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Y’s Men and Women’s Clubs

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2 Y’s Men and Women’s Clubs
Y Service Clubs Y’s Men’s Clubs Y’s Men and Women’s Clubs Encouraging and providing leadership to build a better world for all mankind based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and as partners with the YMCA.

3 Pride Through Service

4 Pride Through Service Y’s Men are dedicated to the mission of the Y
and to serving the community. Every Y Service Club is unique, serving the special needs of the local community, just as every Y does.

5 Westfield Y’s Men’s Club Building a better community
Westfield, New Jersey Building a better community by raising approximately $30,000 annually from Christmas tree sales. The number of trees sold by the Y’s Men would fill Giants Stadium!

6 Westfield Y’s Men continued
The money is committed to a YMCA Capital Projects Fund, and to community youth clubs and organizations. Many other clubs in the US Area sell Christmas trees as their fundraiser. Burbank Y’s Men

7 Carondelet Y Service Club Making a community contribution through
St. Louis, Missouri Making a community contribution through a Book Fair fundraiser— now an annual city-wide event—that has raised more than $1,000,000 in 30 years. Thousands of books are sold each year.

8 Carondelet Y Service Club continued The funds raised support the YMCA, community service projects, literacy projects, and programs of Y’s Men International. On average, according to Rolando Dalmas, International Secretary-General, US Y Service Clubs give 90% of funds raised to their local Y.

9 Seal Beach Leisure World Y’s Men’s Club Empowering seniors with
Los Altos YMCA, California Empowering seniors with quality service, this unique Y’s Men’s Club is dedicated to helping residents of the Seal Beach retirement community who are unable to accomplish tasks of normal home activities for themselves.

10 Kankakee Area Y’s Men’s Club Supporting families
Kankakee, Illinois Supporting families for more than thirty years by distributing free coats to children unable to afford appropriate attire for the cold winters.

11 Kankakee Area Y’s Men continued
The Coats for Kids campaign blossomed into a significant collaboration with large area vendors, and set an example for other community organizations to conduct similar clothing campaigns.

12 Y FOCUS Club In an effort to reach out to the international community,
The Y’s Men’s Club in Ottawa, Canada In an effort to reach out to the international community, Y FOCUS Fair Trade Sports has been able to send over 500 used soccer balls, 690 soccer shirts and 150 pairs of socks to refugee camps, schools, orphanages and YMCA’s in 12 different developing countries.

13 Y FOCUS Club continued Because of these donations, soccer matches are now a part of the regular curriculum in some schools in Tanzania, providing a significant boost in morale for these HIV/AIDS orphans.

14 How Y Service Clubs Assist Local Y’s:
Y’s Men/Women are a source of Y Board and committee members. They cooperate with the Y in maintenance and support of Y camps and other facilities. They spearhead leadership for World Service activities, and the international emphasis of the Y (hosting international visitors and exchange students). Y’s Men/Women recruit and train volunteer leaders. Y’s Men/Women organize and lead youth clubs. They participate in campaigns for new members and sustaining memberships.

15 Reaching Out to the World
Y Service Clubs provide greater international understanding through links with clubs around the world. They have helped alleviate human crises by providing $105,000 for Tsunami relief, and have accepted a Universal Global Project: HIV/AIDS International Y Service Clubs working as a recognized NGO by the United Nations has adopted the “Roll Back Malaria” project seeking to donate 20,000 packages of mosquito netting. These kits contain: a) routine immunizations; b) Vitamin A (or multiple micronutrient) supplementation, c) insecticide-treated nets and pretreatment kits; d) Anti-malaria “blister packs” for at home fever management. These nets will be distributed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Tsunami relief in Alumnae

16 International Programs: Time of Fast
Supports projects in developing countries Members fast for one meal, contribute meal cost An international committee selects and monitors projects proposed by YMCA’s worldwide. During its history, this project has distributed $4 million. Annual contributions approximate $220,000.

17 International Programs: Brotherhood Fund
Personal contributions enable members to experience another culture first-hand by: visiting clubs in other parts of the world, being hosted in members’ homes, learning about their projects. Members apply for these travel grants. Annual contributions approximate $175,000.

