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Wrap-up Ground Segment Coordination Body Workshop 2012 ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, 6-7 June 2012.

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1 Wrap-up Ground Segment Coordination Body Workshop 2012 ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, 6-7 June 2012

2 Objectives of the Workshop Give a high level Overview of the respective programmes of all participants + Give a more detailed overview on the status and the current achievements of the GSCB activities (HMA, LTDP, QA4EO and CAL/VAL). + Provide a forum for the mission operators + to present their plans and achievements with regard to: +  interoperability implementation, ?  quality management concept,  long term data preservation, and  EO Ground Segments infrastructure evolution to provide active comments on the GSCB workplan needs +/- To actively discuss questions on respective plans of Agencies and workshop participants.

3 Some Workshop Results

4 4 Opera ting today Session 1:Coherent View of the GMES GSC Status Context, User Access !

5 Session 2: LTDP, Quality and CAL/VAL Framework in Earth Observation 1986-2012 and future LTDP is a very advanced cooperation project across GSCB members and has become an ESA proposal to CMIN and has been recognised as an important need in national funding plans ! Cloud Computing is a hype, and is very good to buffer unplanned, dynamic needs in re-processing and dissemination while for static processing traditional architecture remains more cost efficient; both need to be implemented complementarily. Cloud Computing IaaS SaaS Hosting (VPS, Rental) CDN PaaS

6 Session 3: Ground Segment of GSCB Missions Envisat ERS-1/2 Proba COSMO-SkyMED TerraSAR-X SPOT-4 Pléiades JasonRadarsat METOP MSG TanDEM-X Radarsat-2 SPOT-5 Sentinels NovaSAR-S

7 7 After a long and hard working day

8 Session 4: Ground Segment of Major European Missions Rapideye DMC Ikonos Deimos-1 Deimos-2 Nigeriasat-2 ODIN Proba-V RISAT-1 RASAT ASTROTERRA PAZ INGENIO AISSat-1 GeoEye-1 Oceansat-2 EROS IRS-P6 WorldView IRS-P3 QuickBird

9 Preliminary Summary, Recommendations and Conclusions

10 Standards and Interfaces will become even more important in the future and will have to be constantly reviewed and adjusted. General agreement one the need for coordination in Interface standards, Quality management and quality description, Cal VAL infrastructure, Longterm Data Preservation and newly data integrity and secure access management. HMA has to keep evolving with the goals to simplify and assuring complementarity with other existing or upcoming Interface Standards. Most Mission and GS operators are or are ready to follow standards as required for the GMES GSC or other Multi Mission Interfaces Conclusions (1)

11 LTDP principles defined via GSCB are at the basis of the European LTDP Framework for the preservation of Earth Observation data and associated knowledge.  ESA LTDP programme proposal is based on the principle grown-up by GSCB/LTDP WG. Cooperation in CAL/VAL is key for current and future missions.  Cal/Val infrastructure operations worldwide have been reduced to or below a critical level for all instrument operators; a Cal/Val Interest Group under GSCB shall attempt to improve sharing and maintaining this infrastructure.  Ensure coordinated European presence in international instances (CEOS WGCV, WMO, GEO) Conclusions (2)

12 Cooperation concept consolidated via GSCB has lead to the architecture for GMES. The effort for accessing data from sentinels and contributing missions will inevitably stress the need for better coordination, product standards, access standards at all levels, from NRT to archiving and retrieval. The pressing need to support the Sentinels PDGS collaborative ground segments and the scientific data access is a further reason for achieving rapid progress. Conclusions GMES related

13 Deal with data integrity/protection especially when using shared and linked infrastructure and systems:  Address the basic standards for EO Ground Segments and data protection (GS Security)  Harmonization of Authentication mechanisms (Single Sign On) ? Address harmonization of EO Product specifications & formats for archiving and dissemination (CEOS, GEO and others). Address HMA standards simplification to maximize spread and use. Explore LTDP practices and experience of communities outside EO and Earth Science and review GSCB LTDP recommendations to standards to ensure interoperability. Specific Suggestions (1)

14 14 Continue elaborating GS architectures using the combination of both clouds and traditional architectures.  Convergence of efforts in Europe with respect to Cloud Computing and standardization of interfaces.  Address the management of large volumes of data Build a coordinated European data offer, exploiting the efforts conducted under the GMES label. GEO may be the target customer base. Follow closely the GEO developments and aim at improving accessibility of European data in GEOSS, building upon the European long-term data preservation framework and HMA initiatives. Maintain this type of GSCB WS to ensure information flow. Suggestions, inputs and recommendations to GSCB from audience and in side discussions (2)

15 15 Points added during discussion : GSCB to adress future ground segment projects and architecture “ bringing the user to the data” rather than the data to the user; Link Image Information Mining activities to the overall concept Recognize that even non-Space Agencies non use HMA as standard in the interfaces and specifications; keep them involved GS Performance is more than “timeliness”; a list of GS and operational KPIs could be drafted. Discussion

16 Distribute Workshop Presentations. Maintain GSCB website up to date with all GSCB evolutions. Next GSCB Workshop will be held in 2 years (spring 2014). GSCB: next steps

17 Michel Fortin (C. Casgrain, M. Adamovic, A. Mahmood) Brigitte Behal (M. Winterholer, J.P. Gleyzes) Gunter Schreier Joaquin Gonzalez (Y. Lavergne, G. Mason) Gunther Kohlhammer Mirko Albani (E. Forcada) Stefano Bruzzi (G. Rum, C. Ananasso) Caroline Cloutier Peter Fletcher, Magali Dodemant (A. Bunn) Thank you and Have a safe trip back

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