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Our Agenda Meet & Greet To do’s Peer Buddy Roles & Obligations Calendar of Events Brainstorm.

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2 Our Agenda Meet & Greet To do’s Peer Buddy Roles & Obligations Calendar of Events Brainstorm

3 Club Officers 2012-2013 Jordon Samson – Club Advisor MacKenna Wells – Club President Dana Puhl – Club Vice President Austen Flores – Buddy Coordinator Ashley ??? – Secretary Jeff Potter – Treasurer Ethan Russell – Historian Sally Gonzalez - Historian

4 Optional Officer Positions Talk to Mr. Samson if interested in being: Social Media Coordinator Friendship Update Coordinator Fundraising Coordinator Activities Coordinator

5 To-Do’s Get applications in ASAP Deadline for buddy matching surveys will be FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 28 th Deadline for buddy essays will be WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 3 rd Deadline for membership applications will be FRIDAY OCTOBER 5 th

6 COMMUNICATION REMIND 101 TEXT @bberhs to (954) 635 – 5504 to receive reminders and updates on Best Buddies.

7 Facebook Page ERHS Webpage

8 Peer Buddy Responsibilities Build a one-to-one friendship with a student with a disability Contact BB weekly (note, phone call, etc.) Plan 2 activities per month off campus (bowling, mall, video games) If you miss 2 consecutive meetings or do not fulfill the duties required your membership will be terminated.

9 Things to remember… Be PATIENT Be the EXAMPLE Person Centered Language I have an Autistic friend I have a friend with Autism. This is a DUAL, MUTUAL relationship Age appropriate

10 Disabilities – Q & A Autism Intellectual Disability (ID) Downs Syndrome Multiple Disabilities Physical Disability

11 CALENDAR EVENTS Meetings – 2x a month on EVEN Wed. @ both lunches BUDDY PAIRING PARTY – October 6 th CSUSB Convention – October 6 th Celebrity Bowling (L.A.) – Nov./Dec. GUESS Headquarters Holiday Party – Dec. 8 th BB Walk Long Beach – April BB Prom – March/April Including Life Skills functions (Halloween Dance, Valentine’s Party, and Prom) Other club planned events

12 GET THINKING… Fundraising Club Logo Prom Banner Merchandise Activities

13 Best Buddies Projected Budget Chapter Dues - $300.00 (yearly) ASAP BB Leadership Conference - ??? (yearly) Merchandise - $200.00+ (possible profit) Chapter Activities - $100.00 - $300.00 Estimated need: $1,000.00

14 Footprints in Your Heart Eleanor Roosevelt Many people will walk in and out of your life, But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Small minds discuss people. Friends, you and me. You brought another friend, And then there were three. We started our group, Our circle of friends, And like that circle - There is no beginning or end. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.

15 This is more than a club…it’s helping someone’s LIFE! Please do not put us in a position of breaking a students heart. It will be difficult but the end reward will be worth it. Yes, this club is fun and has a great purpose but it is a HUGE responsibility. If you cannot commit to this program PLEASE let us know NOW so that we won’t have to tell a Buddy that their Peer Buddy isn’t in the club anymore.


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