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Kundera Argument Weeds and Roses.

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1 Kundera Argument Weeds and Roses

2 Weed #1--Address the prompt!
Prompt: …in which you support, qualify or dispute Kundera’s claim. What must you discuss in this essay? What is Kundera’s claim? Miss his argument and miss the essay! Read the piece at least twice

3 K’s argument Public and private self are different. We are entitled to this dichotomy and these different selves should remain sacred. …or something of the sort…

4 A good introduction “In Testaments Betrayed, Milan Kundera portrays that public and private life should be separated. This is true because without the distinct boundary between public and private life, one becomes subject to judgments, secrets and lies, limiting the availability for a “man to live free.”

5 This one is good, but what else does it need?
“In the passage taken from Testaments Betrayed author Milan Kundera explores the invasion of Jan Prochazka’s privacy. Kundera explains that by publicly broadcasting Prochazka’s private conversations, the Russian police robbed him of the “very ground of life of the individual.” Kundera argues that privacy is “the value one must defend beyond all others” and that the violation of anyone’s privacy should be strictly forbidden.”

6 Weed #2--What about sub-claims?
What is a sub-claim? Where should your sub-claims be located? Can an example be a sub-claim?

7 Some good sub-claims: “In a situation where a large population could be at risk, it is often necessary to sacrifice privacy.” “Actions in public and private life do not effect one another, so there is no need for private actions to be discussed openly.” “As modern times have seen, with an increase of communication and interaction, a rise in the amplitude and number of crimes with far-reaching…consequences. That is why, to maintain public safety, precautions have had to match this rise.”

8 Good sub-claims “A man’s freedom relies on the respect of privacy, for if you take it away, one is locked in a jail of false prejudices.” “Human beings are by nature secretive and protective of their personal matters, and the intrusion by others into these matters often will cause hurt feelings and distrust.” “If [societies well-respected and reputable figures] every action of everyday was monitored, society would lose its relevance.”

9 Weed #3--Spend more time on CM
Why spend more time on CM? Summary vs. snapshot of examples Give just enough to inform the reader, then DISCUSS--relate back to thesis Tell us the SO WHAT?? SIGNIFICANCE?? What might happen if we do X?

10 Weed #4--Kundera mania! Use Kundera’s example(s) as a jumping off point--not as your example; he’s already proven his example and it’s relation to his thesis! If your whole paper talks about Kundera, you are not on the right track Note the prompt: this is NOT analysis!

11 A good use of Kundera: “This week in the local paper there was a story that focused on the mayor of La Mesa and his public drunkenness. Immediately the people of the city started calling for his resignation before they looked at the whole picture. Like Kundera said, “we all act like Prochazka,” and in this case, we all acted like the mayor of La Mesa, because many adults do drink…”

12 Spell the guy’s name right!!
And, HEY!! Spell the guy’s name right!! No excuses!

13 Scores: 9-0 8-4 7-1 6-8 5-6 4-3 3-1 2-1 Record the class scores and your own

14 Read sample 8’s What makes them 8’s?

15 When you receive your paper:
Reread the whole thing! Highlight or underline Kundera’s claim Highlight or underline twice YOUR claim Circle your sub-claims Highlight your commentary Take a look at your paper--which of the weeds applies to you? Write a list of two specific things you intend to work on for the next argument essay

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