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Do I Really Have to Take MAPS Again?!!!!! Why MAPS is important to you.

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1 Do I Really Have to Take MAPS Again?!!!!! Why MAPS is important to you

2 What is MAPS? Maps is a test to see what you know; not what you don’t know. The questions don’t increase in difficulty; they go up and down based on your answers as you go. The test is a way for teachers to see what concepts and skills you do know so they know what you don’t have to be taught again. It also tells the teacher what skills you need to learn next. It is a great way to show off your SMARTS!

3 So What’s in It for Me? Maps scores are used to make decisions about what courses you take. Example 1: –A student does not do his best on a test. He is usually in honors classes….teachers and guidance place him in CP classes because of his scores. –A student does his best on the test and increases his score….he is moved to an honors course because he improved his skills.

4 What’s in it for Me? Pt. 2 More importantly, we all know that most students are better in one area more than another. Students can have the opportunity to take classes that better prepare them for taking the class that requires an EOC and HSAP and pass it on the first go round.

5 Inside MAPs The Reading MAPS scores can be broken down into reports for teachers to identify your strengths and weaknesses. –Literary texts = studying literature –Informational texts = reading non-fiction –Vocabulary = what level of words you know Accurate scores tell the teacher what she needs to teach YOU.

6 Inside MAPS MATH MAPS scores work the same way. –Algebra –Data Analysis and Probability –Geometry –Measurement –Number and Operations It helps the teacher pinpoint what you are good on and what you need to work on.

7 So What? Most students want a high school diploma. 9th and 10 th grade –End of Course Exams –High School Exit Exams Passing these exams are your ticket to walking across the stage in a timely manner. MAPS helps teachers help you to pass.

8 End of Course Exams English 1 Algebra 1 Physical Science this year Biology next school year U. S. History – Junior/Senior Year All of these tests are 20% of the final grade; that is an extra nine weeks grade. These courses are all required for graduation.

9 High School Exit Exam 2 nd year students in high school take the test. It has two sections: Math and English The magic number is 200 for passing each section. Passing BOTH sections of the exam allows you to “exit” with a high school diploma. Exam sections can be repeated multiple times until they are passed – but who wants to take them more than once?

10 So this is why you take MAPs seriously…… It tells the teachers what you need to know to pass EOCs and HSAP. Giving your best each time tells the teacher how much you have improved and where to go from there. It helps you to enroll in the right classes that will help you reach your goal: high school graduation. Most importantly, it’s a way to identify your successes at learning. Everyone likes to be successful…..don’t they?

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