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INDONESIAN YOUTH DIPLOMACY Indonesian Youth Diplomacy is pleased to announce our call for applicants for the Indonesian delegation to the Y20 2014 from.

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2 INDONESIAN YOUTH DIPLOMACY Indonesian Youth Diplomacy is pleased to announce our call for applicants for the Indonesian delegation to the Y20 2014 from July 12th to 15th, 2014 in Sydney. As part of the Australian Government’s presidency of the G20, an official Youth 20 (Y20) Summit will be hosted in Sydney this upcoming July 2014. The Y20 Planning Group are organising this outreach engagement group. The Y20 Summit is the official platform for young people from across G20 countries to engage in policy discussions on the most pressing global, economic challenges and generate innovative solutions which will be presented to the G20 Leaders Summit for consideration in their discussions. Indonesian participation in the Y20 (formerly G20 Youth Summit) started in 2010, when five delegates represented Indonesia at the G8 & G20 Youth Summits in Vancouver, Canada. Ever since then, Indonesia sends delegations to subsequent Summits: Paris (2011), Washington (2012), Saint Petersburg (2013) and attended Y8 2013 as one of invited country delegations in London. Now we would like to invite you to become part of the growing network as one of the five- person Indonesian delegation by applying to next year's Summit. The individuals selected for the Indonesian delegation will be financially supported for their in-country cost of the Y20 Summit program, including up to five nights accommodation, meals, local transportation and airport transfers. INDONESIAN YOUTH DIPLOMACY

3 WHO IS ELIGIBLE? An Indonesian delegate to the Y20 Summit 2014 is required to be: An inspirational young person (undergraduate/graduate student, recent graduate, or young professional in Indonesia or abroad) from either the public, private and/or civil society sectors; An Indonesian citizen Aged between 18 and 30 years of age at the time of the Y20 Summit Aware and have an understanding of the G20, the Leaders’ Summit and the Y20 Summit; Fully committed to participate enthusiastically in all the sessions of the Y20 Summit; Willing, and have capacity, to contribute to post-Y20 commitments; Proficient in English verbally and in writing; and Medically fit to travel to the Y20 Summit. ROLE OF THE DELEGATE Engage with other delegates from your country to host and run national consultation to enable you to represent the views of young people in your country; Liaise with your country’s Head Delegate to contribute to pre-summit discussion with delegates from other countries in the period prior to the Summit; Contribute to policy recommendations for G20 leaders on behalf of G20 youth; Generate wider community understanding and recognition of the work of the Y20 and the G20; Participate actively in the Y20 Summit; and Follow up on policy recommendations and action plans coming out of the Y20 Summit and wider consultations. The Y20 Summit 2014 will focus on three key policy areas – growth and job creation; global citizenship; and sustainable development. Applications to become a delegation and represent Indonesia in the Y20 Summit 2014 is now open. Visit our website at and apply now! The deadline for the Preliminary Round is January 8th, 2014 at 11.59PM WIB. Notification of shortlisted candidates will be announced on January 10th,

4 INDONESIAN YOUTH DIPLOMACY FAQ What is the Y20 Summit 2014? The Y20 Summit 2014 summit will be taking place in Sydney, Australia, between 12-15 July 2014. The Summit will host 120 youth delegates from G20 member countries, representing the best and brightest young people from across the world and 12 delegates from invited guest nations. They will be invited to consider the key themes of the summit and work collaboratively to devise solutions to issues that not only factor strongly in the 2014 G20 but are also extremely salient issues for young people – growth and jobs creation; global citizenship; and sustainable development. The outcome of the summit will be twofold. Firstly, a communiqué will be presented to the G20 leaders which outline the common ideas that were devised by the delegates at the summit. Secondly, a single “Policy Ask” pertaining to youth unemployment solutions will provide a focus for further action following the Y20 If you want to know more about our previous Summits, visit our page at TheY8/Y20 Summits were formerly known as the G8/G20 Youth Summits. The international organization responsible for these summits is The International Diplomatic Engagement Association (The IDEA), part of our global network. The IDEA is a collective of not-for-profit, youth-led organizations from around the world. Some are think tanks, some are charities, some are civil society groups, but they all have one thing in common: they all want to put young people at the heart of the global agenda. If you want to know more about The IDEA, check out their official website at

