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Council on Legislation

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1 Council on Legislation

2 What is Council on Legislation?
Legislative body (Parliament) of Rotary International Has authority to amend RI Constitutional documents Council’s authority is grounded in RI Constitution Article 10, and RI Bylaws Articles 7 and 8

3 What happens at Council on Legislation?
Meets every 3 years Debates and votes on legislation Able to amend RI Constitution and adopt resolutions Every Club and District may propose legislation Council has authority to adopt its own rules of procedure

4 Who are the Council members?
Voting members: One elected Rotarian from each Rotary District Must have served a full term as an RI Officer (Past District Governor) Must be a member of a Rotary Club in that District

5 Any non-voting members?
The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and a Parliamentarian (appointed by the RI President) RI Constitution and Bylaws Committee As many as 3 Members-at-large (appointed by the RI President) RI General Secretary

6 What types of legislation?
Enactments: Enactments seek to change RI’s Constitutional documents: RI Constitution RI Bylaws Standard Rotary Club Constitution Resolutions: Do not seek to change RI’s Constitutional documents

7 Any other options? Memorial
Instead of proposing a resolution to the Council a Club or District may submit a Memorial. A Memorial is a petition to the RI Board for action on a specific matter

8 Legislation Format? Enactments & Resolution
▪ There is a set format for the presentation of both Enactments & Resolutions on pages 142 to 153 of the 2013 Manual of Procedure respectively A purpose and effect statement not exceeding 300 word is required following the 2010 COL

9 What happens to the proposed legislation?
RI Staff check Constitution and Bylaws Committee review Purpose and Effect Statements and Financial Impact Statements Any further redrafting is undertaken Final determinations are done

10 What other actions are required?
The Committee may recommend a compromise legislation to Districts or Clubs Some legislation will be sent back to the Districts or Clubs for further drafting

11 Prepared proposals 1. Duly proposed
Final report to the RI Board - legislation is: 1. Duly proposed 2. Defective – cannot go forward unless corrected by proposing club 3. Not within framework of Rotary – does not go forward

12 Time-line? September 26, 2014: Proposed legislation to be with PDG Ken Hall October 30, 2014: D9650 proposed legislation circulated to all our clubs for ballot by mail or Club Muster November 28, 2014: Ballot by mail closed 31st December, 2014: Legislation MUST be at RI Headquarters

13 Then? When all proposed legislation is confirmed it will be circulated to clubs for discussion, and then for direction to delegate PDG Ken Hall regarding voting preferences.

14 After the event? When the Council on Legislation is completed a summary of outcomes will be circulated to all clubs. *Action on any piece of legislation is suspended if 5% of clubs oppose it.

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