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Analytical Writing We have to get better at analyzing.

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1 Analytical Writing We have to get better at analyzing.

2 We will follow these rules: We WILL use the JWJ plan correctly. We WILL use exact quotes from the text. We WILL explain the college prep layer; we will NOT summarize, or re-tell the story. We WILL connect layers We WILL use proper grammar, punctuation, etc.

3 To Analyze Means… -to break apart into parts; to study the inner relationship between the parts To analyze text means… -to break the text into parts (the parts are college prep layers) -to write about how one part relates to another part

4 Lets look at some of your sentences…

5 [Main Point-Circle Sentence] Man vs. society conflicts are used to show the discrimination and social taboos of the Post Civil War South in Mildred Taylor's book, The Land. - Jason R

6 Man vs. Animal was an important part of The Land.

7 When Paul stumbles across the land, he rushes to Hollenbeck to try and buy it, but, "JT Hollenbeck was not interested in selling the land no matter what color I was" (p. 116). -Victoria

8 On page 122 it says, Boy, whatcha think youre gonna do with a horse like that?

9 [FEDI] This confrontation sparks Paul's realization that he doesn't fit in in either societies. -Bella

10 FEDI Paul is treated bad because he is black.

11 FEDI Paul knows that he can't change society so he needs to change himself. -Kristen

12 FEDI These views and taboos snake their way into Paul's home causing a man vs. man conflict between him and Mitchell. -Megan H.

13 Through the conflicts, Mildred Taylor shows how Paul faces this discrimination with determination as he advances towards his goal. –Jessica Yap

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