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Business Meeting 2001 Agenda

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1 Business Meeting 2001 Agenda
Welcome Election COTG Overview SDTG 2001 Program SDTG Status Membership Finances Products/ Services Newsletter Website Listserve By-Laws How to get involved… Comments/ Discussion Welcome- thanks for coming, please sign attendance sheet. Introduction of officers. Election- thanks to all the members for their interest and willingness to vote. We had the best response in quite some time at 47 votes. Dennis White will serve as the next Technical Program Chair Elect. COTG Overview- to be provided by whoever attends the COTG meeting

2 SDTG 2001 Program Tuesday, 10:30 am-12:00 pm
Auditory and Visual Cues in Information Presentation Wednesday, 8:30 am-10:00 am Complementary Methods of Modeling Team Performance Thursday, 10:30 am-12:00 pm Cognition and Human Performance Friday, 10:30 am-12:00 pm Systems Design Potpourri

3 SDTG Status Membership Finances 2000 End of Year Number: 237
2001 Mid Year Number: 229 Add membership info when received. Mention that currently we are losing money. Considering ways to eliminate this cost overrun by reducing newsletter expenses.

4 Newsletter - Paper edition issues
Costs are high (color printing, postage, etc.), forecasting potential overrun (2001 income $1060, expenses $1600) Possible solution to handle costs: Reduce the # of paper editions by producing 2 editions which will be "special editions” Special editions - the election newsletter (paper is required for the ballot) and one other “special” time of year Holidays (December) First one of the new year (January/February) Post HFES Annual Meeting (October) have 1 or 2 additional electronic newsletters Newsletter has been a great way for us to improve our visibility, but we need to consider ways to reduce cost. Proposals: reducing the amount of color on the newsletter, reducing the size of the newsletter (by not having brief articles in the newsletter), reducing the # of paper newsletters, not publishing paper newsletters (only electronic ones). Can provide paper copies of electronic versions for some people if it is an absolute must, but if this number is too high we will not accomplish our cost reduction objective. If this newsletter plan is acceptable to the membership at the SDTG meeting ask them what they would think about the various options noted for the time of year for the other paper newsletter.

5 Newsletter - Accomplishments
Members’ corner G. Campbell and D. Meister’s articles accepted for the COTG newsletter Good publicity for the TG, positively viewed by HFES The SDTG Newsletter Editor requires additional articles from the membership at any time (we will try to put it into the following newsletter)

6 Website Now linked from HFES site Need inputs Need feedback
Possible Members’ Area Need feedback Keeping contact information current Thanks to Teresa, website is really coming along. Secretary-Treasurer will direct the content and the Website will direct formatting and posting. May talk about regulations for what can go on the website

7 Listserve Problems sending messages? Problems receiving messages?
Directions to join on the website Please do not use auto-reply Suggestions for improving usefulness? Sending Message comment I had trouble one time for the election ballot newsletter. It seemed that the server got jammed with an old message and prevented me from mailing out the election ballot on the day that I actually ed it out. The host did not even know about this because he could not see the message.This was over a weekend so the delay in getting the message out was extreme (3 days). If members notice that their has not been sent within a couple of hours, please contact one of the officers. The officers will then coordinate with Bob Beaton who is looking after our server.

8 By-Laws Inputs have been incorporated
Should be available for viewing on the website Voting will begin in a few weeks- details still be worked out After voting, the final version will be submitted to HFES

9 How to get involved… Renew TG dues Encourage others to join
Submit articles to the newsletter Provide website comments to the webmaster Review and vote on the By-Laws Consider running for office next year

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