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Company Background Service Territory Map Number of Customers = 966,493

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0 AGA Distribution Best Practices Program Technical Training and OQ Potential Roundtable Executive Presentation Piedmont Natural Gas Pat Ward Business Architect

1 Company Background Service Territory Map Number of Customers = 966,493
Miles of Main = 21,817 Number of Services = 1,084,812 Number of Employees = 1875

2 Training and OQ Challenges
Maintenance of Training and OQ Records Scheduling of Classes and Qualification Events Status Reporting Communications

3 Training and OQ Unique Processes
Established class schedules and transitioned from central assignment to self enrollment Simplify report access through use of Sharepoint and posted to our intranet Revised reports to be more specific around each topic (classes needed, OQ expiration, etc) and ed status report to Management team biweekly Participate in Operation Manager’s meetings to provide status and answer questions Partnered with LMS provider to incorporate standard LMS features and unique OQ requirements (implementation in process)

4 Highlights that would be included in Roundtable Presentation
Self enrollment reduced schedule changes and supported accountability Specialized reporting reduces effort required to get the answer needed for Operation’s management and employees Participation in Operation Management’s meetings allows for feedback and common understanding Contracted technology platform will provide single solution site for all training and OQ data. This will support other Operation’s initiatives including Workforce Management and standardization

5 Conclusion With the increase in compliance requirements resulting from programs like DIMP and TIMP, the need to use technology to schedule, track and report training and OQ tasks will continue to rise. The need to have a well trained and qualified workforce is critical to succeed in today’s competitive energy marketplace. Emphasis on process improvement and automation are key components to ensure our continued success.

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