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1 Implementation of ICAO PL requirements in Ukraine.

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1 1 Implementation of ICAO PL requirements in Ukraine

2 2 ICAO Institute National Aviation University CAA ICAO Institute In the framework of the University Reported to the CAA of Ukraine

3 3 ICAO Institute Structure ICAO Department ICAO Institute ICAO European Regional Training Centres ICAO European Regional Aviation Security Training Centre National Training Centres

4 4 ICAO Department National Training Centres Aviation Safety Management Aircraft Accident prevention and investigation State Regulations of Aircraft Operations Aviation English Training Centre CNS/ATM Quality Ensurance Goal: Implementation of the ICAO LP requirements Functions: 1. Development of LT programs. 2. Conducting courses. 3. Testing process. ICAO Institute Structure

5 5 Activities coordination All activities directed to the implementation of ICAO LP Standards have been coordinated by the Aviation English Centre in the framework of the ICAO Institute.

6 6 National plan of the realization of ICAO LP Standards On the basis of the Action plan elaborated by the ICAO Headquarters we have prepared one National plan of the realization of ICAO LP Standards.

7 7 Main directions Main directions: 1.Evaluated tests have been prepared and used to determine real situation in Ukraine. 2.About 3000 air traffic controllers and about 1800 pilots must be tested.

8 8 Main directions 3. Preliminary results of these tests have shown that: About 5% of pilots can be regarded as experts at level 5; 10% of pilots are at the operational level 4 of the ICAO Rating scale; 45% of pilots are at level 3; 30% are at level 2; 15% are at level 1.

9 9 Next steps We have defined the volume of the work which is to be done for organization of training in order to achieve results to the 5 th of March, 2008.

10 10 For that we are to: to train trainers, teachers, raters and examiners; to determine and certify training centres on the territory of Ukraine.

11 11 Training centres in Ukraine They are located: In the west (Lviv); In the east (Donetsk); In the south (Simferopol); In Kyiv (National Aviation University, Pilot training centre, Air traffic control training centre)

12 12 The methodological and organizational centre It has been established in Kyiv, at the National Aviation University. Aviation English Centre Institute of Humanities ICAO Institute

13 13 Teachers training Teachers of General English together with specialists training pilots in Radiotelephony have been selected for special training course (114 hours) to study specifics of ICAO Rating scale descriptors and requirements. 15 teachers have been trained to work in above mentioned centres.

14 14 Concept of the program We have developed concept of the program as well as the programs for every level. These documents have been carefully studied and discussed at the meetings of specialists from Great Britain, Ukraine, Azerbaidzhan, Armenia, Moldova and Georgia.

15 15 Distant learning course All pilots and air traffic controllers have been informed about the distant learning course we have chosen for General English (Quartet). 9 trainers have been prepared on the methodology of this course. This course can be used both on line and in front class teaching.

16 16 Some important issues There are some very important issues which are to be settled in the shortest time possible: 1. Financial problem. Many small airlines and operators have got a serious deficit in finances and they cannot organize training for their pilots. Many of them are state owned operators.

17 17 Some important issues 2. Air traffic providers have directed some financial resources to organize group training in many places of Ukraine. But here we have got another problem: it is very difficult to organize effective quality control.

18 18 Some important issues 3. Some higher educational institutions and colleges train pilots and air traffic controllers. But their syllabi and curricula contain very small amount of class hours for the English language studies.

19 19 Address to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine We have prepared the document to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine which contains the request to take into account the ICAO LP requirements in educational institutions training pilots and air traffic controllers.

20 20 Gratitude to Mr. Karsten Theil and Mr. Kourenkov for their assistance, understanding and cooperation.

21 21 How to contact us: National Aviation University ICAO Institute 1, Kosmonavta Komarova ave. 03058, Kyiv Ukraine Tel: +380444082413 Fax: +380444576912


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