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Satellite geodesy, Fall 2009. C.C.Tscherning, University of Copenhagen, 2009-10-25 1.

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1 Satellite geodesy, Fall C.C.Tscherning, University of Copenhagen,

2 (1) CHAMP (2) GRACE (3) GOCE (4) ENVISAT (5) CRYOSAT Satellite Missions C.C.Tscherning,

3 GPS -static -kinematic, differential. Satellite positioning C.C.Tscherning,

4 Teachers: C.C.Tscherning, Jakob Jakobsen and guest-lecturers. Textbooks: Kaula: Theory of satellite geodesy, 1966.(Dover Reprint). Seeber: Satellite Geodesy, de Gruyter, Artikler (udleveres). Place Monday and Wedensday 9.15 – and 13:15-15:00, room 061. Teachers, place C.C.Tscherning,

5 Satelliteorbits: Kepler-orbits Perturbed Kepler-orbits, resonans. Time and coordinate-systems Signal-propagation, refraktion. Orbit pertubations (Sun, Moon, drag) Orbit-determination and representation Satellite Geodesy C.C.Tscherning,

6 Statistical concepts. Least-squares. Observation methods. Geodetic satellites. GPS, GPS Data ‑ processing GPS. Differential and kinematic Radar-altimetri Gravity Gradiometri (SGG), Visit Onsala Observatory, (all day). Satellite-to-Satellite tracking: CHAMP. Applications. Satellite Geodesy C.C.Tscherning,

7 The course aims at developing an understanding of the application of satellites for positioning on the Earth and in space as well as of the modelling of the gravity field of the Earth. And give basis for Course: description of geodetic coordinate systems, the theory of satellite orbits signal propagation Satellite Geodesy -Purpose C.C.Tscherning,

8 The course aims at giving the participants methods and tools so that they may explain the relationship betweeen the gravity field and the determination of satellite orbits. compute Kepler-elements from position and velocity considering linear time-variations compute changes in position as a function of change of coordinate-system and change in time. compute changes of observed distances or directions due to refraction as well as the influence of non- gravitational forces on the satellite orbit. Satellite Geodesy- Teaching (1) C.C.Tscherning,

9 use the least-squares method for position determination base don distance measurements. explain how Doppler and distance observations may be used explain how a survey is planned and how GPS is used for position determination. explain how distance determination from satellite or other radar measurements may be used for the determination of the height of the surface of the Earth or water-covered surfaces as well as their time-variations. describe how satellite-orbits and measurements in and between satellites may be used for the determination of the gravity field of the Earth. Satellite Geodesy Teaching (2) C.C.Tscherning,

10 Requirements for obtaining ”12”: the grade is given for an excellent performance, demonstrating af fulfilment of 5 of the teaching goals, with no or few deficiencies. Satellite Geodesy Teaching (3) C.C.Tscherning,

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