5 INDONESIAN YOUTH DIPLOMACY FAQ Is this Summit similar to Model United Nations? Even though the format of the Y20 Summit is modeled after the real G8 & G20 Summits (ie. Invited countries and minister positions available), the Y20 Summit is not a model event. Delegates may use current policies of their respective governments as their base of arguments during negotiations. However, the Y20 Summit aims to go beyond simulating existing international policies and promote creative and pragmatic solutions to current world problems. Delegates are encouraged to think outside the box and represent fresh yet practical approach to the G20 issues with a distinct youth voice. The Summit’s communiqué will be represented to current policymakers in each of the participating countries as well as a formal youth input to the following G20 Summit. This gives the Summits a unique advantage of ensuring the youth’s voices reach today’s lawmakers. How much does it cost to attend the Summit? This year, all inland costs, including accommodation, meals and airport transfers will be covered by the Organizing Committee (OC) Australia as host for the Summit. However, flights costs, transit costs and travel insurance are not covered. But don’t be discouraged by this as past delegates have managed to lock-in sponsorship deals. Who is eligible to apply as an Indonesian Delegate for the Summit? If you are: Indonesian citizen Between the ages of 18 to 30 Undergraduate, graduate student, recent graduate or young professional in Indonesia or abroad Demonstrate commitment and active engagement in global and local community, and Has excellent command of spoken and written English Then we highly encourage you to apply.

6 INDONESIAN YOUTH DIPLOMACY FAQ I am 17/30 years old at the moment. Am I eligible to apply? If you are 18 year old or still 30 years old, by 12 July 2014 – at the time of the Summit, you are eligible to apply. I am an Indonesian, studying/ working abroad, can I apply? We welcome all Indonesians to apply, regardless of their current place of study and/or work. We have had many Indonesians studying abroad representing Indonesia in the Y20 Summits. I want to be an Indonesian delegate for this year’s Summit, how do I apply? Go to our website,, check out the “Programs” tab and click on “Recruitment”, or simply click here. Download the application form and follow the instructions given. Make sure to submit to us by 8 th of January 2014, 11.59 What is the selection process like? The selection process is categorized in two rounds: Preliminary Round and Final Round. In the Preliminary Round, applicants are required to submit an application form, current CV/resume and a 2-page essay written based on the theme of your choice, latest by 8 th of January 2014 11.59 WIB. Notification of shortlisted candidates will be announced on January 10th, 2014. You can still submit your application form and essay before the 10 th of January 2014 but it will be considered a late submission and points will be deducted from your score. A team of graders will then read your application and determine an average score for each applicant., then ranked from highest to lowest. Graders will not be grading applications from applicants they are familiar with. This is to keep things fair and square. The Final Round is a Skype interview where we will be testing your speaking skills. The grading team will then go under deliberation to determine the delegates for the Summit.

7 INDONESIAN YOUTH DIPLOMACY FAQ I don’t have a passport yet, can I still apply? In our application form, we request that you submit a copy of passport along with your application form, CV/resume, and essay. But what if you have a passport at the moment? Not to worry, the fact that you have/don’t have a passport at the time of applying is not a scoring criterion. So we still encourage you to apply. However, we suggest you to produce your passport as soon as possible. Copy of passport is for effective administration purposes when submitting delegate information to the OC Australia. What is the required level of English? English is the official language of the Summit. We want to ensure that the delegates have excellent English skills so that they are able to expand and persuade their arguments during negotiation and able to express their views on position papers. Skype interview is conducted in English to test your speaking skills and position papers are to test your comprehension about applied positions and writing skills. How can I learn more about Y20 Summit 2014? You can learn more about the Y20 Summit 2014 in Sydney, Australia by visiting their official website For further queries, drop us an email at

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