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The Classroom-Focused Improvement Process

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1 The Classroom-Focused Improvement Process
CFIP The Classroom-Focused Improvement Process

2 CFIP Please open up the “In Class Links for CFIP Presentation” thread in the Discussion Board :-)

3 CFIP “A six-step process for increasing student achievement that is planned and carried out by teachers meeting in grade level, content, or vertical teams as a part of their regular lesson planning cycle.”

4 CFIP “What do we know from available data about current levels of student performance and how will we respond to these data?” The Maryland State Department of Education endorses CFIP as a method to help teachers focus on answering the question…. Put them in groups of 4

5 CFIP Why do researchers and practitioners advocate for the use of assessment data to guide instruction? Why do the authors describe the process of developing and implementing a system of common formative assessments as "engaging in authentic professional development?” What are the benefits and possible roadblocks for establishing PLCs (Professional Learning Communities)? Questions from readings

6 CFIP Survey Results
Please click the Survey #1 link Survey Results

7 CFIP Collaboration among grade/content team members
CFIP is intended to be used as part of the regular lesson planning cycle and encourages: Collaboration among grade/content team members Use of common formative assessments Student-specific enrichments and/or interventions Thomas & Hickey Video Introduction video from MSDE site / Keith brings up survey results

8 CFIP Identification of students’ strengths and instructional needs
Development and administration of common assessments Data analysis to identify patterns in achievement Enrichments/ interventions put in place for students who need them Identification of instructional factors that contributed to patterns identified Addition of improvements to future instruction

9 CFIP Groups will evaluate and discuss the process while looking at example / copies handed out

10 Groups will evaluate and discuss the process while looking at example / copies handed out

11 Groups will evaluate and discuss the process while looking at example / copies handed out

12 CFIP MSDE suggests 7 pre-conditions for successful implementation of CFIP. Does your school meet these pre-conditions? Talk about capacity. Ask group to think about these questions while we go over the pre-conditions. Would a struggling, urban school meet them??

13 CFIP 1. A cohesive and collaborative grade-level, departmental, or vertical team which shares common subject matter and common assessments, either developed by the state or school system or by the teachers of an individual school

14 CFIP 2. Common planning time for team members consisting, at a minimum, of one hour twice weekly, of which one hour every two weeks is devoted exclusively to the CFIP

15 CFIP 3. A principal who is a strong instructional leader and who is comfortable with the concept of shared leadership

16 CFIP 4. Norms to guide the team's process of collaborative data analysis

17 CFIP 5. Autonomy for the team to adjust teaching practices and interventions based on data from assessments of their students' learning

18 CFIP 6. Use of short-cycle, common, formative assessments by the team

19 CFIP 7. On-going professional development to enhance the team's capacity to continually adjust their teaching practice in response to student performance data

20 Please click the Survey #2 link
CFIP Please click the Survey #2 link

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