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WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 1 WS-RF Technical Committee May 2005 Face-to-face Agenda.

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1 WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 1 WS-RF Technical Committee May 2005 Face-to-face Agenda

2 WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 2 Agenda – Monday 16 th 13:00 - Opening remarks, welcome (Chairs) – Roll call –Approve last telecon minutes –Review Action items from last telecon –Call for AOB for this F2F 13:30 – 14:30 Validate closure of following issues from updated documents (Doc editors) –Docs: WS-Resource, WS-ResourceProperties, WS-ResourceLifetime, WS-BaseFaults, WS- ServiceGroup, AppNotes –(Doc editors to upload new drafts before start of meeting) 14:30 – 15:30 Issue review (Chairs) –Remaining issues affecting WS-Resource, WSRF-RP, WSRF-RL, WSRF-BF, AppNotes. –Find new editor(s) for AppNotes. –Objective – clear way for editors to produce committee draft and public review draft. 15:30 – 16:30 (Ian) –Roadmap to OASIS Standard –Committee draft  Public review  Committee specification  OASIS standard –Outline dates for all TC outputs 16:30 – 18:00 Primer Review (Tim) –Tim to lead review of Primer (to be distributed prior to F2F). 18:00 – Close

3 WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 3 Action items (Bryan) Move issue WSRF109 to open (Editors) Further call for comments on AppNotes additions document –Further to comments already recv’d (IanR/TomM) Organise a call on RMD advertise via the TC web site. (Bryan) move issues WSRF103, WSRF106, WSRF104 to resolved (Bryan) move issues WSRF105 to open.

4 WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 4 Agenda – Monday 16 th (detail) 13:30 – 14:30 Validate closure of following issues from updated documents –WSRF89: Document-literal serialization –WSRF91: Resource Access Pattern reaction to the removal of ReferenceProperties –WSRF92: Update examples to be compliant with the recent version of WS-Addressing –WSRF99: Examples in the specs use the SOAP 1.2 namespace –WSRF101: Use of non-normative references –WSRF97 QueryResourceProperties WSDL portType does not reference the property it requires as specified in XML schema –WSRF98: Cardinality of SetResourceProperty content –WSRF102: InvalidDeleteResourcePropertiesRequestContent needed –WSRF63: Which lifetime attributes (ala OGSI) should be specified for resource properties –WSRF100: Confusion about requirement of using WS-BaseFaults for all faults from WS- Resources –WSRF106: Not clear how to map faults for SOAP 1.1 and SOAP –WSRF22: QNames as attribute values or text nodes is problematic with signatures/encryption and intermediaries –WSRF103: Multiple Service Port elements legitimate? Need to confirm wsa:Action in WSDL –WSRF44: No obvious mechanism to include only members which extend a certain interface –WSRF58: ServiceGroup WSDL does not need imports for WSRF-RL WSDL/schema –WSRF59: Inconsistencies in ServiceGroups –WSRF65: Need a mechanism to aggregate an operation across several resources in a ServiceGroup –WSRF69: Content should be declared with minOccurs="0" –WSRF87: InitialTerminationTime in Add method needs to have stronger guarantee –WSRF104: Content Rule Applies in Two Ways

5 WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 5 Agenda – Monday 16 th (detail) 14:30 – 15:30 Issue review (Chairs) –WSRF107: Consider whether the WS- MessageDelivery embodiment is still needed –WSRF109: Clarify authoritative precedence earlier (Terminology) –WSRF110: BaseFaults does not allow open content –WSRF111: Missing fault message for unexpected faults –Any new issues

6 WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 6 Standards Approval Process Working draft –any version of a specification or other document produced by the TC which has not yet received any level of approval from the TC. –we used to call these editor drafts. Committee draft –an interim document approved by a TC full majority vote of the TC required –no notification to OASIS required –we used to call these working drafts Public Review Draft –a Committee Draft that has been approved by the TC to go to public review full majority vote of the TC required –TC Administrator announces on the OASIS members email list –TC Administrator issues a Call For IPR Disclosure. –Public comments addressed to public wsrf-comment list –If changes are required the specification must be withdrawn from review then resubmitted. The TC may conduct any number of review cycles (i.e. approval to send a Committee Draft to Public Review, collecting comments, making edits to the specification, etc.). –1 st public review of a specification must take place for a minimum of 60 days; any subsequent reviews must be held for a minimum of 15 days. Committee specification –a Public Review Draft that has completed public review and achieved final approval by a Technical Committee –The TC Administrator conducts a ballot to approve the Committee Specification. OASIS standard –a Committee Specification that has been submitted by a Technical Committee and reviewed and approved by OASIS membership

7 WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 7 Agenda – Tuesday 17 th 8:30 – 12:00 ServiceGroup spec (Tom M/Dave S) –Remaining issues affecting WS-ServiceGroup: WSRF105: ServiceGroupEntry as a WS-Resource is too Heavyweight. –Working session to close down ServiceGroup spec (section by section) to produce committee draft and possibly public review draft. Noon - Lunch (45 mins) 12:45 – 15:00 ResourceMetadata spec (Tom M, William V) –Report back on the progress and outcome of the RMD telecon. –Working session to close down RMD spec (section by section) to produce committee draft and possibly public review draft. 15:00 – 15:30 Roadmap for remaining TC outputs (Ian) –Outline dates to OASIS standard for ResourceMetadata, Primer, AppNotes 15:30 – 18:00 Break-out sessions –Editors to produce committee draft specifications for: WS-Resource, ResourceProperties, ResourceLifetime, ServiceGroup, BaseFaults, ResourceMetadata, AppNotes, Primer –Editors to prepare public review drafts for: WS-Resource, ResourceProperties, ResourceLifetime, BaseFaults and (if possible) ServiceGroup. –Refresh Requirements document 18:00 – Close

8 WS-RF TCMay 2005 F2F 8 Agenda – Wednesday 18 th 9:00 – 10:00 Conclude editorial work 10:00 – 10:30 Approval ballots (Chairs) –committee drafts and public review drafts 10:30 – 11:00 Follow-on planning (Chairs) –Location for next F2F 12 Sep 19 Sep 11:00 – 12:00 AOB 12:00 Close

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