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3rd InterBalkan IT Forum September 25-27, Bucharest I C I – IST Experience and Prospects Radu Bercaru National Institute for R&D in Informatics - ICI.

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1 3rd InterBalkan IT Forum September 25-27, Bucharest I C I – IST Experience and Prospects Radu Bercaru National Institute for R&D in Informatics - ICI

2 General profile Research and development e-Government: integrated solutions for public services –public administration –transportation –environmental information management –health care e-Business

3 General profile Applied multimedia technologies –e-learning –e-culture Decision support systems Industrial Informatics –information systems for enterprises –energy efficiency

4 General profile Software technologies and support tools –advanced modeling and optimization –artificial intelligence –database systems –real-time systems Operator of the National R&D Computer Network (RNC)

5 General profile Coordinator of the national R&D Program “INFOSOC – Information Society” Host of a comprehensive digital library

6 International cooperation and recognition Partner in more than 40 EU (EC-PECO, COPERNICUS AND IST) projects since 1993 Member in EU ESPRIT Working Groups, Networks of Excellence and Joint Research Projects

7 International cooperation and recognition Contact point for the European IST Prize Ranked first among Romanian R&D organizations, in the EC survey “Impact of the enlargement of the European Union towards the associated CEE countries on RTD – innovation and structural policies” (Office of Official publications of the EC, 1999)

8 IST experience 32 Romanian organizations involved in 46 IST projects ( ICI - 1 st position (6 projects, 1MEuro) - less than 1% of the number of potential applicants in institutes, universities and industry - more than 10 % of the number of IST projects

9 IST experience Major areas covered: –e-business for SMEs –knowledge management –software technologies –mobile communications for SMEs –FP5 / FP6 information dissemination and awareness raising

10 IST projects ENLARGE – Entrepreneurship Laboratory for Eastern European Region Coordinator: Athens Laboratory of Business Administration - ALBA Greece Partners from:France, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Cyprus Duration: 18 months (Sept. 2001 – February 2003

11 IST projects ENLARGE main objective: –to promote the integration of candidate enlargement countries through the application of a methodology for devising and putting into action e-business strategy in SMEs and a series of executive education programs, customized for SME managers in Eastern Europe

12 IST projects DISTRICT – Developing and Improving Consumer-Supplier Relationship in Traditional Commerce using ICT Coordinator: ETRA Spain Partners from: UK, Greece, Czech Rep., The Netherlands Duration: 24 months (Jan. 2000 – Dec. 2001)

13 IST projects DISTRICT main objective: –to develop an integrated e-business system for B2B and B2C models that enable small food independent retailers and associations of small shops to remain competitive in the e-commerce area

14 IST projects SILK – System Integration via Logic & Knowledge Coordinator: IQSOFT Intelligent Software, Hungary Partners from: France, Greece Duration: 30 months (Apr. 2000 – Sep. 2002)

15 IST projects SILK main objective: –to help solve system integration problems at all levels of organizations, ranging from small departments to entire corporations or even between corporations, using the knowledge management approach applied to existing diverse heterogeneous sources of information.

16 IST projects MECASP – Maintenance and Improvement of Component-based Applications Diffused in ASP Mode Coordinator: Prologue Software, France Partners from: France, Spain Duration: 24 months (Sept. 2001 – August 2002)

17 IST projects MECASP main objective: –to develop an ASP – oriented, open software environment dedicated to the maintenance of applications and to the management of related changes and adaptations

18 IST projects MOBITECH – European SMEs Challenge in the Mobile Communication Technologies Coordinator: Comite Richelieu, France Partners from: United Kingdom, Austria, France, Italy, Israel Duration: 18 months (Jan. 2001 – June 2002)

19 IST projects MOBITECH main objectives: –to push SMEs closer to the world of new technologies, specifically mobile communication technologies, and to facilitate their better exploitation for the benefit of the company and of its customers

20 IST projects Idealist-5fp – Information Dissemination and European Awareness Launch for the IST Programme under 5FP Coordinator: DLR, Germany Partners: IST National Contact Points from 31 MS and AC plus Iceland, Israel, Norway and Switzerland Duration: 36 months (Nov. 2000 – Oct. 2003)

21 IST projects Idealist – 5fp main objective: –to help solve problems faced by organizations wishing to participate in IST by supporting transnational partner search and brokerage and by improving communication between EC and potential participants

22 FP6 prospects Enabling Grids for E-science and industry in Europe (EGEE) – EoI prepared by a consortium of 29 partners led by CERN Geneva ICI – coordinator of the Ro-Grid consortium including UPB, UB, IFIN-HH, INCAS, ICN Pitesti and SIVECO

23 FP6 Prospects 26 confirmed expressions of interest on following topics: –ambient intelligence –bio-informatics –knowledge management –global change and ecosystems, environmental monitoring –modeling of decision-making

24 FP6 Prospects –e-government, e-democracy –e-learning –preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage –digital content, data mining, semantic web –e-health –energy efficiency

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