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HSGW requested UE Detach for SIPTO HUAWEI Jixing Liu: Notice The contributors grants a free, irrevocable.

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1 HSGW requested UE Detach for SIPTO HUAWEI Jixing Liu: Notice The contributors grants a free, irrevocable license to 3GPP2 and its Organizational Partners to incorporate text or other copyrightable material contained in the contribution and any modifications thereof in the creation of 3GPP2 publications; to copyright and sell in Organizational Partner’s name any Organizational Partner’s standards publication even though it may include all or portions of this contribution; and at the Organizational Partner’s sole discretion to permit others to reproduce in whole or in part such contribution or the resulting Organizational Partner’s standards publication. The contributors are also willing to grant licenses under such contributor copyrights to third parties on reasonable, non-discriminatory terms and conditions for purpose of practicing an Organizational Partner’s standard which incorporates this contribution. This document has been prepared by the contributors to assist the development of specifications by 3GPP2. It is proposed to the Committee as a basis for discussion and is not to be construed as a binding proposal on the contributors. The contributors specifically reserves the right to amend or modify the material contained herein and nothing herein shall be construed as conferring or offering licenses or rights with respect to any intellectual property of the contributors other than provided in the copyright statement above. China Telecom Biao Long: Alcatel Lucent Mike Dolan: 23 May 2011 ZTE Rajesh Bhalla:

2 slide 2 Introduction The SIPTO function enables an operator to offload certain types of traffic at a network node close to that UE's point of attachment to the access network. (TS 23.401) HSGW can obtain subscription data in the HSS via Sta/Pi* if offload is allowed or prohibited. The HSGW may determines that GW relocation is desirable for all PDN connection(s). If GW relocation are initiated while the UE has active applications, it may cause disruption of services that are affected if the IP address changes.

3 slide 3 HSGW Initiated UE Detach In this cases HSGW detaches UE using the "reconnection requested" indication, and the UE should then re-establish those PDN connection(s) for the APN(s).

4 slide 4 3GPP2 Vendor Specific Extension for LCP Terminate-Request packet 123 01234567890123456789012345678901 CodeIdentifierLength Data… CodeAs defined in RFC 1661 IdentifierAs defined in RFC 1661. LengthAs defined in RFC 1661. DataZero or more information elements 01234567 LS B Information Element Identifier Information Element Length Information Element Value [0.... Information Element Length] Information Element Identifier Description 00000001Reconnect Indication. Following values are defined 1 Reconnect not allowed 2Reconnect requested OthersReserved OthersReserved

5 slide 5 3GPP2 vendor specific Version/Capability packet Extension BitMS CapabilityDescription C8 Reconnect Indication Set to 1 if MS supports Reconnect Indication C9 to C23 Reserved List of MS Capabilities BitPDSN Capability Description C10 Reconnect Indication Set to 1 if PDSN supports Reconnect Indication C11 to C23 Reserved List of PDSN Capabilities

6 slide 6 Recommendation Discuss and Adopt for X.P0057 -B

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