formulas for Circles A = π•r^2 C = 2 π•r Formulas for Spheres S = 4π•r^2 V = 4/3 π•r^3

6 Machin-like Formulas Machin-like formulas are the best know method to calculate pi The name comes from a professor John Machin who taught at Gresham college during the early 1700s Zacharias Dase used the Machin-like formula to calculate 200 pi decimals in his head

7 Pi In Circles To find the area and radius of a circle you need certain parts combined with pi, such as: diameter, radius, and circumference Euler’s formula is mainly used trigonometric functions and complex exponential function, which requires pi

8 Pi in Physics Albert Einstein used pi for his formula of general relativity Pi is not a physical constant in physics Pi appears in several equations describing fundamentals in the principles of the Universe The formula for electric force also includes pi, which describes the force between two electric charges

9 Pi in Geometry and Trigonometry
Pi is used to find the area and circumference of a circle It is also used to find the area and volume on spheres Pi is often defined using trigonometric functions

10 Works Cited Lloyd Motz and Jefferson Hane Weaver. The story of Mathematics. New York: Avon Books, 1993, page 20

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