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European Computer competence Certificate in eccc standard.

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1 European Computer competence Certificate in eccc standard

2 ECCC – general information ECCC - European Computer Competence Certificate Certificate rank and file introduced by ECCC Foundation and cooperating institutions ECCC Foundation is not-for-profit organization The main goal of ECCC Foundation is to support a creation of information society in Europe

3 What is the ECCC? System of Standardization and certification of computer competences in different ranges and levels of knowledge Features of ECCC system: –Precisely defined (standardization). –Customized to individual needs (flexibility). –Developing with changes in ICT range (modifiable). –Make possible certification in wide range of competences (universality)

4 Advantages Flexibility The system of ECCC certification does not impose an order of passing an individual modules and levels. It could be a way of matching competences to work post. For supporting the process of choosing ECCC Foundation created a matrix of competences which is suggested to be treated as advice. Flexibility of ECCC certification allows very precisely planning of trainings and fitting them to the levels and beneficiaries’ needs. Standardization The structure of ECCC exams meets competences’ requirements definite in ECCC syllabus. Syllabi are the elements of standard and are published. They mark out the range of exams and they could be helpful as a base for creating training programmes.

5 Advantages Mark accuracy to competence level The result of the exam is announced as percentage value what helps define a level of competences. Special structure of exam (including: Full cover of tasks in syllabus by questions) provides correctness of valuation. Objectivity ECCC exams on A and B level are carried out with support of ECCC Examination System, which creates random exams and checks the answers. ECCC examiner supervises proper realization of the procedures. ECCC exams on level C and D are carried out as projects - examinee implements complex cases. The results of that kind of tests are marked by ECCC Examiner. The higher level you pass the longer it take.

6 Advantages Immediate gratuity According to ECCC exams on level A and B ECCC examination system instantly verifies exams, gives back results and prints ECCC certificate. There is no delay in hand on certificate and examinee does not pay special for the certificate. Expansion Alongside with development of computer science and communication technology and its appliance there are created new modules of ECCC certification competences. It allows to fit certification to changing world. Innovation Thanks to features like flexibility, preciseness, expansion, platform independence and possibility of fitting the level and range of certification to trainee needs ECCC certification system is innovative in European scale. In compliance with the most important features of proper certification system: Objectivity, standardization and high quality

7 Ranges covered with ECCC standard The areas of IT technologies (IT) Computer Area (CS) Technical Area (AI) Trade Area (PI)

8 ECCC Modules The areas of IT technologies (IT) –Computer hardware and software –Editing documents –Calculation sheets –Databases –Multimedia –Information and communication technologies –Mobile technologies –Business graphics

9 ECCC Modules Computer Area (CS) –Programming –Computer graphics –Creating Internet applications Technical Area (AI) –Two-dimensional design (CAD 2D) –Spacial design (CAD 3D)

10 ECCC Modules Trade Area (PI) –PI M1 Education –PI M2 Healthcare –PI M3 Tourism –PI M4 Multimedia in Education –PI M5 Computer in Primary Education –PI M6 e-Office –PI M7 e-Marketing –PI M8 Interactive Technologies –PI M9 Graphics for Photographers –PI M10 Robots –PI M11 Workflow Management –PI M12 Information Security –PI M13 Green Office –PI M14 Project Planning and Tracking

11 Levels of certification A. Level ECCC Basic sets minimal requirements for ICT user within a particular module. Holder of this level certificate knows basic theoretical concepts within a particular module (e.g. Document Processing) and can use general tools on the basic functional level. On this level approximately 15% of technological possibilities existing in this area are tested. B. Level ECCC Medium verifies competencies defined for the ECCC Basic level together with more extended usage of tools and ICT within a particular module. On this level approximately 30% of technological possibilities existing in this area are tested. C. Level ECCC Advanced proves one’s intermediate competencies with fluent usage of advanced ICT tools within a particular, tested area. On this level approximately 60% of technological possibilities existing in this area are tested. D. Level ECCC Expert proves proficiency, significant knowledge and practical skills in verified area. Approximately 90% of knowledge in particular tested area is verified during examination.

12 Levels of ECCC – differences in testing 2 levels: A, B – test exam, automatic with usage of ECCC Examination System (SE ECCC) 2 levels : C, D – case study exam, verifying by ECCC Examiners and registering in SE ECCC

13 Examination process – independent of learning process A range of competences is defined precisely in syllabi related to individual modules and levels of knowledge Everyone can pass an exam regardless to way of learning (formal, informal, non- formal) The most important is a result, not a process of learning

14 Examination process – independent of learning process Exams are conducted by Examiners with help of an examination system which is available on-line The examination system is fully stable and makes possible managing the examination process

15 Hierarchy in ECCC standard – Trainings Central Training Centre I ECCC Trainers II

16 Hierarchy in ECCC standard – Exams ECCC foundation I Examination Centers II ECCC examiners III

17 Details on:

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