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Electronic Campus The Approval Process April 24, 2013.

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1 Electronic Campus The Approval Process April 24, 2013

2 Electronic Campus (EC)  How does an institution participate in the Electronic Campus? The institution must be regionally accredited, not-for-profit and charted in one of the 16 SREB states. Each institution appoints an Electronic Campus Institutional Coordinator, who serves as the central point of contact for all activities associated with managing the Electronic Campus website.

3 Electronic Campus (EC) Overview of the Approval Process

4 Approval Process: Institutional Coordinator  Completes course and program nomination forms  Verifies institution meets Principles of Good Practice and Common Standards  Forwards forms to Institution Certifying Officer  Submits list of authorized states to EC Staff  After notification from EC State Coordinator of approval enters course and program information

5 Approval Process: Institutional Certifying Officer  Verifies institution meets Principles of Good Practice and Common Standards  Confirms institution’s participation in Electronic Campus and SECRRA  Verifies (or provides) list of authorized states  Forwards forms to EC State Coordinator

6 Approval Process: State Coordinator  Verifies institution meets Principles of Good Practice and Common Standards  Confirms institution’s participation in Electronic Campus (and SECRRA)  Verifies institution is authorized to offer courses and programs listed and in the distance learning format  Forwards forms to EC staff and notifies institutional coordinator of approval or adjustments needed

7 Approval Process: EC Staff  Verifies institution is regionally accredited, not for profit and chartered in SREB state  Reviews course and program entry to ensure —  fields are complete  accurate  and matches information on institution website  Verifies course and program have been approved by State Coordinator  Verifies institution Transitional Page is complete

8 Approval Documents

9 Course Approval Form

10 Program Approval Form

11 Electronic Campus (EC) What is the Transitional Page?  Resides on the institution’s server  Greets students from EC to institution's website.  Contains some mention of the Electronic Campus.  It can be text, link, or logo  located anywhere on the page.  Refers to the Electronic Campus, or the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus, or SREB's Electronic Campus.  Please remove all references to SREC, Electronic Campus of the SREB.

12 Electronic Campus (EC) What is Reciprocity? SREB’s Electronic Campus Regional Reciprocity Agreement (SECRRA) SECRRA applies only to those programs that do not trigger physical presence as defined by the state and in the Electronic Campus. SECRRA information can be downloaded at

13 SREB’s Electronic Campus Regional Reciprocity Agreement  Participating states  Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland (July 1, 2013), Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.  Non-participating states  Alabama and Florida

14 Electronic Campus & SECRRA  The state authorization list for the institution should be sent to  The program and course authorization information should be added to the course and program fields if it is different from institution (clinical, internship, physical presence)

15 Electronic Campus & SECRRA  Field Name: On-Campus Requirements  Note any on-campus attendance requirement especially for Blended/Hybrid programs. It is critical to list any activity that would trigger the student state's physical presence authorization such as an internship, student teaching or clinical requirement.  Field Name: Other Information  List any items or issues related to State Authorization that will affect a student enrolling in this program. Include any other considerations that would be instructive or helpful to a student in determining whether to enroll in this program. If an exam proctor is necessary, list the requirement. If your institution offers credit by examination or additional forms of prior learning assessment, note this information here.

16 Electronic Campus & SECRRA Transitional Page Update Effective January 1, 2013  Two new transitional page requirements  A link to the institution’s Student Complaint Resolution procedure information  A link to the institution page regarding on State Authorization

17 SECRRA Documents

18 State Authorization at the National Level (SARA) State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement  Nation-wide reciprocity via reciprocity between Regional Compacts  SREB, WICHE, MHEC, NEBHE  Administered through regionals  Each has own process  Comparable and comparative  3-4 years away

19 Reciprocity Information

20 How Can SREB Help? Technical help: or 404-875-9211 x219 Include your contact information and name of institution

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