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FORECASTING THE FUTURE BY: Christian Sango Jonathan Bautista Arturo Ensalada Johnny Anuego Jeffrey John Catacutan.

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1 FORECASTING THE FUTURE BY: Christian Sango Jonathan Bautista Arturo Ensalada Johnny Anuego Jeffrey John Catacutan

2 Forecasting the Future MITOCHONDRIA ON PIAPI: An Investigation on communitys Discernible Features

3 How we gathered the data? First, we come up with a plan and we choose a certain barangay to be the focus of our study, and weve decided to study the population of Barangay 21-C Second, we choose different tasks to perform such as the Data/Research analyst, Demographer, Statistician, Mathematician and Multi-Media Designer.

4 History of Barangay 21-C (Piapi Boulevard) Located along Barangay 31-C Boulevard, Davao City Started as a squatters area in the late 1940s and early 50s In 1981 their was an accident happened in which all the houses were burned out. After that accident the government awarded the land to the residents. Majority of its population are composed of small scale businessman.

5 Tabular Presentation of Population According to Age Group Year 200320042005200620072008 Children 93110111250151719172197 Adolescence 150416051403211427733993 Adult 378411517699794891 Total 281330273170433054847081

6 Graphical Presentation of Population According to Age Group

7 Tabular Presentation of Over-all Population Year200320042005200620072008 Total281330273170433054847081

8 Graphical presentation of the Overall Population

9 Computations Solution: Formula P 2 = P 1 e rt Average constant rate = 0.261725 Time = 1 year Year 2009 P 2 = P 1 e rt = (7081) e 0.261725 = (7081) (1.29917) = 9199

10 Population Projection from 2009-2013 YearPopulation 20099199 201011951 201115526 201220171 201326206

11 Projective profile of the Population of Barangay 21-C from 2003-2013 Age Group20032013 Children9319020 Adolescence150413,389 Adult3783,797 Total2,81326,206

12 Projective profile of the Population from 2003 to 2013

13 Tabular Presentation of the Top 5 Diseases in year 2003 Age Group DiarrheaSkin Diseases DengueMalnutri- tion Tubercu losis Children49530110 Adolescence3139120 Adult1370039 Total9370039

14 Projective profile on the Top 5 Diseases affecting the barangay Diseases20032013 Diarrhea9363 Skin Disease10444 Dengue1 Malnutrition1323 Tuberculosis39-12

15 Graphical Presentation of Projective profile on the Top 5 Diseases affecting the barangay

16 Analysis & Interpretation of Data After thorough investigation and gathering of data we come up with the following analysis and interpretation: 1. There is a sudden increase in population from year 2003- 2008 2. There is a constant change in population of adolescence from 2003-2005. 3. There is a decrease in population of adolescence between the year 2004-2005. according to the residents the misunderstanding between the adolescent are very rampant and it results to riot and encounters that sometimes causes death.

17 Analysis & Interpretation of Data 4. The number of adults of the said barangay is too small compared to the adolescents, this only proves that the life span of the people on that area is short. 5. The great number of adolescence only proves that the labor force of that community is strong. 6. The disease like diarrhea and skin problems are very rampant at all ages.

18 Analysis & Interpretation of Data 7. There are cases of malnutrition in children, there is an increase of malnutrition cases and its growing until 2013. 8. The case of tuberculosis are only present in adults, this shows that TB occurs during adult ages and can be totally eliminated through the help of the Department of Health. 9. There is a decrease in number of cases of all diseases.

19 Conclusion From the result of computations, graphical and tabular presentation of data and analysis of it we conclude that: 1. The population grows exponentially. 2. The rate of increase in population of barangay 21-C is 0.261725. 3. Mathematics help us to understand better on how to compute the growth of population.

20 Conclusion 4. The increase in population is affected by factors such as time, diseases and change. 5. The increase in population affects the health of the community.

21 Recommendations We recommend the following as initial remedy to the problems of barangay 21-C: FOR THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS 1. Must conduct seminar on population education and inform that it has a big impact on the economy. Focusing on responsible parenthood and natural family planning. 2. Must do something like coming up with a program to help the problem such as health program.

22 Recommendations FOR THE CITIZENS 1. They should cooperate with the program of the government. 2. Need to discipline themselves to have peaceful community. 3. A regular visit to health centers.

23 Reflection With the help of this project we develop our self-confidence, patience and mathematical abilities. We also develop our analytical abilities and skill in multimedia designing. Through this project we also determine the importance of statistics and mathematics in our daily lives. The gathering of data and by making a survey to a Barangay, our awareness in an urban community expanded.

24 Reflection Teamwork is very important to each group and without this we cannot develop our values to adjust to different situations. We need the cooperation of each member to make our project faster, easier and well-organized. We learned also on how to deal with other peoples such as the officials and the people in health centers.

25 References Population Resource Program, resource Book in Population Education, 1983 pp 97- 100 McConnell, J,W. and others (1998). Algebra (Integrated Mathematics), The University of Chicago School of Mathematics Project, Scott, Foresman and Company, Glenview, illinois

26 Resource persons: Mrs. Pacita Sevillano Barangay Captain Odelon Yayo and officials Barangay health Workers

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