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Overview of UVA Job Structure Updated February 11, 2014.

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1 Overview of UVA Job Structure Updated February 11, 2014

2 Provide overview of fundamentals and key concepts within the UVA Job Structure. Represent the collective understanding of 15 project teams. Presentation Purpose

3 Job Family Orientation 1.Job Structure Fundamentals 2.Points for Clarification 3.Glossary of Titles 4.Examples

4 Job Family Orientation 1.Job Structure Fundamentals 2.Points for Clarification 3.Glossary of Titles 4.Examples

5 Job Structure Fundamentals: What is a job title? UVa Job Title is a broad title Focus on type of work, level of responsibility Provides the flavor of the job

6 Job Structure Fundamentals: UVa Job Title versus Working Title UVa Job Title is broad. Working Title is specific. UVa Job Title: Finance Director Working Title: Dean of Finance and Administration Working Title: Chief Financial Officer, Architecture Working Title: Senior Finance Director, Facilities

7 Job Structure Fundamentals: Market Matching UVa Job Title is matched with data from the external market to derive a pay range. UVa Job Title Market Research

8 UVA Job Structure Fundamentals: The Vision At the start, the University had 1800 UVa Job Titles Market Ranges updated to 2013 Clear and consistent definitions, more consistency Easy to search, easy to understand Less time to process transactions At the conclusion, there are about 750 UVa Job Titles Duplication, confusion, propensity to reinvent

9 15 Job Families 1)Academic Administration 2)Student Services 3)Research 4)Educational Resources 5)Health Services 6)Athletics 7)Communications 8)Development 9)Finance 10)Human Resources 11)Information Technology 12)General Administration 13)Compliance, Protection, Regulation 14)Operations 15)Trades and Engineering UVA Job Structure: The Approach

10 744 UVa Job titles 57% reduction of titles in project scope All summaries loaded to online tool UVA Job Structure Fundamentals: The Outcome

11 Job Family Orientation 1.Project Fundamentals 2.Points for Clarification 3.Glossary of Titles 4.Examples

12 Points for Clarification: Staff Type Includes all UStaff, Classified, A&P Faculty positions Each Classified and A&P Faculty position is associated with a UVa Job Title

13 Points for Clarification: Title Summaries Title Summaries broad. Job Descriptions specific. UVa Job Title: Senior Writer or Editor Research, develop, and write news stories and press releases about UVA GLOBAL's programs and activities and the University's global initiatives/activities in general to inform internal and external audiences. Job Description 1 Provide editorial and design services to support mission and goals of the Jefferson institute. Assist in the strategic planning process, supervise staff producing creative work, coordinate with Strategic Communications/Audio-Visual and Interactive Media to produce integrated and effective communication materials. Job Description 2 Act as the senior writer and project manager for international programs. Serve as the University's communications expert on stories related to international initiatives as outlined in Commission on the Future of the University. Job Description 3

14 Points for Clarification: Pay No pay increases directly associated with cleanup of titles. Updated all market ranges.

15 Job Family Orientation 1.Project Fundamentals 2.Points for Clarification 3.Glossary of Titles 4.Examples

16 Glossary of Titles: Provide basic definitions Create consistency of usage, where possible, i.e. When used in a job family, an Associate title is always the first exempt level. Distinctions may be subtle. Choices must be thoughtful. Align employee’s typical work and expertise to title summary.

17 Assistant Assistants provide support for more senior professionals, teams, or units. Usually do not have final authority or final responsibility for the work.

18 Technician Paraprofessional skilled in a particular field. Work is typically practical and routine in nature, often involving maintenance of data in systems.

19 Coordinator Most advanced level of support. May operate with some degree of independence and handle some emerging professional responsibilities.

20 Typical Progression of Non-Exempt Assistant Technician Coordinator

21 Associate Entry-level professionals. Actively share in the responsibilities of a professional team, but may operate with guidance. Primary duties related to the management of the organization or general business operations. Primary duties include the exercise of discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance.

22 Specialist High-degree of specialty knowledge and experience in a particular subject. Typically possess several years in exempt, professional roles prior to assuming specialist title.

