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Pi Day March 14 Use the links on each page to find the answers

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1 Pi Day March 14 Use the links on each page to find the answers
Pi WebQuest Pi Day March 14 Use the links on each page to find the answers

2 Pi's Symbol and Who Used it First
Pi WebQuest – Task #1 "Wales" is a country in Great Britain. A man that is from Wales would be called a Welshman. You will begin your search for pi here. The value of pi is so extraordinary that it was assigned its own symbol, a letter of the Greek alphabet. Your first task will be to discover what year pi was assigned this symbol, and the name of the man who first used it. Write these answers on your worksheet. Pi's Symbol and Who Used it First

3 Pi WebQuest – Task #2 The next step of your task is to get some data from your field research back to your home base team in the United States. What IS the number that we call pi? What is its significance? What Number Represents Pi? What is the Significance of Pi?

4 Pi WebQuest – Task #3 Pi is Infinite?
In your search for pi, you have learned the symbol for pi and have also learned why pi is significant. Next, you need to begin learning about some of the unique properties of pi - in other words, you need to learn more about what makes pi special. One of the things that you'll notice about pi is that people love to talk about its digits. One of the things that you can say about the digits of pi is that they are "infinite". What does that mean? What is the 27th digit of pi? Pi is Infinite?

5 Pi WebQuest – Task #4 Who used Pi?
As the special agent working on this case, you have access to a time machine to help you along in your research. You need to trace the steps of pi throughout history. Begin by traveling to some of the ancient civilizations throughout the past 4 or 5 thousand years. List three civilizations that used working approximations of pi. Also find what ancient city Archimedes was from. Who used Pi?

6 Pi WebQuest – Task #5 You just received word from your home team in the U.S. that there will be a revamp of the security system for your organization. It is necessary for you to submit some of your own statistics to personalize your security clearance. The new security codes for each agent will be dependent upon where the agent's birthday occurs in the digits of pi. What is your birthday number? My birthday is 12/29/78. Therefore, my birthday number is Do a Pi-Search to find the position of your birthday number in the decimal places of pi. Fill in your birthday number (make sure that you use 8 digits) and the position of your birthday number in pi on your worksheet. My Birthday

7 Pi WebQuest – Task #6 See The Ridiculously Enhanced Pi Page to find out if Pi is normal. Is Pi Normal?

8 Pi WebQuest – Task #7 So far, you have found yourself traveling all over the world looking for pi. You have found traces of pi everywhere - in many different countries and cultures. In this multi-cultural look at pi, many languages of the world are used. Which digits are given in Farsi? Name the digits on your worksheet. [To do this, you will need to view the document source: use the "View" menu, and pull down to "Document Source or View Source".] Farsi?

9 Pi WebQuest – Task #8 Back to the time machine! As you've already seen, pi can be found in many places throughout the early ages of the history of the world. Pi can be found in the Rhind Papyrus (take a look at the Rhind Papyrus.) It can be found in the Bible. What is the value that the Bible gives to pi? Archimedes found the value of pi to be between which two mixed numbers? Visit The Story of Pi to find out what Egypt and Babylon used for values of pi.

10 Pi WebQuest – Task #9 You are just now beginning to realize the scope of this international crime. It may even be an interstellar crime. How many decimal digits of pi would you need to accurately determine a person's position on a circle with a radius as long as the distance between the earth and the sun? Go to The Senselessness of Pi to find out.

11 Pi WebQuest – Task #10 Write down your own personal favorite piece of pi-trivia that you've discovered in your quest thus far (you can find pi-trivia on the following pages...) Explain the trivia itself (make sure that you know what all of the terms are referring to), and then explain why it is your favorite.

12 Pi WebQuest – Task #11 Write a sentence, in which the number of letters in each of the words corresponds to the digits of pi, respectively. You must use at least the first 10 digits of pi (including the initial "3"). If you would like, you could memorize your sentence, and use it to remember the digits of pi.)

13 Pi WebQuest – Task #12 Are you completely fed up with this pi stuff? Now, check out something completely different (make sure that you click on the link below ) Pi Fun!

14 Pi WebQuest – Task #13 What culture "named" the value of pi? What was the most significant change in pi from origin to 2000? Changes in Pi

15 Pi WebQuest – Task #14 What is the exact time that Pi should be celebrated? Time and Day Famous people birthday on Pi Day Happy Birthday

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