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Team SYNERGY in Partnership with Parker PGI

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1 Team SYNERGY in Partnership with Parker PGI
MINIMUM BLEED VALVE ASSEMBLY Members: Darius Mwalili, Joseph Page and Ashley Burton Industry advisor: Bruce Kasten of Parker PGI Brian Haygood of System Engineering and Laboratories Faculty advisor: TBA Underclassman: Kevin Spiller

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Background Objective and Goals Tasks Completed
Incomplete Task Cost Analysis Project Management Q&A Session

3 Objective To determine the root cause and develop a solution to various issues experienced with Parker PGI’s minimum bleed valve assembly. Issues Experienced: Handle mechanism failure Swivel connection issues Handle is moving from the home position at undesirable times. Swivel connection is not securely locking to the tanks during filling operations.

4 goals Redesign handle to prevent failure at post- production in order to eliminate accidental release Design a locking mechanism for the swivel connection Ensure design follows UL 125 specifications and can be used with current repair kits manufactured by Parker PGI Maintain a fluid release capacity of no more than 7.6 cc’s

5 Tasks completed 1. Third Design Iterations of Swivel Connection 2. Evaluating the possibility of implementing a spring loaded design to the swivel connection 3. Procurement of Materials 4. Fabrication of design iteration 3

6 DESIGN ITERATION: Swivel Connection 3

7 DESIGN ITERATION: Swivel Connection 3

8 Action items 1. Design iterations • Constant improvements being made 2. Prototypes • Pending Rapid Prototype Machine clearance from Mr. G Taylor • Evaluation of prototypes 3. Fabrication of Final product • Machining of parts • Evaluation

G-Coding 30% Select and Organize Team Members Examine Current Model Design Concepts 66% Prototype of Swivel 33% Problem Identification Finalize Swivel Design Brainstorm and Finalize Project Idea Tolerance Analysis Finalize Handle Design Solution Machine Swivel (Final Design) Product Research DFMEA Analysis 80% Cost and Market Analysis Material Selection CFD Analysis 75% Risk Assessment Legend: Complete In Progress Not Initiated

10 Team website:
Q&A Team website:


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