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Aarhus, Denmark.  Meta-IQ develop medicine for the treatment of brain diseases like Alzheimer, Depression and Multiple Sclerosis by influencing the metabolism.

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1 Aarhus, Denmark

2  Meta-IQ develop medicine for the treatment of brain diseases like Alzheimer, Depression and Multiple Sclerosis by influencing the metabolism  Meta-IQ was founded February 2008 by Jette and John Nieland  Meta-IQ is a story of coincidence, innovative thinking, not giving up and your chance to be part of history and on the way gain something from it Jette and John Nieland 20102

3  Jette G. K. Nieland, CEO, MSc in clinical and business psych. Responsible for financial and business development  John D. Nieland, COO, Assoc. prof. biotech., Ph.D. in medicine Responsible for research and organization of clinical trials Jette and John Nieland 20103

4  Mogens Kloth-Malmqvist Business manager MK Invest & Consulting GmbH  Peter Heinrich Key advisorMagForce nanotechnologies AG  Martin KlothBusiness controllerMK Invest & Consulting GmbH  Jakob Krag NielsenContractsPlessner  Ulla KlingePatent Inspicos A/S  Jens FahlbergCertified tax advisor Rådgivning & Revision A/S  Ove WiborgResearchAarhus University Hospital Jette and John Nieland 20094

5  Your body is controlled by your brain which controls it by sending signals (energy package) through your body  There are 2 energy sources for cells, glucose and fatty acids  Different kind of stress makes the metabolism shift from a glucose to fatty acid metabolism  A cascade of processes is starting in the brain, which can lead to different brain diseases.  The balace between metabolism, immune system and CNS is challenged Jette and John Nieland 20105

6  The only way to block all these processes effectively is by reversing the energy generation.  We treat the disease by blocking fatty acid metabolism  We reset the body functions and restore the balance in the system  We force the normal body functions to take care of the disease itself  We treat patients for weeks not for years Jette and John Nieland 20106

7 Palmitate coupled to Myelin is the isolation around nerve cells Jette and John Nieland 20107 Blocking fatty acid metabolism reverts the disease inducing cascade

8 Jette and John Nieland 20098

9 Jette and John Nieland 20109 Rats are stressed for several week after which 50% get depressed. Then the depressed animal are treated either with M-IQ 002 or placebo. As a control normal animals are treated with either M-IQ 002 or placebo. Within 1 week up to 70 % and within 4 weeks 95% of the animals respond. Normal medicine on the market gives maximally 50% response rate after completion of treatment. 0 20 40 60 80 100 before treatmentweek 1week 4 % Normal Animals NormalStressed M-IQ 002Stressed Vehicle

10 Jette and John Nieland 201010 The responding animals show maximal response within 1 week of treatment, in contrast medicine on the market takes about 3-4 week before an effect starts being visible. Escitralopram data are from historic experiments as comparison

11 Jette and John Nieland 200911

12  Depression (MIQ-002) Of the animals; 70% within 1 week and 95% after 4 weeks are cured Medicine on the market gives maximally 50% response rate in a 6 weeks treatment with the first effects visible after 3 - 4 weeks  Alzheimer (MIQ-001) A one day treatment with MIQ 001 restores; 40% long term memory 60% short term memory  Multiple Sclerosis (MIQ-003) 50% of the diseased animals are cured within 2 weeks of treatment Jette and John Nieland 201012

13  Depression (MIQ-002) Depression is the most prevalent psychological disease over 10 % of the population suffer from it The annual market is 12 billion USD  Alzheimer (MIQ-001) 1% of people will get Alzheimer, and over 65 years it goes up to 5% The annual market is 5 billion USD  Multiple Sclerosis (MIQ-003) Worldwide about 2,5 million people suffer from multiple sclerosis for which there is no treatment available The annual market is 5 billion USD Jette and John Nieland 201013

14  The global rights The global rights have been in-licensed to these compounds for all disease indications  Manufacturing process established Active Pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is available at GMP-grade (Good Manufacturing Praxis)  Pre-clinical development,Pharm/Toxic studies completed Toxicity pharmacology package is complete to start human clinical phase 2 trials  Proof of concept reached Proof of concepts for Alzheimer and the treatment of Depression has been reached  We have filed patents Patents cover the product for the treatment of brain and other diseases and will give protection until 2029  Due diligence of Meta-IQ June 2010 MedTech Innovation Center, Aarhus arranged due diligence of Meta-IQ with a very positive outcome Jette and John Nieland 201014

15  Meta-IQ is looking for a 7 million € investment to start the clinical phase 2 trial in depression and a small phase I trial in Alzheimer  To go into phase 2 trials for Alzheimer or Multiple Sclerosis we need an additional 3 million € for each indication Jette and John Nieland 201015

16  In the first year: Formulate medicine, get ethical and medical comity approval for clinical trial  In the second year: Run phase 2 clinical trial in Depression and after 6 months start a phase I clinical trial in Alzheimer  In the third year: Analyze the results of the depression study and out-license or sell project to big pharma company. Finish clinical trial in Alzheimer and start evaluating results Jette and John Nieland 201016

17 1. Develop projects through phase 1 and 2 clinical trials 2. Out-license or sell projects to Big Pharma 3. Develop own projects 4. In-license projects Jette and John Nieland 201017

18  To investors we offer the opportunity of being part of making new history in treating brain diseases  Promising financial perspectives in relation to the risks of the project Because of the know how, CMC, preclinical and clinical data in Meta-IQ  The medicine can reach a leading position in major indications  For investors, a possibility of an exit after 3 years Jette and John Nieland 201018

19 You can invest in this dynamic and innovative company and make profit in 3 years You or your family will be able to gain from its medicine in 8 years Thank you for your attention

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