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Launch an Effective Job Search

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1 Launch an Effective Job Search

2 Workshop Goals Learn pieces of a job search
Gain a realistic view of this job search process Identify your priorities Organize your plan Know the steps Maximize your ICC resources Understand best strategies

3 Job Search Checklist Know yourself Organize search plan & a “Plan B”
Research Building needed skills/experience Marketing tools: resume & cover letter References Networking Interview skills Negotiation Uncover open positions & apply

4 Reality Check It only takes 1 job offer~! Could take 6-9 months
80% of all jobs are never advertised network to access hidden job market It is not a matter of if, but when you’ll get a job Applying is not making a decision It’s a numbers game - 15 “No-s”: 1 “Yes” Rejections are not a reflection of your competency

5 Reality Check Avoid unrealistic expectations- “I must find the perfect job!” Avoid negative or stressful sources/people You are not the only person without a plan Job descriptions are wish lists Not your job to determine if you are qualified

6 Identifying Your Priorities & Needs
Location Salary Work Environment Career Goals & small steps towards goals Timeline Housing Community & Family Support Interests/Values Cost of Living Further Education or Promotion

7 Short-term Planning Having a Plan “B” will Ease Anxiety!
Think of your worst fears, and create plans to address it If you don’t have a perfect job, work in an imperfect job with career building or other opportunities Separate source of income from career-related goals volunteer, stay active, network and learn new skills Know your financial requirements & cost saving options Remain transparent about your job search goals

8 Create a Strategy Plan to spend 20 – 30 hours/week
Determine number of hours/week for each activity Identify manageable goals for each day, week, or month Find a location that allows you to be productive Organize records for each company you apply to: Copy of job posting(s) Copy of resume/cover letter(s) Company research, notes Contact Dates Questions

9 Stick to a Schedule Allocate blocks of time for:
On-line job applications Follow up phone calls Expanding your personal network Connecting with family & friends Recreation Household responsibilities Volunteer work/community service

10 Job Search Schedule

11 Create a Job Search Log

12 Know Your Resources Informational Interviews Networking
California Career Zone Occupational Outlook Handbook: Professional Association web sites/meetings ICC Advising Assessments Aggie Job Link (Resume Books, Mock Interviews, etc.) Linked In One Stop Career Centers Libraries

13 Maximize ICC Resources
ICC Alumni Services: Aggie Job Link (AJL) Mock/Practice Interviews Internship and Career Fairs Workshops Networking Events ICC Website Appointments & 1-on-1 advising (for 1 year after graduation)

14 Aggie Job Link What AJL can do for you? Jobs & Internships
Professional Network Resume Books Career Fairs (employer lists) On-campus Recruiting Mock/Practice Interviews

15 Searching for Jobs on AJL
You can search for jobs by several criteria Qualifications Major Industry Key word Location Employer name Position type Keep account updated Your account will manage your applications Resume, cover letter, transcript, etc.

16 Maximize ICC Resources
Database of professionals available for informational interviews Identify employees in companies of interest to you

17 Internship and Career Fairs
Fall, Winter (2) and Spring quarters: October 15th January 14th February 25th April 16th Search companies based on key words/ interests months before event RSVP or submit resume to specific companies in advance

18 Resume Books Employers call to request Resume Books weekly
Opt in based on your graduation year

19 Searching for Job Postings
Linked In Company Sites Google “jobs for….” Federal & State City & County Jobs Temporary Agencies (Lab Support, Kelley Scientific, etc.) Free Job Sites & Boards Professional organizations (BayBio, AICPA, etc.) International Jobs AmeriCorps ICC Alumni tab:

20 Additional opportunities
Volunteer United Fund/United Way Network Professional Development Temp Agencies Expand your geographic or career focus Professional Associations/local chapters/conferences Ask your local reference librarian

21 Responding to Job Postings
Read all detailed instructions Send a cover letter even if not requested Follow up to make sure your resume was received Politely inquire about hiring process timing Make an ally of the Human Resources rep or receptionist Thank you notes & phone calls matter Be politely persistent

22 Identifying References
Ask permission and be strategic Ask your references if they are willing to provide a strong, supportive recommendation NO family, friends or peers List 3-5 people with whom you have worked, volunteered or interned i.e. faculty, current or former supervisors and/or campus staff Pick individuals who can speak to relevant skills Share your resume & your goals with references

23 ICC Tips Be creative; look for contacts & job leads where others are NOT looking Avoid isolation- find a job search buddy to set goals and be accountable to Thank everyone who helps you! (A brief update is appreciated by all!)

24 ICC Resources Website: Alumni tab
Calendar of Events: Community Service Resource Center AJL Career Library 215 South Hall ICC Mail: List serves Info Sessions with Employers On-Campus Interviews Advising Webshops Internship and Career Fair Career Resource Manual Mock/Practice AJL

25 THANK YOU! UC Davis Internship and Career Center Open Mon-Fri 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, South Hall 2nd floor Summer Drop-In Advising: Mon-Thurs, 1:30 – 3:30 pm Appointments with Coordinators Available: Call (530) Visit

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