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AK JCL 2012-2013 Website:

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1 AK JCL 2012-2013 Website:

2 2012-2013 Officers Sr. President: Lily Veliko Jr. President: Leslie Ro VP of Hnrs. Society: Matt Byrne and Victoria Kucera VP of Convention: Linda Fang and Courtney Elliott Secretary: Virali Shah Treasurer: Bryce Morgan and Whitney Hall Social Coordinator: Paula Guiler Parlimentarian: Evan Herron ICC Rep: Rachel Spurling

3 State Competitions and Events Certamen – Regionals and States Fall Forum at UNC-Greensboro – Saturday, November 17 State Convention at Wake Forest University – Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27, 2013

4 State convention Academic Tests Certamen Foot Races Softball or Frisbee Throw Chariot Races Catapult Essay Contest Skit Costume Contest Scrapbook Publicity Arts and Crafts Powerpoint Website Video Creative Writing Poetry English Oratory Dramatic Interpretation Latin Sight Reading Spirit Art of all media Charts/Posters/Maps Models Jewelry Sculpture Textiles Stitching Dolls Illustrated Quote Cartoon Pottery Traditional Photography Computer Enhanced Photography Games Mosaics Greeting Cards

5 AK Competitions and Events Socials – Laser Quest, Bowling... any suggestions? Saturnalia – Thursday, December 13 Latin Honors Society and Caesar Awards Peer Tutoring National Latin Exam (March 2013) Team Competition

6 2012-2013 Dues Dues are $30 and cover... – National, State, and Local dues and chapter fees – National Latin Exam Entrance fee – T-Shirt Turn in by October 4! – Dues turned in after this date will be $35!

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