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Knology Website Solutions Confidential and Sensitive1.

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1 Knology Website Solutions Confidential and Sensitive1

2 What can you expect from today? Why Web Services? For the Customer For me, the sales person

3 For the customer Its a business necessity

4 Unbeatable Value

5 The Medium of Choice

6 Im busy with my business

7 Whats in it for me? Foot in the door Future upsell Future cross sell New products & services Web Services are sticky

8 Confidential and Sensitive 8 Knology Website Solutions! Knology can offer small businesses everything they need in website solutions – and more! Domain Names – Online Business Name Website Packages! Do it yourself - Easy to use applications Sell Products ONLINE! Email:

9 Confidential and Sensitive 9 About Knology Website Solutions Knology Website Solutions provides web, email, & application services designed to meet the needs of the small-to-medium sized business market. Award winning technology platform North American-based operations and technical support U.S., Canada UK based offices

10 Help your customers… Promote their Business! Grow Revenue! Reduce Costs! Build their Brand Image! Communicate with Customers! Confidential and Sensitive 10

11 Confidential and Sensitive 11 Founded 1998, incorporated in US Operations in: Toronto, Ontario Miramichi, New Brunswick Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Over 350 customers in Canada, US and Europe 300,000 SMB end-users 2.3 million email addresses North American Leader in Website Solutions

12 Confidential and Sensitive 12 Key Facts about the Web In 2009, there are 251 million internet users in North American, or 75% of the total population. ( U.S. internet users spent 14 hours a week online last year Whos online?

13 Confidential and Sensitive 13 Key Facts about the Web 91% of internet users said they use the web for research purposes ( More than 80% of online users shopped online in 2008 ( What are they doing online?

14 Confidential and Sensitive 14 Key Facts: Small Businesses and Websites On average, small businesses expect to spend over $1,000 per year to host and maintain their website (IDC) 62% of SMBs prefer to build their own website online (IDC) More than half of website decision makers are increasing spending on websites in 2009 (Forrester) Website Expectations

15 Confidential and Sensitive15 Target Markets

16 Confidential and Sensitive 16 Your Target Markets Primary: No online business presence Likely have not previously considered a website or unsure of the technology. Secondary: Existing website owners Have a current website but want to create a more professional or interactive web presence. Additional: Advanced users / developers Technically-advanced users or developers looking for a reliable website solution.

17 Confidential and Sensitive 17 Markets for Knology Website Solutions Customers new to the web: – Dont think they need one – Think it is expensive to build and maintain – Think it is too complicated – Dont want to admit they dont understand the technology Emphasize the easiness and value, domains, business branded email address and website – Knology Website Solutions provides everything you need and manages it for you - you just have to create and update your website – and we have easy to use tools for that.

18 Confidential and Sensitive 18 Markets for Knology Website Solutions Switchers Have an online presence today but are looking to switch or are open to switching. How is your hosting provider helping your business succeed online? Knology Website Solutions: Key Messages Better Customer Support Greater reliability Business focused applications Constantly evolving to meet the demands of business Cost competitive

19 Confidential and Sensitive 19 Markets for Knology Website Solutions Advanced Users Knology Website Solutions offers all the features, technical alliances and reliability for the most demanding online business. This group is more technically sophisticated so the ease of use is not as much of a factor to them Looking for the tools at a reasonable price Reliability is important Support is able to respond to this group quickly and knowledgeably – speak in their language

20 Register Your Domain Name Online business name

21 Register Your Domain – Value Easy and affordable way to advertise Adds credibility and professionalism to your email address Promotes brand and online identity Why advertise for Google when you could advertise for your business?

22 Confidential and Sensitive 22 What is Web Hosting? Hosting is a service that allows your website to be online and makes your site available for others to view on the internet. Hosting plans include applications: Email Services Web Design Tools Online Selling etc

23 Website – Value Provides a way to promote your web presence with customers Promotes brand and online identity Open for business to anyone, anywhere anytime !

24 Design Your Website - Value Your website will look exactly the way you want it! The professional look of the templates will add credibility to your business Promote your business with your brand! By adding your images and special touch you can continue to promote the brand of your business on the web!

25 Confidential and Sensitive 25 EasySiteWizard Pro Included in all Hosting packages Easy-to-use designs Lots of professional templates available Drag and drop functionality Add your own images The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design interface requires no HTML experience, so you can create your unique site all on your own

26 Confidential and Sensitive 26 Announcer Pro Announcer Pro makes it easy to create compelling email marketing messages for announcements, newsletters, flyers, and promo communications.

27 Confidential and Sensitive 27 Promote Your Site – Value Show up on a search engine Promote your business in a fast and affordable way Increase the likelihood of new prospects visiting your site Increase customer loyalty with regular communication Quick and easy way to inform your customers about what is new in your business

28 Confidential and Sensitive 28 EasySiteOptimizer Search Engine Optimization This feature will promote a websites ranking to the nets leading search engines Yahoo MSN Google

29 Sell Online – Value Receive and process orders at anytime from anywhere in the world! Be everywhere your customers are! Convenient way to grow business You wont miss an opportunity to make a sale.

