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CFATS – Tips for Communicating with DHS

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1 CFATS – Tips for Communicating with DHS
Jennifer Gibson – NACD, Vice President Government Affairs RJ Hope, CPP, ABCP – Burns & McDonnell, Senior Physical Security Analyst Matt Fridley – G.S. Robins, Manager, Environmental, QC, Health, Safety and Security

2 Communicating with Inspectors
Topics to Remember During the Inspection Purpose of the CFATS Program Purpose of the Inspection Explaining Security Speaking Security-EASE

3 Purpose of CFATS Protect COI Mitigation of Risk Threat Deterrent
Barriers to Entry/Access Mitigation of Risk Threat Deterrent

4 Purpose of Inspection Confirmation of SSP Understand Measures in Place
Determine reasons for using or not using certain measures

5 Explaining Security Speak in terms of: THREAT RISK Vulnerability
Terrorism RISK Theft of COI Vulnerability I.E., Damage to fence

6 Explaining Security 1st Goal Deterring the Threat
2nd Goal Detection of the Threat 3rd Goal Delay the Threat 4th Goal Respond to the Threat

7 Explaining Security Deterring the Threat Detection of the Threat
Signage, maintained facilities, lighting Detection of the Threat Employees, alarms, cameras Delay the Threat Doors, gates, obscure storage locations Respond to the Threat Managers, security companies, law enforcement

8 Explaining Security Gage of Success The time required for the adversary to be successful is greater than the response time of law enforcement.

9 Example Situation: How to define measures: Man portable COI
In alarmed warehouse Located in elevated racks How to define measures:

10 7 to 10 Minutes Time From Alarm Activate To Threat Success:
Threat Breeches Fence Enters Property – 3 Min Threat Breeches Door to Facility – 3 Min Threat Identifies COI to be Taken – 1 Min Threat Identifies Tools to be Used – 2 Min Threat Masses Items for Transport – 2 Min Threat Exits Facility, Loads COI, and Exits Scene – 2 Min Time From Alarm Activate To Threat Success: 7 to 10 Minutes

11 6 to 8 Minutes Time From Alarm Activate To Law Enforcement Arrival:
Alarm is Activated at Door Breech Alarm Co. Contacts Facility Rep – 1 Min Facility Rep Requests Law Enforcement – 1 Min Law Enforcement Contacted – 1 Min Average Law Enforcement Response Time – 3 Min Time From Alarm Activate To Law Enforcement Arrival: 6 to 8 Minutes

12 Time From Alarm Activate To Threat Success:
7 to 10 Minutes Time From Alarm Activate To Law Enforcement Arrival: 6 to 8 Minutes

13 Conclusions Anticipate questions regarding how a particular measure is preventative Knowing how to articulate measures Knowing how to explain the benefits of each measure Be ready to explain why certain measures are NOT used

14 Operation “Network” Building relationships with various groups NACD
PSA (Protective Security Advisors) DHS Inspectors/ Regional Commanders FBI- WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Reports Homeland Security Information Network for Critical Sectors (HSIN-CS)

15 NACD Chemical Sector Summit
NACD sponsored events consistently has High level DHS member presentations. (OPSEM) Dennis Deziel, Acting Director of the Infrastructure Security Compliance Division Steven Bellow, Acting Strategic Operations Unit Chief, DHS Shawn Perceful, Chemical Compliance Inspector NACD News Briefs give you latest info on CFATS regulations NACD members are a great resource Information Sharing Lessons Learned

16 Networking Groups PSA- Protective Security Advisors
PSA Program focuses on three core areas Infrastructure Protection Incident Management Information Sharing

17 Networking Groups

18 DHS Inspectors and Enforcement
Make contacts with your local DHS Inspectors/Regional Commanders Chemical Sector Specific Agency (SSA) Voluntary Security Programs Chemical Sector Explosive Threat Awareness Training Web Based Chemical Security Awareness Training Publications Who’s Who in the DHS Chemical Sector Security Sector Specific Plan Security Awareness Guide Attend LEPC Meetings Attend local DHS Sponsored event Request a Compliance Visit Request a CFATS Presentation Ask them to participate in Emergency Response Exercises

19 FBI - WMD FBI- Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMD Coordinator in all of the FB’s 56 Field Offices WMD Initiatives (Outreach and Education) Threat Awareness Prevention and Protection Surveillance and Detection Response and Recovery WMD Coordinator can help with: State Fusion Centers- (72 Fusion Centers across 6 Regions) INFRGUARD Joint Terrorism Task Force

20 Presenter Contact Information Contact Information: Robert “RJ” Hope, CPP, ABCP – Senior Physical Security Analyst Burns & McDonnell Engineering Matt Fridley – Manager – Environmental, QC, Health, Safety and Training G.S. Robins and Company

21 Questions

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