23 Generalist Experienced professionals who assume a range of duties, serving in a hybrid capacity across different disciplines. Typically possess several years as exempt professionals prior to assuming Generalist roles. Equivalent to Specialists.

24 Senior Term that can modify any title. Denotes greater independence, expertise, responsibility. Ability to grow in expertise within a similar line of work. Examples: Senior Generalist, Senior Specialist, Senior Technician, Senior Manager.

25 Typical Progression of Exempt Associate Specialist Senior Specialist Generalist Senior Generalist

26 Manager Professionals with authority for small teams, programs, or organizational initiatives that require managerial oversight. Do not need to supervise people, could act as a experts or strategists with significant programmatic responsibility.

27 Director Professionals that assume substantial managerial or administrative responsibilities for programs, teams, or areas.

28 Assistant and Associate Terms that modify leadership titles to create a progression of responsibility. Example: – Assistant Director – Associate Director – Director Often subtle distinctions based on internal culture and industry standards.

29 Chief Officer, Vice President, Dean The head or leader of a major organization. The highest person in authority.

30 Typical Progression of Leadership Manager Director Assistant Vice President Associate Vice President Vice President

31 Job Family Orientation 1.Project Fundamentals 2.Points for Clarification 3.Glossary of Titles 4.Examples

32 Example: Simplification HR Assistant Human Resources Assistant A1HRASST14$27,404$39,174NE Human Resources Assistant B1HRASST3$27,676$43,494NE Human Resources Assistant C1HRASST9$28,454$48,369E Human Resources Assistant CN1HRASST4$28,454$48,369NE Human Resources Assistant D1HRASST11$33,000$52,800E Human Resources Assistant DN1HRASST12$33,000$52,800NE Human Resources Assistant1HRASST$34,221$59,887E Human Resources Assistant1HRASST61$30,231$48,369NE Human Resources Assistant1HRASST1$25,760$38,640NE Admissions Counselor Admissions Counselor A4GMADOFF11A$26,562$53,125E Admissions Counselor AN1GMADCOU2$26,562$53,125NE Admissions Counselor B4GMADOFF22A1$28,587$57,175E Admissions Counselor C1GMADCOU3$33,320$58,309E Admissions Counselor1GMADCOU1Z$28,823$50,441NE Admissions Counselor1GMADCOU3Z$33,320$58,309E Admissions Officer A1GMADOFF1$30,023$52,541E Admissions Officer AN1GMADOFF2$30,023$52,541NE

33 Example: Clarification Academic Specialist Currently 55 employees in Academic Specialist titles, but inconsistent usage. Here is a sample of current titles and working titles, and a possible new subfamily. UVa Job TitleWorking Title Academic Specialist A-1EDACREAS1Admissions Counselor Academic Specialist A-1EDACREAS1PELL GRANT COORDINATOR Academic Specialist A-1EDACREAS1Data Entry and Customer Service Specialist Academic Specialist A-1EDACREAS1Assistant Director of Student Activities & Recreation Academic Specialist B-1EDACREAS4ADMINISTRATIVE AND OFFICE SPECIALIST III Academic Specialist C-1EDACREAS3ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF UPWARD BOUND Academic Specialist CN-1EDACREA6S1ASSOCIATE REGISTRAR, UNDERGRADUATE Academic Specialist CN-1EDACREA6S1ENROLLMENT SERVICES SPECIALIST Academic Specialist D-1EDACREA7SGRADUATE PROGRAM COORDINATOR Academic Specialist DN-1EDACREA8STRANSFER CREDIT EVALUATOR Academic Specialist DN-1EDACREA8SSTUDENT SERVICES COORDINATOR Possible New Subfamily Admission Financial Aid General Administration Student Affairs General Administration Student Affairs Registrar Academic Programs Registrar Student Services Generalist

34 Example: Expansion Many new specialty areas, such as: Sustainability Education and Outreach Event Management Medical Education Data Analysis Instructional Technology

35 Job Family Project Overview of UVA Job Structure

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