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Air Cadet League of Canada Registration and Screening Procedures for Squadron Sponsoring Committees.

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1 Air Cadet League of Canada Registration and Screening Procedures for Squadron Sponsoring Committees

2 Legal Foundation Three Supreme Court decisions impact our program: Myers v. Peel County Board of Education K.L.B. v. British Columbia John Doe v. Bennett It is through these cases that the Supreme Court of Canada has identified the increase test for the level of care owed as that of acareful parent as opposed to the standard test of a reasonable person.

3 The Memorandum of Understanding An agreement signed by the three Leagues and the Department of National Defense Section 5.2.3 addresses the use of volunteers: Only volunteers who have been screened and approved in accordance with the process agreed upon by DND and the League can participate in activities defined as cadet duty.

4 What is Cadet Duty According to the MOU: Includes participation in or attendance at an authorized cadet activity or period of instruction. Proceeding to and returning from the place where a cadet duty or period of instruction is performed. In simple terms: Once a cadet has arrived at the local headquarters, or at the site of the training activity, he or she is on cadet duty. While on duty, a cadet is under the supervision of a CIC or CI.

5 Who Has to be Registered and Screened? Anyone who wishes to volunteer with the Squadron Sponsoring Committee or with the Squadron staff must be registered and screened. This includes: SSC members Volunteer drivers Canteen staff Volunteer instructors, office assistants, supply assistants etc.

6 Who Does NOT Have to be Registered and Screened ? DND will complete the Enhanced Reliability Check on all CIC officers and Civilian Instructors. Members of the Regular Force or Primary Reserve may volunteer their services without being Registered and Screened, although they will have to complete the Volunteer Agreement (Annex A, CATO 23-07).

7 Local Responsibilities The SSC will: Identify and conduct screening of potential volunteers. Submit completed screening process results to provincial league. Provide list of approved volunteers to squadron CO. Identify and deliver league required training. Ensure authorized use of volunteers in accordance with national policies The CO will: Identify requirements for volunteers to SSC. Identify and deliver DND required training. Ensure authorized use of volunteers in accordance with national policies (CATO 23-07).

8 Provincial/Regional Responsibilities The Provincial Committee will: Verify screening results and forward documents to national office. Issue cards to registered volunteers. Ensure use of volunteers in accordance with national policies The DND will: Collaborate in the implementation of national volunteer policies. Ensure authorized use of volunteers in accordance with national policies.

9 National Responsibilities The ACL will: Participate in the development of volunteer management and screening policies with DND. Review screening results and advise the provincial committee of any issues. The DND will: Participate in the development of volunteer management and screening policies with the League.

10 The Registration and Screening Process Initial Meeting Provincial Confirmation Police Record Check Reference Checks Interview Registration Package National DatabaseIssue Card SSC Recommendation

11 The Initial Meeting Welcome potential volunteers to squadron or sponsoring committee. Provide overview of the role of the volunteer. Provide overview of the Registration and Screening Program, and explain why it is necessary. Identify areas of interest for the volunteer. Try not to overwhelm them on their first visit !

12 The Registration Package Use Annex B in package. Can be completed with help of SSC rep. Use N/A rather than leave blanks. Ask for photo ID (license, health card, passport etc. Record the information in Box 30 of the form. Review statement on last page, make sure volunteer understands before he/she signs the form.

13 The Interview Use Candidate Interview Form Two interviewers who are registered and screened. One can be the CO or designate. Use guide questions to start. Ask additional probing questions if necessary. Give candidate the opportunity for closing statement.

14 The Reference Check Use Reference Check Form in the package. Carried out by one of the interview team. Identify yourself, explain why you are checking.

15 Police Record Check SSC Chair fills out Annex D1. Candidate fills out Annex D2. Do not change the wording although you can use squadron letterhead. Who pays is local decision. Military may cover costs (process still being resolved).

16 The Recommendation Made by SSC in consultation with CO if appropriate. Advise candidate. Remind the candidate that recommendation is tentative until approved at provincial and confirmed at national level. Send forms to PC coordinator. PC coordinator will confirm with national office. PC will issue card once national confirms.

17 Forward to Provincial Office SSC will; Review forms for completeness. Send all required forms to provincial office (refer to manual for exact list). Provincial Coordinator will: Check forms. Forward information to national office. Issue card to successful applicants.

18 At the National Office Upload information from provincial office. Check that the candidate has not been turned down by other jurisdictions. If candidate has been turned down, advise provincial office that further checks are required. Generate list of volunteers who require renewal forms on a timely basis.

19 FAQ Wont all of this paperwork and checking of personal records scare candidates away? This process is similar to those used in other youth groups. People who are accustomed to working with youth will expect this type of scrutiny. If candidate has not worked with youth groups before, we need to educate them about these requirements. If certain candidates are scared away, that might be a good thing!

20 FAQ I am going to be the SSC Treasurer. Do I need to have a credit check? At this point in time, it is a local decision. The ACL is investigating the possibility of bonding all of its SSCs to help protect squadron resources.

21 FAQ Do I have to sign the Volunteer Agreement form from CATO 23-07? It is a voluntary decision. We recommend it so that we can give the CO the largest pool of candidates. Doesnt mean that you will be asked by the CO to be a volunteer…that is his/her decision. Provides additional coverage as a Servant of the Crown in the event of a lawsuit.

22 FAQ What if something shows up on the Police Record Check? Depends on the nature of the offense and when it took place. Candidate should be given option to explain. If he/she chooses not to, that could influence your decision. Include information provided by candidate when you send forms in to provincial office. Err on the side of caution.

23 FAQ Who pays for the cost of the PRC? Some police agencies will do it for free. Individual pays unless the SSC decides to cover the cost …it is a local decision. League is working with DND to come up with a procedure to do the PRC or cover the costs.

24 FAQ What documents are kept at the local headquarters? Page 1 of the Registration Package/ Original of the volunteer agreement (Annex A, CATO 23-07) All other documents for all candidates (recommended or not) are sent to provincial committee office.

25 FAQ Why are all documents sent to the provincial office? Why are they kept for so long? Provincial Committee is tasked to store the documents. Documents may need to be retrieved many years down the road in the event of an allegation of abuse.

26 FAQ Can documents be stored electronically (scanned and saved on a CD)? Possibly … we are seeking a legal opinion. All documents, including notes taken by interview team and during reference checks would have to be saved electronically. More information to follow.

27 FAQ I am a registered member at the provincial / national level. I do not expect to be alone with cadets. Do I need to be registered and screened? All members will be registered and screened to the same level. Current provincial and national members should be registered and screened. They will simply renew their registration using the renewal form. Provincial / national members may not need to sign the Volunteer Agreement (CATO 23-07) unless they are working with a squadron.

28 FAQ Do League members who are currently registered and screened without a PRC need to go through the entire process? No! We are hoping that all currently registered League members will be grandfathered until the end of their fifth year. They will then complete a standard Renewal Form. If that is not acceptable to DND, then the individual will have to complete a Renewal Form and get a current PRC.

29 FAQ Will current volunteers with the squadron have to go through the entire process? Yes, if they have not had any form of screening done by the military. Current volunteers that have been screened by the military (including a PRC) will provide their information on the Renewal Form.

30 FAQ Where can I get more information on the use of volunteers and the Registration and Screening Process? Check with your Provincial Registration and Screening Coordinator. The Air Cadet League website ( The Cadet Canada website ( The provincial committee website.


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