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2006 Interim Results (unaudited) 11 September, 2006.

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1 2006 Interim Results (unaudited) 11 September, 2006

2 Agenda Financial Highlights Financial Highlights Updates on APTs Operations Updates on APTs Operations Business Outlook Business Outlook

3 Financial Highlights

4 Interim Results 1H/2006 (HK$ M) 1H/2005 (HK$ M) Turnover208.0144.3 Loss attributable to Equity Shareholders (21.1)(10.4)

5 Turnover Breakdown By Business

6 Turnover Breakdown By Region

7 Income Statement Breakdown (1) 1H/2006 (HK$ M) 1H/2005 (HK$ M) Turnover208.0144.3 Cost of Services(167.5)(121.1) Gross Profit40.523.2 Other net income9.122.8 Revaluation gain on investment property 0.1- Administrative expenses(35.4)(37.0) Profit from operations14.39.0

8 Income Statement Breakdown (2) 1H/2006 (HK$ M) 1H/2005 (HK$ M) Profit from operations14.39.0 Finance costs(31.0)(8.6) Share of results of jointly controlled entities(0.5)(2.9) Loss before taxation(17.2)(2.5) Income tax(4.5)(8.3) Loss after taxation(21.7)(10.8) Attributable to: Equity shareholders of the company(21.1)(10.4) Minority interests(0.6)(0.4) Loss after taxation(21.7)(10.8) Loss per share – Basic (HK cents)(5.12)(2.51)

9 Expenses Breakdown

10 Cost of Services Breakdown

11 EBITDA Margin Note: EBITDA Margin represents earnings before interest income / expenses, other income, taxation, depreciation, amortization, impairment loss and share of results of jointly controlled entities as a percentage of turnover.

12 Transponder Utilization Rates As at 30 Jun 06 APSTAR V69.9% APSTAR VI40.4%

13 Assets & Liabilities *As at 30 June 2006 Total assetsHK$3,525 million Total liabilitiesHK$1,487 million Bank borrowings due within one year HK$ 126 million Bank borrowings due after one year HK$ 933 million

14 Gearing

15 Cash *As at 30 June 2006 Free cash HK$228 million Pledged depositHK$60 million

16 Updates on APTs Operations

17 Principal Shareholders Singasat Pte Limited20.33% China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite Corporation 16.26% CASIL Satellite Holdings Limited14.95% China Aerospace Science & Tech. Corporation 8.85% Kwang Hua Development & Investment Limited 7.40% 67.79% (including both direct and indirect interests as of 30 June 2006)

18 APSTAR V: Boosting Edges High power satellite based on SS/L FS1300 at 138° E orbital slot APT has taken up 25 C & 12 Ku Provides versatile services including DTH, Internet, VSAT services within Asia Pacific region with inter-connection to USA Operation mission life over 15 years Boosting the APTs competitive edges in the marketplace

19 APSTAR V: High Power & Bridging Pacific

20 APSTAR VI: High Power & Bridges Pacific

21 APSTAR VI: Welcome by customers High-power satellite based on Alcatel SB4100 with 38 C-band and 12 Ku-band Replaces APSTAR IA at 134°E Asia Pacific footprints including Hawaii Operation mission life over 15 years Welcome by customers

22 Signed with Intelsat in December 2005 Expand business with combined satellite capacities and ground resources Provide broadcasting, telecom & uplink services Explore additional growth potential in IPTV, uplink services in Asia Pacific region Strategic Alliance with Intelsat

23 Satellite TV Broadcasting Platform Establish satellite TV uplink and broadcasting services platform for broadcasting services under the Broadcasting Licence of Hong Kong As at June 30, 2006, the Broadcasting Platform uplinks and broadcasts up to 64 satellite TV channels, 21% increase from end of 2005

24 Provides VSAT, wholesales voice, facility management and teleport uplink services to Hong Kong and Asian telecom operators Provides two-way satellite internet services and teleport uplink services Satellite-based External Telecom Services

25 Met the Code Provisions of the Code on Corporate Governance Practices as required by the Listing Rules. Established the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee for handling appointments and the emoluments of directors and senior executives. Set up an Internal Audit Team which reports directly to the Audit Committee. Set up the Internal Control and Risk Management Committee. Adopted the Code of Ethical Business Conduct for directors, senior executives and employees and Whistle- blower Protection Policy in compliance with the regulations Corporate Governance

26 Business Outlook The broadcasting and telecom businesses will grow slowly Market competition will still be fierce due to more supply than demand The price of transponders will still be subject to pressure APSTAR V and APSTAR VI continue to boost the competitive edges of the Group

27 APT Satellite Holdings Limited 11 September 2006

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