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My-Personal-CFO Fiscal Management Solution Exclusively for HNI From relaxwithtax™ June 2012.

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1 My-Personal-CFO Fiscal Management Solution Exclusively for HNI From relaxwithtax™ June 2012

2 Private & Confidential2 RwT - History  Founded & managed by seasoned Chartered Accountants.  relaxwithtax™ is India’s first registered personal tax brand – since 2004.  Consistent contributor of Personal Tax–related content to various leading print publications & web portals.  Cultivated an array of products to fulfill end-to-end client needs in the areas of Personal Tax (including Transactions, Advisory, Compliance & Accounting).  Clients include HNI, NRI & Salaried individuals.

3 Private & Confidential3 HNI – Typical Characteristics A HNI i.e. High Networth Individual could be: A Salaried individual; or A Self-employed person; or A Professional in practice. Substantial income levels. High demand on time by professional commitments. Low quantum of time for fiscal life management. Fiscal life – complex; needs high degree of planning & organisation for effective management. Failure to manage fiscal life could cause erosion in networth & pose serious risks arising out of non-compliance.

4 Private & Confidential4 My-Personal-CFO - About My-Personal-CFO is a solution designed exclusively for you as a HNI profile. This product has been designed to help you as a HNI to:  Assess your net-worth.  Track the movement of your finances.  Manage your financial records in an orderly & easy-to- retrieve manner.  Assume control over your fiscal life.

5 Private & Confidential5 My-Personal-CFO - Credo To enable you as a HNI to single-mindedly focus your energies on ascending greater peaks of professional accomplishments & enhancement of your wealth. To help you manage your fiscal life efficiently by overcoming the hurdles of paucity of time / lack of expertise. To accord you the luxury of managing your fiscal affairs on a remote control basis without the need for continuous, hands-on involvement.

6 Private & Confidential6 My-Personal-CFO - Features KNOWLEDGE – created / managed by experienced Finance & Tax professionals. COMPREHENSIVE – spans the practical as well as compliance aspects of a client’s needs. QUALITY – well-defined operational processes to ensure accuracy in processing & timeliness in delivery. PERSONALISED – responsiveness, customisation, confidentiality. CONVENIENCE – smooth, hassle-free data collation & reporting processes.

7 Private & Confidential7 My-Personal-CFO - Reports 1.Revenue Statements – Including Income & Expenditure A/c & Balance sheet / Net-worth Statement. 2.Cash Flow Statement – Describing detailed head-wise break-down of flow of money – receipts & payments. 3.Asset & Liability Tracker – To understand & track the movements in asset & liabilities. 4.Payment Reminders – To efficiently manage statutory payouts. 5.Compliance Report – To report on status of compliance management.

8 Private & Confidential8 My-Personal-CFO – Elements Product FeaturesBe-My-CFO (Basic) Be-My-CFO (Premier) Bank Statement Analysis √√ Statutory Payment Reminders √√ Income Tax Return Preparation & Filing √√ Support in Correspondences with Income Tax Department (ITD) × * √ Balance Sheet & Cash Flow statement for the Financial Year × * √ Asset & Liability Tracker × * √ Compliance Report on your statutory compliance health × * √ Representation with ITD for any tax scrutiny × * Starts @Rs. 3,400 p.a.Rs. 12,000 p.a. * These services are available on paid basis

9 Private & Confidential9 Client Testimonials “Ignorant, clueless & helpless? An apt description of my tax life before I was introduced to RwT five years ago. My life has got transformed magically ever since. My tax awareness has increased, my tax life is better organised & I have developed reasonable tax confidence. I have always been one for tax compliance but now with RwT's support, the quality of my tax actions have only further enhanced. Knowledge, timeliness & completeness are the hallmarks of RwT's service. Thanks, RwT. Am confident that it will help many more like me across the globe to become comfortable with personal taxation." G KRISHNAKUMAR (40), Salaried HNI "Despite being a CA by training, I have chosen to leave management of my personal tax & finance matters to the experts at RwT. B'cos I have found them to be reliable service providers - knowledgeable, committed, who understand my needs & are available when required. This way I can keep doing what I know best without having to worry about tax & its inscrutable ways. With RelaxwithTax around, indeed in matters of tax, I have learnt to relax. My best wishes for your continued success." MATHEN MATHEW (43), Self-employed HNI

10 Private & Confidential10 Thank You. We hope to have the privilege of serving you. To Reach Us Contact: Ms. Jaya Gopalkrishnan Tel: +91 22 6194 3400 Email:

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