18 International Programs: Alexander Scholarship Fund
International headquarters receives and distributes funds raised by clubs for education and training of YMCA professionals in developing areas. Annual contributions to this fund named for the founder of Y’s Men International approximate $15,000.

19 Alexander Scholarship Fund
continued In the US Area, the Fund is available for college scholarships for potential YMCA staff. Money typically spent on member-to-member Christmas greetings can be contributed to the Dollars for Scholars Fund used for training YMCA professionals in the US.

20 International Programs: Endowment Fund
Contributions made to honor members Memorial statements placed in the the Golden Book of Y’s Men International Funds develop the Y’s Men movement Annual contributions approximate $115,000

21 International Brother Clubs: Strengthening International Understanding
Joins members from all parts of the world by communication, visitation, and shared project support. Clubs sign official charters indicating their Brother Club status.

22 Y’s Menettes Clubs Support local Y’s Men’s Clubs.
Conduct their own local and international projects.

23 Connections

24 What We Believe Our members pledge: to display idealism
to support the activities of the YMCA and other worthy organizations to be world-minded to be enthusiastically active to live out our motto: To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right.

25 Y Service Club Structure: Membership Types
General Members: men and women age 25+ Youth members: men and women 16-25 Family members: children of members

26 Y Service Club Structure: Dues
International, Area and Region dues paid twice yearly Clubs set local dues Youth and Family members pay reduced rates

27 Y Service Club Meetings
Weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, often with a meal Can include speakers, service projects and fundraising International and YMCA topics included Emphasis months suggested by the International President (examples include Time of Fast and Y Service Church Sunday)

28 US Area Awards for Service to the YMCA
Clubs receive awards based on reports highlighting their service to: Camp service Community service Youth service The Award of Excellence honors a club which sponsors a new club in addition to the service awards listed above. YMCA World Service Y staff training Y membership service

29 Keeping in Touch Several forms of communication are available:
Regular club bulletins Y’s Alliance (U.S. Area newsletter) Y’s Men’s World (International newsletter) Youth World (International - information on Youth Convocations and Youth Clubs) Websites: (International - project and organization information) (US Area - information and news from other clubs)

30 Working Together

31 Beyond the Local Club Clubs are joined in Districts
An Overview Clubs are joined in Districts Several Districts form a Region Regions are joined into an Area All Areas are represented on the International Council

32 Leadership All officers are nominated and elected by the members.
All officers are expected to demonstrate the following qualities: Idealism and devotion to the movement Interest in the work of the organization Initiative in formulating ideas and executing plans Industry - untiring effort to reach the goals during the term of office

33 District Officers District meetings are called
by the District Governor to: Share information Assist with club revitalization, membership recruitment and Conduct club officer training Offer opportunities for fellowship

34 Regional Officers Regional Directors work through District Governors.
Clubs host annual Regional Conventions for leadership training, club development and fellowship. Regional Directors appoint Service Directors for International and Area fundraising and service projects.

35 US Area Officers Area President, Area President-Elect and
Past Area President along with the Corporate Secretary, Chief Financial Officer conduct Area business and meetings. Regional Directors serve as Area Council members and are the only person eligible to make and vote on motions. Area Presidents appoint Area Service Directors for International and Area fundraising and service projects. He or she also serves as an International Council Member.

36 US Area - 9 Regions North Atlantic 10 clubs South Atlantic 11 clubs
Mideast 10 clubs Mid-America 13 clubs North Central 10 clubs Pacific Northwest 6 clubs Pacific Central 9 clubs Pacific Southwest 35 clubs Hawaii clubs 1,915 club members Regional Directors comprise the Area Council

37 Y’s Men International 30,000 members in 72 countries located in these Areas: Africa members Asia 9,680 members Canada members Europe 6,850 members India 7,370 members Latin America / Caribbean 590 members South Pacific members USA 1,915 members

38 International Leadership
International leaders plan for and direct the organization worldwide: International President International President-Elect Past International President International Treasurer Area Presidents International Council Members

39 Y’s Men International The International Secretary General administers from headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland The 21-member International Council, the governing body, is composed of the 8 Area Presidents and 13 other council members allocated by Area membership.

40 International Leadership
International Conventions For members Every two years Experience the diversity of cultures in the movement Enrichment and realization of goal: to build a better world for all mankind

41 Pride in our Membership

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