30 Confidential and Sensitive 30 Sell Online Customers can order from the website. Knology offers: Easy Story Maker Pro Build your own online store osCommerce Advanced shopping cart for online business Professional templates

31 Confidential and Sensitive 31 Website Solutions Packages Knology eSuiteKnology eMarket Knology eMax Monthly Price $14.99$19.99$39.99 Number of Mailboxes 152550 Web Storage 1GB3GB6GB Web Transfer Limit 100GB200GB300GB

32 Confidential and Sensitive 32 Knology eSuite $ 14.99 / month You can: Create 15 domain-based email accounts ( Build your own website with EasySiteWizard Pro Post pictures with Photo Album Create your own blog with EasyBlogBuilder Pro

33 Confidential and Sensitive 33 Knology eMarket $ 19.99 /month You can: Create 25 domain-based email accounts ( Build your own website with EasySiteWizard Pro Stay in touch with customers through online chat with EasyLiveChat Send 10 email newsletter communications with Announcer Pro

34 Confidential and Sensitive 34 Knology eMax $ 39.99 / month You can: Create 50 domain-based email accounts ( Build your own website with EasySiteWizard Pro Build your own online store with EasyStoreMaker Pro Send 10 email newsletter communications with Announcer Pro Submit your site to popular search engines with EasySiteOptimizer Discount: $25.99 to customers sold in the first 3 months

35 Different Types of Email Free Email i.e. AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, ISP mail Loads of SPAM No Support No credibility Domain Hosted Email i.e. Greater control of SPAM 24/7 support Advertise your own business Confidential and Sensitive 35

36 Confidential and Sensitive 36 Email Email through Knology website solutions offers: 1GB Storage per mailbox Auto responder feature to notify customers of absence Spam filtering to block unwanted junk mail Catch Alls – you can direct multiple emails to a single address

37 Email – Value Increase productivity and communication Save time by avoiding 98% of junk mail Promote brand identity Multiple access: Client and Web based

38 Confidential and Sensitive 38 Email Only Package 5 Email Monthly Price$7.50 Size of each mailbox1GB Webmail IMAP/Leave mail on server SPAM Filtering Calendar/Contacts

39 3 steps to get online 1. Registering a domain name 2. Choosing a package… with email and online tools to help a small business succeed online. 3. Build your website which is easy with the site building tools included in the website packages.

40 Knology Website Services can help a small business… 1. Get a domain ( 2. Get a website package 3. Build a website 4. Have a website professionally designed 5. Communicate with customers 6. Promote a business 7. Sell products online 8. Set up domain-based email addresses ( 9. And more….

41 Confidential and Sensitive41 Examples

42 Confidential and Sensitive 42 Sample Case… Sams Pizzeria With Knology Website Solutions Sam can…. build his own website post his menu online post customer testimonials notify regulars of monthly discount promotions post images of his restaurant and famous pizzas invite customer feedback online submit his site to search engines Suitable package: Knology eSuite

43 Confidential and Sensitive 43 Sample Case… Mary & Ellen, Event Planners With Knology Website Solutions they can… showcase services & past clients create a blog about planning events post pictures of successful events Receive feedback from their past customers Submit their website to search engines Chat live with their customers invite visitors to sign up for their regular planning the perfect event newsletter Suitable package: eMarket

44 Confidential and Sensitive 44 Sample Case… Anderson Accounting With Knology Website Solutions they can… Post the location of their office Introduce their team Post some background information on the firm List the corporate and personal services they can provide their customers List the type of clients they look for Send out annual tax tip newsletters Suitable package: eSuite

45 Confidential and Sensitive 45 Sample Case… Mikes Sports Shop With Knology Website Solutions Mike can… showcase his merchandise online accept online credit card orders – in real-time promote his spring discount sale to customers post images of his charity marathon promote his site to search engines create a blog for hiking, running, or biking enthusiasts Suitable Package: eMax

46 Confidential and Sensitive 46 Key Sales Support Messages 24-hour North American-based technical support 99.9 % up time guarantee Free account set-up Customers can move their existing website or build a new website with Do it Yourself tools

47 Confidential and Sensitive47 Having the Conversation

48 Confidential and Sensitive 48 Conversation Starters What is your website address? I dont have a website? Let me tell you about how a website can be a real benefit to your business…. Yes? Are you happy with your website? Would you like to do more online? Consider how much time and money you spend on brochures or other marketing materials. A website can be as simple as an online brochure. Web-based brochures can be updated quickly and more cost effective than traditionally printed brochures – and they have a wider reach!

49 Confidential and Sensitive 49 Handling Objections You already have a website and you are happy with your current hosting provider. Customers get a mini-campaign of custom emails that can be sent to 10 customers every month. You are a small business that does not use email or computers, you dont need a website. Everyone is on the internet now and so are your competitors. People expect you to be online. Instead of searching the Yellow Pages, people go to search engines i.e. Google.

50 Confidential and Sensitive 50 Handling Objections Im a local company in business for 30 years, I dont need a website! Websites offer credibility Do you have a directory ad? Consumers are researching online – they expect to find you, can they find you? Update your website at anytime with easy-to-use, do-it-yourself tools. You can be online for as little as $ 14.99 / month.

51 Confidential and Sensitive 51 Handling Objections You already have a website but you dont use it. With our easy-to-use website building and marketing tools, updating your website is quick and easy. Creating and maintaining a website wont feel like a task. Out of date information could lead to lost customers. I already have a website, but how do I switch over? A welcome letter will be provided (by Hostopia) upon sign up, that will walk the customer through on transferring their website. The customer will have to call their current hosting provider to cancel after signing up with Knology.

52 Confidential and Sensitive 52 Identifiers Customer is currently locked in a contract but is unhappy with their web hosting service. Ask when the contract is over and get their contact information so we can contact them one month before it expires. You can always switch, you own the content. Customer is not the decision maker. Talk a little about what we do and how we can benefit their business. They can bring it back to the decision maker. Customer is happy with their existing web hosting provider. Send an email with some information about our services and then they can compare the services they currently have to ours.

53 Confidential and Sensitive53 Questions?

54 Pro 500Pro 1500Pro 2500Pro 5000 Send to 500 recipients/month Sent to 1500 recipients/month Send to 2500 recipients/month Send to 5000 recipients/month $12.99/month$22.99/month$29.99/month$49.99/month

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