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Creating a Smoke Free Environment Dean Davis & Samantha Richey.

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1 Creating a Smoke Free Environment Dean Davis & Samantha Richey

2 INTASC Standard #5 The teacher understands how to connect concepts and use differing perspectives to engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving related to authentic local and global issues. Description: For this assignment, we developed a PowerPoint that explains how to create a smoke free environment. We gave examples of what smoking does not only to the smoker, but to the children around them. Rational: To document our understanding of Standard #5, we included our Health Lesson Plan because it shows that we can use different perspectives to engage learners. This lesson plan also demonstrates how we engage students to collaborate on global issues.

3 Indiana Laws: On July 1, 2012 Indiana put a new state law into place that required most public facilities and places of employment to be smoke- free Monroe County- if you are caught smoking with a child in the car you are fined $100.

4 United States States that have smoking bans to protect children. Arkansas California Illinois Louisiana Maine Oregon Utah

5 Second Hand Smoke Secondhand smoke — also known as environmental tobacco smoke — includes the smoke that a smoker exhales (mainstream smoke) and the smoke that comes directly from the burning tobacco product (side stream smoke).

6 Second Hand Smoke… An estimated 46,000 deaths from heart disease in people who are current non-smokers About 3,400 lung cancer deaths in non-smoking adults Worse asthma and asthma-related problems in up to 1 million asthmatic children Between 150,000 and 300,000 lower respiratory tract infections (lung and bronchus) in children under 18 months of age, with 7,500 to 15,000 hospitalizations each year Children exposed to secondhand smoke are much more likely to be put into intensive care when they have the flu, they are in the hospital longer, and are more likely to need breathing tubes than kids who aren’t exposed to SHS

7 Chemicals in 2 nd hand smoke? Ammonia- used in cleaning products Butane- used in lighter fluid Carbon monoxide- found in car exhaust Chromium- used to make steel Cyanide- used in chemical weapons Formaldehyde- an industrial chemical Lead- a toxic metal Polonium- a radioactive substance

8 3 rd hand smoke Cigarette smoke gases and particles that cling to smokers’ hair and clothing, not to mention cushions and carpeting, has been called “third-hand smoke.” The residue includes heavy metals, carcinogens and even radioactive materials that young children can get on their hands and ingest, especially if they’re crawling or playing on the floor. Toxins from tobacco cling to a smoker’s hair, clothing, and on other surfaces within the home, including carpets and cushions long after a cigarette is put out. Children may then ingest these particles while playing, crawling, or just snuggling up to the smoker.

9 Chemicals in 3rd hand smoke. Hydrogen cyanide- used in chemical weapons Butane- which is used in lighter fluid Toluene- found in paint thinners Arsenic Lead- a toxic metal Carbon monoxide- found in car exhaust Polonium-210- the highly radioactive carcinogen

10 Affects on children Increase risk of asthma. SHS kills children and adults who don’t smoke. SHS causes disease in children and in adults who don’t smoke. Babies and children exposed to SHS are at an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), acute respiratory infections, ear infections, and more severe and frequent asthma attacks. Smoking by parents can cause wheezing, coughing, bronchitis, and pneumonia, and slow lung growth in their children.

11 Promoting a smoke free environment Arrange a session with Ruth Lilly Center for a demonstration to what smoke does to the body. Talk to the class about the dangers of smoking. Show the class before and after pictures of smokers lungs, heart, and other body parts

12 For more information…

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