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2 Star Field Craft Lesson 5

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1 2 Star Field Craft Lesson 5
Field Signals 2 Star Field Craft Lesson 5

2 The Aim The Aim of this lesson is to teach you the more important hands signals so that you can communicate silently in the field and sneak up and destroy the enemy. 0206FC05PP

3 Introduction When moving in a section we must keep watching the Section Commander, he may want to tell you something. He can’t “SHOUT” - so you must use Hand Signals 0206FC05PP

4 Halt Hand held up shoulder or above palm facing section 0206FC05PP

5 Advance or Follow Me Flat hand waved from Rear to Front 0206FC05PP

6 Close on Me Flat hand indicated on top of head 0206FC05PP

7 Double Hand held up shoulder or above palm facing section 0206FC05PP

8 Field Signals Questions? 0206FC05PP

9 Slow Down Flat hand moved up and down slowly 0206FC05PP

10 Lie Down Flat hand towards the ground and body moved towards the ground 0206FC05PP

11 Go Back or Turn Around Hand makes a circler movement in direction required 0206FC05PP

12 As You Where Hand moved out and in from side of body 0206FC05PP

13 Field Signals Questions? 0206FC05PP

14 Enemy Seen Thumb pointed down to ground 0206FC05PP

15 No Enemy Sighted Thumb pointed upwards 0206FC05PP

16 Attack Hand shoulder high bent at elbow and moved in and away from head or body 0206FC05PP

17 Move Up Hand makes a waving motion with fingers pointed to ground

18 Field Signals Questions? 0206FC05PP

19 Left Flanking Attack Left hand waving from rear to front 0206FC05PP

20 Extended Line Both arms held shoulder high 0206FC05PP

21 Single File Hand held high above head 0206FC05PP

22 Arrow Head Both arms held out at an angle 0206FC05PP

23 Field Signals Questions? 0206FC05PP

24 Passing Field Signals All signals must be passed down the patrol to the last member. Ensure the same signal is passed to all members of the patrol. All patrol members must act on each hand signal. 0206FC05PP

25 Field Signals Questions? 0206FC05PP

26 Field Signals Summary 0206FC05PP

27 Field Signals END 0206FC05PP

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