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Report on Youth Exchange Activity Thomas Woods, Youth Exchange Senior Coordinator, RI Programs.

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1 Report on Youth Exchange Activity Thomas Woods, Youth Exchange Senior Coordinator, RI Programs

2 New Generations Service

3 Program Activity

4 Required Reporting Inbound student data All types of exchanges Any convenient format: scans of Guarantee Forms, spreadsheets, etc. Any serious student incident Includes early returns Annual renewal or recertification application Due by 1 June

5 Student Travel Insurance Door-to-door coverage 24 hour emergency assistance Minimum levels for critical areas, including medical/dental, medical evacuation, legal liability and others Where local laws require purchase in the host country, such insurance will meet and benefits stated in the Code Dual insurance should be avoided unless agreed upon by all parties

6 New Generations Service Exchange Will be under the oversight of the district New Generations Service committees Open to young adults ages 21-30 (no individual under 21) The exchange must include a strong humanitarian or vocational service component, e.g. service project, internship, or vocational training Flexible. For individuals or groups Last up to six months Funded locally. No funding mechanism through RI or TRF

7 District Certification 88% districts certified in 106 countries! Annual renewal process Recertification approx. every 6 years Program evaluations Outbound-only certification Certified to send outbound-only: 3020, 3280, 9110, 9200 (not Eritrea), and 9220 (Reunion and Mayotte are fully certified)

8 Resources & Support YEO Directory Youth Exchange Workgroup E-newsletter (English-only) Webinars Publications

9 Youth Exchange Workgroup

10 2013 YEO Preconvention 31 March early registration deadline!

11 Council on Legislation

12 Official law-making body of Rotary Occurs every three years in accordance with the RI Bylaws (meets on 21-26 April 2013) Council is comprised of one representative from each of the 532 Rotary districts

13 How is legislation proposed? The following entities may submit legislation: Clubs (endorsed by the district via ballot-by-mail, or vote at district conference) District (via vote at the district conference, or ballot-by-mail) The RI Board The Council on Legislation Enactments Proposed change to RI’s constitutional documents (e.g. RI Constitution, RI Bylaws, and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution) Resolutions Seek action by the Council that does not amend the constitutional documents, e.g. a proposal to the RI Board for its consideration

14 Proposed Legislation for 2013 Council Proposed legislation for the 2013 Council: Support or opposition of proposed legislation Contact your district’s Council on Legislation representative Statement of support and opposition Submitted by club and endorsed by club president Limit statement to one side of standard business stationary Must by received by GS no later than 21 February 2013

15 Council on Legislation More information: Contact information: The General Secretary c/o Council Services Section Rotary International 1560 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL 60201 USA Fax: +1 847-556-2123 Email:

16 Thank you! Rotary International (PD110) 1560 Sherman Avenue Evanston, IL 60201 USA +1 (847) 866-3421

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