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IB Math 2 A path to success with Mrs. Shim Mrs. Shim.

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2 IB Math 2 A path to success with Mrs. Shim Mrs. Shim

3 Objective To experience the satisfaction. Enjoyment of learning mathematics. Accomplish personal academic goals. Instead of surviving the class you should live the class and follow T.E.A, tea. TEA

4 Course Overview limits, differentiation, integration, applications of both the derivative and the integral, vectors, 3-D Geometry, Review on MM I (precalculus), The course will include one IB internal assessment portfolios. Over the year you will learn the following

5 Materials Three ring binder (2 inch rings) dividers graphing paper pencils colored pencils Pen graphing calculator (Bring your textbook everyday) When it comes to fighting a dragon it’s always best to come prepared, same goes with your grade. Here are things you’ll need when slaying a bad grade

6 Grades Individual Tests/Projects/Portfolios Daily assignments/IB practice problems Participation/citizenship Quizzes Final exam 15% Your year of education will be made of Quizzes A final exam Individual tests/ projects/ portfolio Daily assignments/ IB practice problems Participation/ citizenship

7 Tests and Quizzes Some quizzes will be given without warning Blah blah blah hexagon blah blu blee blah blah. Blah ble… Alex blu blee blah Awake? Blu bla principle blahblahblah blu. Tests are a large portion of your grade and, require hard studying.

8 Homework will take up about 8% of your grade so it’s important to know the fallowing Daly assignments are due the next day It must be done on graph paper Organized work must be shown Turned in on time

9 You are expected to take the IB SL (Standard level) exam in May. If you are a junior, the AP AB exam is recommended Taking AP exam is optional, however, it might allowed you to earn the college freshmen mathematics credit (Hint: Do your research prepare for the future.)

10 Bellevue College Credits 5 credits for 1 st semester (Math 151) These credits are transferable to most of Universities. (Notes: need appropriate fee) (Hint: Do your research prepare for the future.)

11 Participate Take notes Start the assignment during class Complete the assignment to the best of your ability and understanding Come to class every day on time, prepared Check all your answers and make corrections with understanding If you are confused, come in for extra help Attend the exam review session

12 About Me! IIn your oncoming year of high adventure and excitement. You’ll find your teacher isn’t the expected ball of evil. II have two sons of 15 and 22. My husband is a Boeing engineer. MMy education back ground includes a degree in chemical engineering from UW. UUnder the hard level of high expectations, you'll find that your teacher is out of the ordinary.  I’ve taught the MM II course for 13 years and the MM III for 6 years. II love traveling, going out with friends, reading, and hot yoga.

13 Shim’s Website


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