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Alvin Independent School District Gifted and Talented Program and Advanced Academics.

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1 Alvin Independent School District Gifted and Talented Program and Advanced Academics

2 STATE GOAL FOR SERVICES FOR GIFTED STUDENTS Students who participate in services designed for gifted students will demonstrate skills in: n Self-directed learning n Thinking n Research n Communication

3 As evidenced by…. n the development of innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity Products and performances are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment.

4 The Alvin ISD Gifted and Talented Program… n offers academic services to bright and high achieving students who have indicated a need for an adequately modified differentiated curriculum. –GT pullout program –Cluster classes –Advanced Placement Classes

5 Screening Process n Kindergarten: –All students are screened for testing by January. District screening tool Observations made by specialist and teacher looking for originality, fluency, flexibility, and elaboration in student thought process. –Testing for those that qualify is completed by February and services begin by March.

6 Screening Process cont’d. n All other elementary grade levels: –Screening is initiated in both fall and spring –Fall referral by Sept. 15th –Spring referral by April 15th –A child cannot be tested more than once per school year. –First graders who were tested in kindergarten and are nominated again will be on the spring testing rotation.

7 Screening Process cont’d. n Secondary Testing –Junior High and High School as requested –MAP: Spring Testing

8 Identification of Students Referrals can be made by… n teachers n peers n administrators n parents n counselors n community members n even the students themselves

9 Data Collection n Completed referral form from person making nomination n Quantitative measures – Standardized test scores n Qualitative measures –Student portfolio –Teacher observation survey

10 Quantitative Measures n An ability test is given in three areas: –Verbal –Quantitative –Non-verbal n Data collected from multiple sources are included in the assessment process to qualify for further testing. n Further testing includes an individual IQ test.

11 GT Student Assessment Committee n The committee consists of: –GT Specialist –Administrator –Counselor –Teacher n Parent notification of decision.

12 Where do elementary GT students receive services in AISD? n Every elementary campus has a GT specialist that services the students. n Cluster classroom differentiation n Competitions that vary on each campus n Dual Language Program at Melba Passmore and Savannah Lakes n Options for extra curricular activities vary by campus

13 Secondary? n Advanced Academics Specialist on each campus n Advanced Placement Classes n Dual Credit n Online Courses n MAP

14 Texas Performance Standards Projects TPSP n Student projects which are TEKS-based and focus on the core content areas with interdisciplinary connections. n The goal of the TPSP is for students to create work that reflects the professional quality that the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students requires.

15 Elementary GT Specialists n Alvin Primary and Elementary –Kimberly Duncan n Don Jeter Elementary –Susan Felder n EC Mason Elementary –Elaine Guikema n Glenn York Elementary –David Bean n Hood-Case Elementary –Holly Hall n Longfellow Elementary –Trish Schlegel

16 Continued n Mary Marek –Michelle Pedalino n Mark Twain –Kimberly Robertson n Passmore Elementary –Patty Hammer n Savannah Lakes Elementary –Ana Passarella n Stevenson Primary and Walt Disney Elementary –Kim Durkin n Wilder Elementary –Pat Cheney

17 GT Professional Development n All district GT cluster teachers requirements –30 hours GT awareness –6 hour annual GT update

18 Family and Community n PAGT n Evaluation –District survey

19 Alvin Independent School District Gifted and Talented Program and Advanced Academics

20 Junior High n Advanced Academics Specialist on each campus n Advanced Placement Classes (pre-AP) n TPSP Projects n MAP n Other opportunities: –Academic UIL: Saturday, December 1 st –Junk Box Wars: Saturday, November 3 rd –Duke TIP: qualify in 7 th grade

21 Magnet Academic Program (MAP) n The program offers an accelerated curriculum that will include the level of rigor needed for our students to be successful in advanced secondary course work. n Program courses are for math and science. n Housed at Nolan Ryan Junior High and Harby Junior High. Math 6 MAP Algebra 1 Pre-AP Geometry 1 Pre-AP

22 Qualifications for Entrance into MAP n All 5 th grade students are administered a battery of mathematic assessments in the spring. n Students meeting the exam requirements will be placed on a matrix that will be tallied with information garnered from the tests as well as teacher recommendations. n Those students qualifying to participate in MAP will be notified and a meeting will be held before the completion of school.

23 Secondary Advanced Academics Specialists n Alvin Junior High –Stacey Hughes n Fairview Junior High –Carrie Buckelew n Harby Junior High & Nolan Ryan Junior High (MAP) –Britney Campbell n Manvel Junior High at Rodeo Palms –Tracie Lee n Alvin High School –Jamie Sawka n Manvel High School –Virginia Lively

24 AP Courses Offered by Our District: AP English Language & CompositionAP English Literature AP US History AP US Government AP Macro Economics AP Psychology AP Human GeographyAP World History AP ChemistryAP Physics AP Environmental ScienceAP Biology AP CalculusAP Statistics AP FrenchAP Spanish AP Art PortfolioAP Music Theory AP Computer Science 24

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