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Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania: “A Town With Character”

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2 Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania: “A Town With Character”

3 Introduction Small tight-knit neighborhood community near Pittsburgh, PA. Boasts excellence in schools, healthcare, and municipal government. “Mt. Lebanon has acquired the sophistication of a city but also has retained the character and neighborliness of a small town” (New Resident Packet, 2007, p. 4).

4 General Geographic Location: Pittsburgh Mt. Lebanon is located only a few miles southeast of the downtown center of Pittsburgh, PA which is the second largest city in Pennsylvania. Facts about Pittsburgh Pittsburgh divided into many unique areas neighborhoods Hosts countless universities and technical schools Junction of 3 rivers – Ohio, Monongahela, & Allegheny. Consistently ranked “Most Livable City”

5 Specific Geographic Location Facts about Mt. Lebanon Covers 6.5 square miles. Uncharacteristically flat terrain Bordered by a multitude of similar small towns. Its diverse range of neighboring towns foster both community outreach and a sense of ‘tight-knit’ community spirit within the Mt. Lebanon community.

6 History of General Area Area of Pittsburgh was first developed in the 1700’s around the indomitable Fort Pitt built at the juncture of the three rivers – only 6 miles from what is now Mt. Lebanon. Agriculture was initial industry of area but the 1800’s saw the birth of the Steel industry in Pittsburgh.

7 History of Mt. Lebanon First Mt. Lebanon post office opened in 1855 and instigated and solidified movement to area’s official independence. Very residential area even from creation of township. First subdivision was welcomed in 1901. Major industry of the area at that time was the steel mills of Pittsburgh. Area officially established as an independent township on February 6, 1912. It had “1,705 residents, 75 gas street lights, a school with 200 students, 7 automobiles and one fire hydrant” (Historical Society, n.d.). Two Cedar of Lebanon trees were brought to the area and the new township “derived its name from the only place those trees grow naturally, a height in the Taurus Mountains of Lebanon” (Historical Society, n.d.).

8 Community Life Very significant emphasis community and community amenities. Especially renowned for four specific aspects: Education Location Community opportunity Civic structure

9 Educational Opportunities The educational facilities of Mt. Lebanon have long been a source of pride for the community. The school building was one of the only initial buildings when Mt. Lebanon was first established. In only 6 square miles, many schools in area: - one high school - 2 middle schools - 7 elementary schools School District has been awarded, among others awards the national ‘Schools of Character Award’ and named ‘Best School System in Pennsylvania.’ Mt. Lebanon students ranked 4 th across the entire state for high SAT scores in 2006. Many extracurricular opportunities provided to students as well. - School in the Park – ‘biology’ walks in park - High School Theater Group given national ‘Outstanding School Award’ multiple years over. - Entire school district named on national list ‘Best 100 Communities for Music Education’ (School District, 2007) Adult residents of Mt. Lebanon reflect same dedication to academic achievement. According to recent statistics: - approximately 80% of residents have college degree - approximately 26% of residents have graduate degree

10 Physical Locale & Appearance Flat land in a typically hilly area allow for: - 20 public parks - 14 ball fields - 3 basketball courts -9 hole golf course -community recreation center & nature conservancy - Distinctive architectural styles. - residents have great home/landscape pride. - weekly Farmers Market - quaint Main St. walking area

11 Community Opportunity Close to Pittsburgh which offers: - Theaters - National sports teams - National universities - Thriving business district - Symphony - Ballet Many various community groups to take part in including: - Jewish Community - Center for Theater Arts - Youth Sports Alliance - Consortium on Children and Youth

12 Civic Structure Consistent effort for governmental transparency – recipient of ‘Award of Excellence in Financial Reporting’ Detailed Annual Report and Master Plan Thriving volunteer efforts in fields such as fire department, emergency response, etc… State of the art health care facilities

13 Random Mt. Lebanon Facts Residents used to feel blasts from coal mines Modern day ‘T’ follows path of old Pittsburgh steam railroad. In 1953, Mt. Lebanon High School Band played in Eisenhower inaugural parade. In 1900’s, two distilleries could be found in the area. Site of current day apartment complex was once a popular ski-slope

14 Census Statistics

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