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8(g) Block Grant Application Training. Training Purpose 1.To introduce 8(g) staff 2.To provide indicators for application questions 3.To introduce the.

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1 8(g) Block Grant Application Training

2 Training Purpose 1.To introduce 8(g) staff 2.To provide indicators for application questions 3.To introduce the online application system 4.To answer any questions about the 8(g) application process 2

3 Training Agenda 1.Introduction 2.Block grant focus areas 3.Narrative response and project objectives 4.Budget reminders 5.Online application training 6.Reflection & closing 3

4 8(g) Staff Kimberly Tripeaux, 8(g) Director David Timoll, 8(g) Manager (effective May 29) Pete Lafleur, Accountant Administrator Debra Butler, Auditor Abigail Petit, Office Manager Soren Lagaard, Data and Media (until June 29) 225-342-5840 4

5 Louisiana Department of Education Webpage 5

6 BESE Webpage 6

7 8(g) Webpage 7

8 2012-2013 Focus Areas Focus AreaEligibility Prekindergarten programs for at-risk four- year-olds Public systems only Proven instructional strategies for English, math, science, social studies, and/or technology (Grades K- 12) All approved schools 8

9 Narrative Questions – Instructional Strategy Application 1.What is the purpose of this project? Reason for implementation Benefits to the targeted population 9

10 Narrative Questions – Instructional Strategy Application 2.Describe the criteria or process used to determine the students who will be served through this project. What data justifies their selection? How was this population selected? Data that supports your targeted group. 10

11 Narrative Questions – Instructional Strategy Application 3.Summarize the goals of the project, including how the project will improve academic achievement. (You will be asked to give specific measurable objectives in a later section) What will the project accomplish? 11

12 Narrative Questions – Instructional Strategy Application 4.What proven instructional strategies will be used to implement this project? List examples of strategies with brief explanation 12

13 Narrative Questions – Instructional Strategy Application 5.How will these strategies be utilized to achieve the project goals? Describe project design and its key components and activities. Frequency of student involvement 13

14 Project Objectives 14 SMART ObjectivesDescription S = SpecificClearly state who is targeted, what is expected to improve, how much improvement is expected, and when the improvement will occur. M = MeasurableBe measurable and described in a clear, organized manner. A = Ambitious yet Attainable Be both rigorous and realistic for the target population. R = RelevantBe related to the identified program purpose and have related activities that support these goals. T = Time-boundAccomplishable within the fiscal year. Objectives should be S.M.A.R.T.:

15 Project Objectives 2.What assessment tools are you using to determine student success? name/list instruments used to determine student success or areas of improvement for each objective. 15

16 Project Evaluation 4.How will you analyze the data to determine project success or areas of improvement for each objective? Describe how the data will be collected and analyzed to obtain results. 16

17 Prekindergarten Narrative Application requirements/checklist (handout) Upload documents in the order of the checklist Label the sections and identify the agency 17

18 Budget Notes 8(g) grant is a reimbursable grant. Provide a narrative of expenditures for each budget code Nonpublic Pervasively Sectarian (PS) agencies may only purchase items in the two budget categories – 640 (Textbooks or Allowable Textbook Substitutes) or 700 (Equipment) costing $250 or more. Place agency’s tagging policy on Code 700 page 18

19 The Application Process Approved Revise Review Apply Block grants apply online. Application is reviewed by 8(g) staff. If revisions are required, application is returned with recommended revisions. Applicants resubmit application with revisions. Applicants notified by email that application is approved. 19

20 Evaluation Second Level Review Initial Review Application Submitted Initial ReviewSecond Level Review 20 Review Stage Returned if revisions

21 Accessing Application Site 21 Open your internet browser and go to:

22 Sign Up: Click button Click the “Sign Up” Button: 22

23 Sign Up: Add name and email address Type your full name and email Create a password you’ll remember Select “Block – 2012-2013 Application” category Click register when done Write down your password somewhere! 23

24 Sign Up: Confirmation Should see this after clicking “Register”: Access your email account you used to register. 24

25 Sign Up: Email Confirmation Hi, You tried to register an account at BESE 8(g) Grant Application System. Please click on the link below to confirm that you tried to register an account with the following details: Please click on the following link to confirm: egister/confirm/d5b50ddbbb172b34cfb4c584a9792a4af 391a2ff/?next=%2F egister/confirm/d5b50ddbbb172b34cfb4c584a9792a4af 391a2ff/?next=%2F Click the link! You will not need to do this again, you’re already registered! 25

26 Entering Program/Project Name Enter the name of your agency and select the “Block – 2012-2013 Application” category. 26

27 The Home Screen First screen you seen after sign in 27

28 Home Screen: Right-side Task Bar Download Application: Allows you to download your application as a PDF. Add Member: Allows another person to “join” your application for editing, review, or submission Withdraw Application: Deletes your application 28

29 Home Screen: Application Components Block Grant Application: Main grant application Scanned Certificate of Agency Head Upload: Uploaded PDF requiring agency head signature. Project Timeline: Excel form chronicling major project activities 29 Submit Grant Application: Final button you press to submit your application

30 Block Grant Application Main component of the application Has following seven parts: 1.Initial Information 2.Project Information 3.Proposal Narrative (Instructional Strategies Only) 4.Application Checklist (PreK only) 5.Assessment and Objectives 6.Budget Narrative 7.Budget Summary Can save and return to application at any time By “adding members” multiple users can edit or view the application depending on the permissions that you set. 30

31 Notification of Returned Application If BESE staff has revisions for your item, it will be returned to you in ReviewRoom and you will be notified via email where there will be feedback in the body of the email: 31

32 Editing your application On the home screen, click on “Edit” to make any changes to your application after seeing feedback Then click “Submit Grant Application” 32

33 Reflection and Closing How can we support you? Deadlines – Application must be submitted by COB Monday, August 6, 2012. Additional questions or clarifications 33

34 Contact – Contains materials from this training and forms to upload on the application (May 18, 2012) Kimberly Tripeaux, 8(g) Director – – (225) 342-5840 34

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