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Are You Fired Up? sVi8.

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1 Are You Fired Up? sVi8

2 Orientation Workshop Wiki  Participation Options (Volunteers) Collaborative Notes Live Chat

3 Reflection on Day 1

4 T ODAY ’ S O UTCOMES  Aligning Multiple Initiatives and UDL  Understanding the PAL Process (Planning for All Learners)  Applying UDL Framework to learning environments and lessons

5 Random Acts of Improvement The system was in need of integration, alignment, and expansion

6 A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning, David H. Rose & Ann Meyer, editors Chapter 3 - Grace Meo “UDL creates a framework that other district initiatives can hang from”

7 Universal Design for Learning -Personalized learning outcomes -Multiple means of representation -Multiple means of engagement -Multiple means of expression CORE PROCESSES Academic Curriculum & Instruction -Mapping -SMART IEP Goals -Text Book Adoption Behavior Curriculum & Instruction - PBIS PROBLEM SOLVING Instructional Consultation Teams RESOURC ES Building teacher capacity and diversifying core instruction


9 UDL and PBIS

10 Brainstorm: District/Building Initiatives Individually, list all state, district and building initiatives Each individual shares their list in small group Small Group eliminates overlap Align initiatives with the UDL Principles

11 The UDL Curriculum Framework: Planning for All Learners (PAL) Minimize Barriers to Maximize Learning for All

12 Windows Vista By Collin M The UDL Curriculum Framework: Planning for All Learners (PAL)

13 Goals Methods Materials Assessment

14 GOALS Generally dictated by state standards or county curriculum Raising Awareness: Are the means embedded?

15 Planning for all Learners: Goals Are the means embedded? Students will apply their knowledge of the genetic basis for transfer of biological characteristics from one generation to the next to predict eye color.

16 PAL: Goals Are the means embedded? Students will analyze data from a variety of books to formulate an understanding of the impact of poor nutrition on health.

17 PAL: Goals Are the means embedded? Students will demonstrate competence in the general skills and strategies of the writing process.

18 Assessment Must match goal Is there room for flexibility in the way students are assessed? Look at options for assessing goals based upon student learning differences. Use formative and summative assessments to measure student progress

19 Methods: Questions to ask… Which strategies will you choose to teach the content? How can you vary the teaching strategies to meet the needs of every student in your class? Are there any high/low tech strategies or supports that will allow further access to the material for students?

20 Materials/Media Should be flexible and allow all students access to the information Should provide some level of student choice Take into account learning preferences and ability of students IF you were teaching the writing process…

21 Learning Environment Activity Could the learning environment be more accessible? How? Which tools can you utilize?

22 Exploring UDL Resources Explore UDLinks on iPad The UDL Wheel Explore online resources and Web 2.0 tools

23 Applying the UDL Framework to Your Lesson Plan Use the PAL process to create a lesson utilizing the UDL framework. You may choose to work in content groups/heterogeneous groups or individually Utilize the wheel or app to access resources Reflection

24 UDL Survey 1. Universal Design for Learning is a special education initiative. 2. Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction are different names for the same approach to learning. 3. Digital technology is a prerequisite for implementing Universal Design for Learning. 4. Educators use the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines to maximize learning for all students by addressing multiple learning styles.

25 UDL Survey 5. Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology are synonymous. 6. Gifted and typical students will probably not benefit from UDL. 7. Universal Design for Learning is nothing more than good teaching. 8. Universal Design for Learning requires educators to identify strengths and weaknesses for each individual student.

26 Leadership From A Dancing Guy Zl-Vc

27 Go to wiki and complete Evaluation CLOSING

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